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Miami Ink Tattoo Designs
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If you want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack, tattoos are one of the ways by which you can accomplish that.

While there are other ways like eye piercings, nipple rings, and goth, tattoos are the most popular. However, there has been a lot of pale stories from folks who have tried to get tattooed in the past.

This is partly due to the fact that there is no database of designers and designs available to those who are interested and also partly due to the lack of due diligence by folks who are interested in getting tattooed.

Though, there have been some database of designers and designs in the past, majority of them have closed shop.

The reason for this is best known to them only.


Also, while you can perform a search for tattoo designers with the help of the internet, you never can tell who you should trust. Hence, you need a trusted advisor that will help you in this regard.

But, with Miami ink tattoo designs your search for a credible designer as well as a search for the right design you desire are all on this site. This is a huge time and money saver.

The following is my review of Miami ink tattoo designs.

Heres a brief summary of what the membership site is all about

Product Name: Miami Ink Tattoo Designs

Product Creator: Miami Ink Tattoo Designs team

Guarantee: 60 days money back and satisfaction guarantee

Mode Of Delivery: membership site access

Here is what I will be covering in this detailed review;

  • How It Came About
  • What Makes It Unique
  • What Is Included In The Members’ Area
  • Why The Following Are The Top Rated Tattoo Fonts
  • Importance Of The Tattoo Designer
  • How The Tattoo Designer Works
  • More Benefits
  • Testimonials
  • How To Get Your Tattoo Done
  • Costs
  • Guarantee
  • Conclusion


How it came about

It came about on the back of the TLC show – Miami Ink. Even though the TLC show was great it did not fill the gap of linking tattoo designers with clients. This would have helped them drive up revenues a lot

What makes it unique?

On the website, the designs have been organized into 60 specific categories.

The reason for this is to ease the way through which you can search for the designs that you like and quickly too.

There is now a mobile friendly members’ area. This is to facilitate easy access through any of your smart phone devices.

A tattoo designer has been added along with 165 highly used tattoo fonts

The members is continually updated with more features

For visiting the website for the first time, you are offered a discount on your membership


What is included in the members’ area

You will have access to over 25,000 tattoo designs

You will be able to choose from at least 60 categories of tattoo. Some of the categories are animals, dragons, flowers, skeletons, and tribal

The user interface is very easy to use

You can view your members’ area on any device even on your smart phones

Why the following are the top rated tattoo fonts

The top rated tattoo fonts are;

Angel Tears, Billy Angel, Black Label, New Rocker, and League of Ages.

These results are based on the survey conducted on over 100 artists.

In addition, more designs are constantly being added to ensure that you are satisfied with more than enough options to choose from.


Importance of the tattoo designer

With the tattoo designer which has been recently improved, you will be able to view how the design will look on your body. This is great for you especially if you are someone who always love to pay attention to details

Get Instant Access!

How the tattoo designer works

You select the tattoo font you like. For example black label, Angel Tears, Billy Angel, New Rocker, or League of Ages. More fonts are also available for you to choose from.

Choose the design that you love

Enter this design on your picture and you will get a preview of how this design will look like on your body.

A list of the 60 tattoo categories is made available on the main sales page as well as in the members’ area

More benefits

You get a collection of some of the best tattoo secrets. This collection includes;

  • Tattoo bible 1 and 2
  • Dragon fever
  • The tattoo flash ebook
  • And much more
  • Also, as part of your benefits, you will have access to highly-rated tattoo videos. These videos have been classified as;
  • Best tattoo videos
  • How to tattoo videos
  • The best tattoo collection videos
  • Funny tattoo videos


Lots of rave reviews can be found both on the sales page and in the members area.

How to get your tattoo done in 3 steps

Step 1; go through all the designs, and select the one you like the most

Step 2; find an artist through the help of miami ink tattoo designs

Step 3; get the design tattooed on any part of your body that you desire


You will pay $18 on a monthly basis starting with the first month. You have the option of cancelling at any time you wish.


This membership site comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you think that you are not being offered the value you paid for



The membership site is currently priced at $18, but the owners reserves the right to increase the price at any time.

The membership site is rated 9 out of a possible 10. The rating could have been higher or even 10 out of 10 provided a video tutorial of a tour of the site is included.

The score of 9 is mainly because the site is provided in an easy to follow and easy to understand method which makes the implementation of the action steps very easy.

Thus, a lot of would-be tattoo lovers would be comfortable with making use of the site.

Also, you are covered by a 60 days money back guarantee

With the help of this site, you can appear at any gathering flaunting your new tattoo with complete confidence.

You will be able to start going through the designs on the site as soon as you purchase the system. This is because your access is immediate after purchase.


Click Here to Buy Miami Ink Tattoo Designs


– The program can surely be your ultimate tattoo adviser as it contains more than 25000 tattoo designs.

– Get access to best tattoo designers and get the best tips so that you can get them printed over your body.

– This is a membership site and in case you do not find any useful designs or solutions, your investment will be returned immediately.

– Easy to follow and understand methods for which you need no assistance from a professional tattoo artist.


The program requires its users to pay a monthly membership fees to get access to the best tattoo designs.

Summary: Miami Ink Tattoo Designs brings you thousands of unique tattoo fonts and styles so that you can select the perfect one according to your requirements. The tattoos can be made over any part of your body for which you can avail more guidance by studying through the program.

RatingRated 4 stars