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Make him yours forever? Make him do whatever you want- attract him, make him fall in love with you, make him crazy about you. Well, well. This seems a difficult task.

Why should he be yours forever? What is the one thing that you have, that no one else does? Why should he just see you, without anyone else coming to his mind? You are beautiful and stylish. Rich and modern. So why is he still not yours? You never see anything wrong, from your side. But maybe that’s where you are mistaken. Maybe you have been seeing it all wrong since the very start.

You need to see everything from another perspective and know that it is not your fault- that he is not yours, or that he isn’t attracted to you, after everything you have tried, after everything you have done.

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Mesmerize him will change your dating perception forever. You will realize that you are not alone in going through these phases.


We have always been seeing dating from our perspective: a woman’s perspective. We don’t realize that men are different. They think, behave, react and believe different things than women do. They are very simple and entirely straightforward. They don’t like to fall into complications- they can be called shallow, or maybe simple- because they do not fall into hassles like women often do. They do not try to overthink or let their emotions control their actions and behaviors.

Only if a woman tries to correctly interpret and understand the words of men would they win their hearts as well. However, more often than not all they try and do is control them, as dominating as the creatures they can be. They surely wouldnt like it.

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Most women think that sex is the only solution, to attract or to maintain the attraction of a man. But have any of you ever questioned if sex really is the only answer? Why wouldnt a man want to sleep with you every night, then? And why the love does not rejuvenate after you have continuously slept with them? It would be incredibly surprising to know that men think of sex as intoxicating, and anything that intoxicates is not long liked by them. They would want to get rid of it.

There is also a common perception that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, this is the most obsolete of all the theories and was probably just used by grandmothers to train your mothers. Times have changed, and so have the personalities and perceptions of men.

It is very surprising to see that men on a daily basis are fooling many stylish, beautiful, and independent women. They deserve more than thisthey are entirely more worthy than this. They should not just give away their independent selves, to any man, just because they have fallen in love with that particular man, and he simply doesnt return the favor.

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The author of Mesmerize Him is the ideal companion to all your dating problems since she has not only researched widely about the topic and is passionate about it, but she has also gone as far as personally interviewing and analyzing men, in several practical situations.

The author has also been a coach and a relationship counsellor, having transformed the lives of many women.

  • The book includes testimonials and reviews by women who have gone through a big change after reading her book.
  • It makes women understand that men are, in fact, not at fault- it is just that we quite simply don’t understand them. They went on understand men much better after giving the book a read. Moreover, they have seen a difference in how men see them overall.
  • All thanks to Annalyn for her precious and perfectly implacable advice, that has given women the courage to make decisions that they were previously afraid to make. They merely thought that they have tough luck with guys, but now they think that they are the center of attention of all men around.

The book is surely a blessing for all these women, who, after battling from the odds of life, are looking forward to themselves. All that the author learned, experienced and saw from real life cases has been compiled in a book.


MESMERIZE HIM.AND MAKE HIM LOVE YOU FOREVER is a 117 page book, that consists of stories, secrets, advice, as well as real life cases in order to explain to you the difference between the love life you are dealing with right now and the love life you dream to make, but are just confused over how to go about it.

How to reach the impossible destination, how to helplessly make a man fall for you, adore you, become crazy for you; and most importantly, accept you for who you are; all of this which seems to be a dream can become true forever.

The author emphasizes that the main purpose of the book is not only to give you love advice, cater to your problems, or tell you facts that will help you understand men or relationships well- but to expose you to real life issues, give you insight on the life of couples who have gone through similar situations and how they could have dealt with their relationships instead of how they dealt with them already.

There are no assumptions, no self-interpretations; but word to word reality. The most beautiful and interesting feature of the book is that it is fully guaranteed, which means that if you are not fully satisfied it, you can return the book within 60 days. Which other book or author gives such an advantage to its readers? The book is surely worthy of a shot.

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Love is easy to fall into, but difficult to live with. You have to make sacrifices, give time and commitment, loyalty, and most importantly, be patient about it. Because a relationship would go nowhere if you let go, if you keep fighting about it, if you continue trying to find faults in each other’s lives, and blame each other.

If you sit back and cry and wonder all day if it was indeed your fault, why your man is not attracted to you or has fallen in love with you, what should you do to make him love you? You have tried everything, from going to parlors, to buying him gifts, to pleasing his mom, to cooking food and cleaning his dishes. What other effort he requires, what other sacrifice you are required to make. There is simply no time for that.

Mesmerize Him; here is your complete guide, your best advisor and mentor. Give it a try and see the difference yourself! It may be a clich, but you definitely should. You would simply not regret having given it a read.

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– Testimonials and methods by which you can achieve relationship goals and express your love to your partner without any difficulty.

– Best dating tips by which you can seduce the man of your dreams in the first try.

– Solve any complications and problems which have weaken your relationship so that you can live the ultimate love life for the future.

– In case you do not feel your man attracted towards you, there are best methods by which you can fulfill the sexual desires of your partner within no time.

– Money back guarantee. In case you are not able to notice visible success within the first 60 days from the date of purchase, your money will be returned at once.


The followers of this program are required to have strong reading skills and patience in order to achieve results as desired.

Summary: Mesmerize Him is the most helpful dating program which can help you make your way into the man’s heart with ease. Most of the men might reject women due to their lack of sexual abilities and to learn the real secrets and methods behind this issue, Mesmrize Him program can satisfy you greatly.

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