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Are you a guy who has been struggling to no avail to get womens attention? Have you tried just about everything to get women to love you? Have you finally concluded that something is wrong with you? Are you just about ready to give up? Before you do, here is a product that is worth trying.

Make Women Want You is a 115 page eBook that offers a step by step guide created by Jason Capital that promises to make you irresistible to women. Jasons eBook uses a 3 step formula that will automatically make women become subconsciously interested in you. Yes you.

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Who is Jason Capital?

Jason Capital is the author of this fantastic masterpiece. He has been a dating coach and mentor for guys for the past 5 years. He has also managed to climb to the top of the seduction industry thus becoming one of the greats in that arena.

He has also written several other books on seduction. Most of his work is motivated by his own experiences.

How does Make Women Want You work?

As mentioned before, this eBook teaches you a 3 step formula that will make women helplessly fall head over heels in love with you. Instead of pursuing them, they will pursue you. Here are the steps that you will go through to get women to become fall at your feet.

  1. Bypassing the initial attraction filter: This step concentrates on enhancing your physical appearance to turn you into a more attractive guy. You will learn about the things you need to change about yourself physically. You will also learn what to do make women helplessly stare at you and cant help but think that you are very attractive.
  2. Bypassing the conversational filter: Now that you have fixed your physical, it is time to move to the verbal aspects of things. This step will teach you how to carry on a conversation with a woman in a way that will hold her interest and not have her just merely label you as a friend. You will make her long for much more.
  3. Bypassing the mate filter: Now so you are fixed physically and verbally, it is time to learn what you will do. Here you will familiarize yourself with what to do and also what not to do. If you get lucky she will thin about you in terms of long term. Your knowledge of this step will help you to seal the deal.

After covering these 3 steps, you will tap into the DNA of women, which is all you need to be a chick magnet.

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This amazing eBook in summary will teach you the following:

  • How to be self- confident
  • How to get closer to women.
  • How to work on your body language.
  • Womens Psychology
  • How to get a girls phone number
  • How to seduce women
  • General self-improvement

What is included in Make Women Want You Now?

Make Women Want You is broken down into 6 very informative chapters.

Chapter One

In this chapter you will learn about the 7 convictions that most people blindly believe in. in summary, this chapter will help you:

  • Deal with the past and accept it,
  • You will become a risk taker, who gets what he wants. Positive emotions will surround you and everyone will see it clearly. This has a huge impact on your relationships with opposite sex,
  • You will get rid of the Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome.

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Chapter Two
here you will discover that women dont even know what they want, yet they expect you to know what they want and in so doing provide them with it. Sounds impossible, but this chapter will provide all the information you need to figure this complicated situation out.

Chapter Three

This chapter basically teaches you the rules of attraction. In order for you to be attractive, you must be unique. This chapter will teach you all you need to know to stand out in a very large competitive pool of men. It will inform you on all you need to do and say to make yourself attractive. It will also give you a lesson on proper body language.

Chapter Four

This chapter will teach you how to upgrade your conversation level. It will show you how to speak so that you can demand attention, spark curiosity, and evoke interest. This will not only help you in landing the perfect girl, but also in all aspects of your life.

Chapter Five

This chapter is focused on teaching you how o take things to another level. It will inform you on the steps you need to take to let things escalate at a fast rate. It takes into consideration that time is valuable and it will teach you how to make your move before someone else does it.

Chapter Six

This chapter sums up everything that you learned in the book. It will also give you answers to: How to write text messagesin order to make an appointment with women you would like to? How to act during the date? How to behave when you go for a first kiss with a woman? If you follow all you learn in this book woman will be chasing you in no time.

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Any Bonus?

Apart from the main eBook, you will also get several bonus materials. These include:

  • The masters of dating Inner Circle
  • How to always know what to say
  • Body Language (Secrets that get the girl every time)
  • Done for attraction
  • Stuck on you
  • The female orgasm bible
  • The Subliminal Attraction Switches
  • The Charm Bible

How much does Make Women Want You Cost?

For the main eBook and several other bonus books, you will only pay $47. Additionally, there is no need to worry about risk, because there is also a 60 day 100% money back guarantee available.

Get Instant Access!

What are the Pros and Cons of Make Women Want You?


  • Reasonable Price of $47 for Main eBook and 8 other bonuses.
  • 60 days Risk free money back guarantee
  • Easily accessible through the internet.
  • Saves a lot of time and energy. Saves time wasted on pursuing women to no avail.
  • General self-improvement. This product will not only help you get women but will improve your over all people skills.
  • Written by an expert who has been doing this for a number of years.
  • Not time consuming.
  • Will help you to become a chick magnet.


  • Strategies that may work on different women may vary. What work for one woman may not necessarily work for the other.
  • Strategies may seem a bit manipulative. Some men may not be comfortable with them.

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The Bottom Line

Make Women want you is a promising eBook that is geared at improve mens ability to seduce women. It is written in understandable terms with lots of practical examples that will guarantee improvement. I definitely recommend this product.

Click Here to Buy Make Women Want You


– Learn the ultimate conversational skills and abilities by which you can easily overcome the fear of talking with the girl of your dreams for the first time.

– 6 chapters which focus on each aspect of relationship development so that you can enhance self confidence and create an appealing personality.

– Money back guarantee. In case you are not able to get benefit from the program within 60 days, your money will be returned at once.

– You can now become a man who is never rejected by any women by following the simple advises as explained the the author.

– Extra bonus features given free along with the purchase of this program so that you can get to learn the best tips and methods to achieve your life goals.


The program is only available in downloadable format which means you can learn the best relationship development practices by using any digital device only.

Summary: Make Women Want You is the ultimate relationship development program made by Jason Capita specially for men who are unable to approach the girl of their dreams. So if you are determined to learn the best relationship development strategies, Make Women Want You has the most effective tips and tricks based on real life scenarios so that you do not miss the next great opportunity.

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