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For all the boys, what is the first thing that you notice when a girl or boy is talking? How does he or she look? Yeah, that’s obvious, but what else? What she says.

Yes, that is important, agreed. How a person talks makes a big impact on how the person is perceived. It is common to see that a person may look very beautiful, handsome or attractive, but as soon as the person starts speaking, you find yourself regretting the fact that you even started talking to them.

Or maybe an entirely opposite situation: you began talking to a girl and you simply can’t stop. Her or his conversation, the way of delivering, movement of lips- everything is just so sexy. You don’t want the conversation to end.


What happens then?You may have started the conversation well and got along with it well enough. But then there comes an awkward silence because the conversation has reached a point where you don’t know what to say next, or where to take it further. If you talk more at the same time, it will be dragging the conversation, and if you don’t say anything at all it will make it awkward.

There is an utter need to learn “how to make small talks sexy?”

Make Small Talk Sexyis an interesting blog to find all your answers and tricks on. It focuses more on how to make small talk sexy with a woman, or how to woo a woman, with short and interesting conversations.

Making small texts sexy doesn’t mean that you should have intimate conversations or start having phone sex to be precise. It means to get the woman involved in your talk, to get the woman attracted to you, especially if the woman is a complete stranger.


For some people, it is a very difficult thing to do, because they are introverts, or simply because they don’t have much of a habit of talking that much. They find it awkward to go up to a stranger and just start talking about a random topic, even if it’s just about introducing you. Surely many people would be able to relate to it.

So how to make and start those small tasks? And make them sexy?

Talk funny: Women love boys or men who have a good sense of humour and can make them laugh. This is the biggest plus point that can be found in any men. After all the hassles, and difficulties of life, you would just love a person who is ready to make you fall in love with him, or who makes you forget all the troubles of your life for that moment. So whenever you start a conversation, try to be funny, or interesting at the very least, so that even if the talk may be going nowhere, at least the awkwardness or shyness would diminish for some time. It may be silly jokes or just a funny comment.But make sure you don’t get vulgar or give wrong signals that ruin the entire conversation.

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Don’t run after them in between or after the small conversations: Men make a common mistake of going as far as spamming the person’s Facebook inbox, or phone’s message inbox. This is a very big turn off. Women hate and run from men, who won’t leave their way after you have given them even a little of a free hand. You need to play it smart. If she is not replying to you, she will surely be awkward about it later, because all she was actually doing was taking some time. This is the right time to win her heart, so don’t let her feel awkward. Reply to her funnily, over the reasons that might have led her not to reply you- it may be getting caught in a castle, or by a giant monster.


Make them feel comfortable: For both men and women, it can be extremely difficult to start a conversation. She might talk about something absurd or weird in the beginning, but if you make her feel that it’s perfectly okay, that she can stay in her comfort zone and talk to you, and that she doesn’t have to feel shy or awkward that you might judge her. She will appreciate it because the last thing that she would want is you judging her.

Wait for her to reply you: Girls are over thinkers, they take a lot of time to think about things. She might be thinking over the last conversation you both had, of what she said and now what she wants to say. And if she replies late, don’t get over egoistic and think about it and reply her late or reply rudely. If you reply to her positively, she will be delighted that you understood her and gave her time.

Include slight signs of what you want to say: Don’t commit to random talks, and waste time- try to make this time interesting and useful. Say what you want to say but in small hints. Don’t just directly go and say it all. Instead, say it slowly and gradually, and by combining it with other things, so that she doesn’t have to reply to it the very moment.

There is always a first time: Thereis always a first time for everything, even if you mess it all up and say all the ridiculous and absurd things of the world. You don’t need to be embarrassed about it. It’s okay; humans make mistakes. This, the girl would understand too. But if you get awkward about it, things will eventually end; you surely would not want this.

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In conclusion, it is very easy to misunderstand the small conversations, to make them uninteresting. But the real effort is how to make them worth it: how to make them sexy and interesting. If you follow the blog that features the tricks of making small talks sexy, you can surely find making conversations easy. You will find that talking sexy doesn’t mean having intimate conversations, or talking like you own the world, but talking sexily are those moments that make you feel happy about talking to someone interesting; who makes you forget all your worries for that moment, who makes you see his or her side of the world. Make you think about things that you previously never thought about or see things you have never seen in the way that he or she is making you see. Talking sexy would not make sense but it will surely be a happy time.

Read the blog and take advice, as well as read other conversation related articles and blogs too. Because when you talk, the world should listen.

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