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Mastering Mentalism effects and magic tricks is possible in less than 30 days.


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One of the most difficult thing to learn is to do mentalism effects and magic tricks. Should you learn mentalism effects and magic tricks? You will gain the admiration of friends, family, peers and your most beloved one.

However, to gain this admiration, you will need to spend hundreds of thousands of hours sorting out YouTube videos uploaded by folks who do not practice what they preach and thousands of hours practicing what you have learnt.

To make the process of learning magic tricks and mentalism effects fun, fast and very easy, the master mentalism guide is for you.

With this guide, you will be able to perform magic and mentalism effects in less than 30 days and even at a professional level.

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What is the core essence of mentalism and magic?

Simply put… Captivation

This means if you are able to perform mentalism and or magic at a professional level, you will gain respect, easily make friends and if you are into women, dates will be lining up at your door steps.

For you to get started today as well as perform your first mentalism effect and magic trick tonight you will have to invest in the ‘master mentalism’ guide.

By investing in this guide, you stand to gain the secrets to mentalism, street magic, mind reading, hypnotism, card tricks, spoon bending, illusions, and remote view.



Here are more benefits when you invest in this guide;

  • How to astonish people starting tonight
  • Guaranteed ways to perform mind-numbing magic and mentalism with complete confidence
  • What the 3 stages of magic and mentalism are and how to master them in few hours that will amaze your friends
  • How to get the approval of any audience by applying the techniques used by major magic tricksters such as Criss Angel, Darren Brown, David Blaine and David Copperfield
  • How to separate yourself from wannabes and become a part of the pros who always bring out new magic tricks that wows the audience
  • How to develop your own personal mentalism and magic ‘signature’. This will make you to stand out from the rest of the pack – even the well-known pros.
  • How to make magic tricks like Criss Angel or David Blaine or perform the kind of mentalism feats performed by Derren Brown. By doing this, you give yourself or your brand instant credibility
  • The kind of hypnotic methods that you can use even if that is your first time of you using them.
  • How to make the right decisions nine times out of time to know the right time to use new techniques in your routines for maximum effect
  • Why you need not plan levitations on the fly and what you should do instead

Other Benefits

  • Interviews with Criss Angel and David Blaine. These are the pros in this trade
  • The secrets behind the magic tricks seen on television
  • A huge compilation of the magic classics and a thorough analysis of each of them. One of this classics is ‘the disappearance of the statue of liberty by David Copperfield’

You have instant access since the guide is delivered digitally.

This guide brings to life all these tricks in a way that is simple and easy to master.

Get Instant Access!

Your Investment

As at the time of writing this review, a promo is going on and your investment is $4.95.

According to the product creator, Ryan Clark, the reason for running a promo is that he wants to release the version 2 of this product which is a more expanded version of the current product and of course will come at a higher cost.

In addition, if you enjoy the version 1, you will be able to invest in the version 2 of this product with less convinving. Finally, which i think is the best of all, you will be get the version 2 of this master mentalism guide for free when you invest in version 1.



You will also get the following bonuses for free when you invest in master mentalism;

Bonus 1: over 500 card tricks exposed

This is a 483-page guide and it consists of different card tricks such as sleights, false cuts, forces etc

Bonus 2: David Blaine brutally exposed.

This guide consists of all the tricks that have been performed by David Blaine on TV. This is not one of the old guides you have seen before.

Bonus 3: free access to mesmerize monthly for 30 days

Mesmerize monthly is a membership site that costs $97 every month and it consists of magic mentalism and hypnosis videos, full-length conversational hypnosis audios, lots of magic books, interviews with pros and lots of other content.

As an added bonus, if you are interested in the membership after the expiration of your first 30days, you will only have to pay $47 every month instead of the usual $97.

Also, you get to cancel your membership within the month even if you are still in the free month. The support desk will provide assist you in that regard.


Why the master mentalism guide is right for you?

Your age is irrelevant when it comes to mastering mentalism, the guide comes in an easy to understand format that will make your learning very easy for you.

Also, if dazzling your friends, family and or peers is all you want, you can make use of the simple magic tricks that is contained in this guide.

The 30 day plan

The guide has been structured such that you will able to perform your first magic trick tonight. After which, you will be able to master multiple effects, tricks and routines within 30 days.

Why your investment is worth it?

You can literally change your life with this guide. This is because by implementing what is in this guide, you will able to garner more respect, gain new friends, meet new lovers etc


The step-by-step mentalism mastery method contained in Ryan Clark’s master mentalism guide will cut your learning time plus you can start to astonishing people tonight… Even if you’ve never done mentalism or magic in your life!

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– Best for beginners who are unaware with the tips and tricks of magic.

– Get to learn the most popular illusions and street magic techniques.

– The secrets behind magic are uncovered so that you can learn them with ease.

– You will become metalism expert within 30 days only.


The program does not guarantees best results as this mainly depends of on the mental capabilities of the user.

Summary: Master Mentalism program is designed to uncover the the hidden mental capabilities of your mind. You can now learn professional magic techniques which can be used to impress your friends. So if you want to learn the best secrets of mentalism, this program will surely help you in best regard.

RatingRated 4.5 stars