Does Magick Power by Mystic X Work or Not? – Shocking Review

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When I was young I used to frequent libraries and immerse myself into the strange world of the occult. It was naturally exciting to me, as the arcane books promised untold power that is wielded only by a chosen few. It was trilling, and I read through thousands of pages to find that hidden secret that is going to bring power and fame into my life. I wanted to gain success without having to go through the decades of studying and grinding, sacrificing every moment of my life until I may reap the rewards in my late 40’s.

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Of course, the spells never worked. I filled my mind with the arcane, I studied the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus and read through the content of the Emerald Tablet with great details, and I have seen theapocryphal writings about the apocalypse of Enoch, all for no avail. I grew up and I became successful the traditional way (or did I…?) but the thrill of hunting for the occult practice still haunts andinvigorates me.

Magick Power offers teaches you to wieldmystical power that will grand you full power over the environment of your life. You do not need to go through years of study and practice, a secret rite of initiation nor do you have to worship the dark Egyptian chaos gods such as Kek,who are, as people whisper among one another, starting to return into Earth.

Lineage of Power

Mystic X, author of Magick Power argues that the knowledge he offers originates from a tradition hidden away from mankind for hundreds of years. It is the same kind of technique those in power have been using on their servants through the centuries to keep them in check, to manipulate them and force them to bend to the will of their masters.

It has the power to shape your reality and forge your own destiny according to your will, instead of being the puppet of others who possess this knowledge.


He admits that most of the online products made by the warlocks and witches are complete garbage, worth nobody’s time. They promise glorious power and deliver only made-up spells that they themselves don’t use or believe in. The corruption of the magic industry runs rampant, with an endless tide of useless, lying products.

The talismans, the hauntedrelicsand the items enchantedwith ancient, magical power are garbage, useless goods. And whenever you try to find the ones that actually work, you will inevitably end up facing barriers of entry as the magi will tell you that you have to be among the chosen one to acquire true magical power.

The Magick Power guide of Mystic X offersuntold magical potential for all who follow the instructions of the author. You do not need to be chosen or otherwise gifted, nor is it required from you to have grand previous experience with the arts of the occult.

Magick Power offers absolute control over your external world through your willpower. The promise of Mystic X is not modest at all, swearing that Magick Power will give you ultimate power to create or destroy anything you want and command the ultimate forces of the physical realm.

Magick Power

11 Steps to Power

Magick Power contains 11 modules that will guide you through your studies in the occult and teach you every spell and technique you need to know to, as the author promises, control everything.

The first is anintroductorymodule that prepares the reader for the journey ahead and offers valuable tips and techniques to use all throughout the studies.

The second module lays down the very basic principles of Magick. It is an introduction to thismetaphysical discipline that tells you everything from the definition and its technical details to the relationship between the Will and matter to the structure of the universe including forces and spirits.

The third module will already propel you into the deep waters of applied Magick. It teaches the advanced techniques that you may acquire with ease, such as a method of opening your third eye, developing your psychic powers or casting the most powerful spells of revenge.This is one of the mostcomplex and elaborate modules which also deals with attaining higher levels of consciousness, the proper method of conjuring elementals, and strengthening your natural intuition.


The fourth module deals with the relationship between Magick and your love and sexual life. It teaches you charms and spells to attract your chosen one and to repair the greatest rifts in a relationship such as breakups and divorce. Whether your goal is to find a new love or get back a lost one, the fourth module will offer an effective advice.

The fifth is theSecret Magick for Personal Magnetism and Success Module. It will teach you powerful spells to boost your presence and attractiveness, increase your self-esteem and confidence, and achieve high levels of success in everything you do.

The sixth module will teach techniques regarding Money and Wealth. Magick Power offers you techniques to alleviate yourself from the financial burdens of debt, to seek the career opportunity you always wanted, and to become wealthy with the snap of a finger.

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The seventh module will highly increase your luck in all aspects of your life.

Module eight offers an abundance of healing spells and spells regarding your general fitness. You will be able to cure the various illnesses of your body and your mind, purge yourself and others from stress, depression, anxiety and other disorders and become fit and more physically powerful than you have ever been in your life.

Theninth module teaches you self-defense spells and techniques.

The tenth will show you how to use Magick in your friendly relationships, maintaining and gaining new friendships another way.

And finally the last module will talk about additional hidden Magick spells you can use in your school life.

Magick Power2


For $49, you will receive not only the guide that promises you literally everything but also five bonus volumes of rare occult knowledge. The three volumes writtenby the legendary Abramelin the Mage, the two volumes of Transcendental Magic and The Arbatel of Magic will fully expand your knowledge about the occult realm.

If you wish to have power over your mind and the environment around you, create or destroy everything at will, influence the world and bend it to your will as you desire, Magick Power may be a worthy investment. It will place into your hands the arcane knowledge passed around in an esoteric tradition from generation to generation, kept hidden from the public, and you will also receive thespells with which you can practice untold power.

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– Methods and techniques which are based on real life experiences so that the followers can achieve the success of their dreams by following the program.

– Restore your mental and physical abilities to enhance your output and success factor in each phase of life.

– Eight different modules which contain the ultimate money making and financial crises management tips by which you can overcome stress within no time,

– Ultimate relationship development methods by which you can restore your love life and seduce your life partner like never before.

– Follow the magical powers as illustrated to get complete control over your mental and thinking abilities to achieve great benefit in real life matters.


The program is based on magical powers for which strong meditation skills and mental abilities are required whereas the results are surely never guaranteed.

Summary: The Magick Power course can be your ultimate selection if you are not able to achieve heights of success and happiness in your life. Even if you have lost all of your earnings, the various modules of Magick power can help you follow avail the most beneficial oppertunities.

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