Mend The Marriage Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

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Is your marriage on the verge of breaking up? You have given your all to the relationship but are still unhappy, in despair, or lost hope? A less caring or irresponsible partner can make every day seem like a punishment. Yet, somewhere deep in your heart, you have a subtle desire to make it work…if not for you and your spouse, at least for the sake of your children.

You may desire any or all: intimacy, communication, comfort, respect, or compassion, which your marriage is lacking. However, if you do not try to save your family, nobody else can. What if I told you of a powerful way to regain bliss in your marital life? This Mend the Marriage review may save the most critical part of your life: your family. Several reviews of the program suggest that it works like magic…and has successfully rebuilt thousands of relationships.

Mend the Marriage: A highly effective program to save your marriage

Mend the Marriage is a digital self-help program by Brad Browning. It will help you to identify key problems in your marriage and take a step-by-step approach to correct them. If you ever thought that logic and reasoning might correct your partner’s behavior…you are in for a surprise. Instead, Brad asks you to talk to the right hemisphere of your spouse’s brain: the emotional one, which will instantaneously improve your bonding.

A couple’s counseling may not have worked for you. Think of it…many of those sessions might be about how you need to accommodate, understand, or care for each other. Surprisingly, Mend the Marriage begins with you irrespective of your gender. In fact, I will review both the separate versions for men and women. You can kick-start changes in yourself that rebuild your marriage and fill your life with joy.

For Men

If you are a man in an unhappy marriage, you should try this version of the program. You will learn an effective three-step strategy for your wife to obsess about you again. To begin, you will understand the three grave mistakes that kill most marriages. Furthermore, you learn ways to reverse them. In the next step, you learn to heal the damage due to your partner’s actions.

Most importantly, you also learn the secrets of love, bonding, and the unbreakable desire of devoted marriage. Pay particular attention to the ABCD system that you will learn in the program. It has worked wonders for many couples.

For Women

If you are a woman in a rocky relationship, the course will be a boon for you. You will begin to see the red flags quickly in your marriage and how they are impacting it. You will become an expert to solve marital problems before the arguments get out of hand and assume epic proportions.

For instance, you may be resenting your spouse for not helping in cleaning or small chores around the house. However, the root cause of your discontent maybe something else if you are having a relationship issue.

The program teaches you to identify the underlying issues. Moreover, you do not need your spouse to be with you on this course… I know it may be shocking, but it makes complete sense. If you take steps on your own, you will subconsciously change your spouse’s perceptions about you. Thus, the program will help you in securing your partner’s attention and love.

The novel ABCD system

I especially like the ABCD system, a critical part of your married life. It is the central theme of the program and, in short, means:

  • Accept the situation
  • Build resilience
  • Commit to change
  • Dedicate yourself to the task

This step-by-step strategy is your companion in building a healthy relationship. The author gives you details on how to master these methods in the book. However, it would help if you were patient while practicing them to get the desired results.

A word about Brad Browning

Brad Browning is an expert relationship counselor from Vancouver. He has more than a decade of experience in solving marital issues. Moreover, he specializes in handling cases that are on the brink of failure. You will find several testimonials of couples who were living separately but gave it one last chance through the Mend the Marriage program. Brad’s course has helped protect many children from a nasty divorce of their parents.

What do you get when you buy the program?

You get a course split into three categories: an e-Book, audio, and video. The guide is in the standard PDF format that is easily readable across your different devices.

You will find the 250-plus page guide in the form of an e-Book. Pay the cost of printing, and you can get a physical copy. Here is a brief of what you will learn in the guide:

Where we are

The first three chapters help you assess your stage in a relationship. You will learn how you got there and where you can get from that stage.

Doing it Alone

Chapters four to eight will guide you to start healing the relationship on your own. It includes the ABCD system concepts, the core of the program. You will develop the qualities to accept the situation and build resilience.

Three Stages of a Relationship

In the next two chapters, you will know the three critical stages of a relationship and an in-depth analysis of family systems.

Commit to change

How can you begin the process of creating positive perceptions in your partner’s mind? Chapters eleven to eighteen show you how to communicate and create emotional bonding. Finding your exact role is a critical step in this direction.


The next three chapters are about anger management, intimacy, and affairs. Here’s the thing: You know these rock your marriage but are doing nothing about it. You will learn how to deal with these critical elements here.


A couple of chapters deal with common marriage problems: abuse, mental health, and addictions. You will learn how to maintain your mental health and stay away from drugs and alcohol.


Lastly, you will learn how your unhappy marriage can impact your children. Even you know that but are unable to do anything about it.

Is there anything I can see or hear?

You will also find a 7-part video series in the course. I am a big fan of the Dispute Defusing System here. I have since learned to tone down my ego to let go of arguments that can take a vicious turn. Also, how to relive good memories and cast-off bad ones is a great clip. Importantly, you learn to understand your partner’s mind without saying a word.

If you are into exercising or have a tight schedule, the 4-hour audio course can suit you perfectly. You can listen to the essential points at your leisure.

Are there any bonuses?

Additional worksheets can aid you in forming a team with your partner. As a bonus, you will also get three books:

  1. Infidelity survival guide
  2. Children and divorce
  3. Marriage money matters

I think these are as important as the video series itself. Moreover, the creator has made substantial efforts to detail the key problems of many marriages.

Will it solve my marriage problems?

Yes, if you are open to changing your thinking, the program will hugely help you. Marriages often face problems due to changes in the body, health, finance, and work schedules. You may also face ego or communication issues. The program has plenty of information on helping you deal with these common problems…and even for few specific ones.

Legitimate or scam?

I cannot see anybody giving a 6-month, 100% money-back guarantee on a scam program. I have bought the product, even though I am happily married. It keeps me ahead of the curve, and I am more committed and caring with my spouse. The best part…my partner is on board with me into the program after witnessing the positive changes.

I suggest you read several trustworthy reviews and testimonials about the program on the internet. It seems that many people have tried this as a last resort to save their marriage successfully. However, this guide can be useful to you in every stage of your relationship.

Is Mend the Marriage worth buying?

Tell me, how much have you spent on counseling to save your marriage? On things to make you look beautiful in your partner’s eyes? Or gifts in the hope that things will change? Perhaps even other fads… not only you but also your children, will thank you for anything that saves your family from breaking up.

I suggest that you try the Mend the Marriage before considering a goodbye to a relationship so important… at least if your partner is not into crime or lost mind. The course will not cost you much. But, it has the potential to change your life and fill it with the love and care you deserve.


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• You get two separate versions of the program for men and women.
• The content is comprehensive yet simple for anybody to understand.
• It helps you to add the missing spark in your married life: intimacy and emotional bonding.
• The program can help you in your current bad situation and keep you from committing mistakes in your marriage in the future.
• It comes with practical solutions that will positively change you.
• You will find it at a fraction of the cost of marriage counseling sessions.


• You get two separate versions of the program for men and women.
• The content is comprehensive yet simple for anybody to understand.
• It helps you to add the missing spark in your married life: intimacy and emotional bonding.
• The program can help you in your current bad situation and keep you from committing mistakes in your marriage in the future.
• It comes with practical solutions that will positively change you.
• You will find it at a fraction of the cost of marriage counseling sessions.

Summary: Every marriage goes through conflict…however, it is critical not to let the arguments damage your relationship.
Do you want your matrimony to be blissful? First, you need to understand what it takes to create emotional bonding and intimacy with your partner. Then, start thinking from the right part of your brain that goes beyond the left one’s logic and reasoning.
Mend the Marriage will help you chart the deep waters of matrimony…and your spouse will start obsessing about you today.

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