Does Dean Cortez’s Mack Tactics Work or Not? – Shocking Review

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Are you someone who has a hard time talking to women?

Do you have a hard time landing dates due to your awkward social nature?

Have you been rejected many a times because you just suck at being with girls?

Would you like to score more dates and bed girls like never before?

If you have answered a yes to the questions above then you my friend have arrived at the right place. This article will help you in your conquest of getting more girls than you could have ever imagined and you can do all of that without any extra effort. You just need to read this article intently till the end. So sit back, get a cup of coffee and get ready to be rocked since you are in for a treat.

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Social awkwardness and not being able to communicate properly with the opposite sex is a cause of concern for many guys. Its not like you are born with the superficial skills to impress a girl from the very get go. Its simply not possible and those people who attain those skills often do it after years of practice. Practice is required for such an endeavor. And those who achieve that are certainly in for a treat but getting that sort of knowledge comes at its own cost whether you choose to believe that or not.

Men and women have different psyches and have their own way of reacting to things and situations. So when you have two conflicting things working together, finding the right mix of that concoction to gel them both together is the key to dating. You may be thinking why this holistic approach to things in the first place is needed? The reason this needs to be understood is because herein lies the whole detail of getting into relationships. Once you master this so called concoction of gelling things together, you automatically become a pro.

What if there was a way you could learn all these superficial techniques from the grass root level?

What if you could become the envy of guys and an eye candy for all the beautiful smoking hot girls out there?

Yes, such a thing is really possible and this will be taught to you by a revolutionary program called as the Mack Tactics. Imagine being able to bed girls at your wish. Imagine being able to control situations and their outcomes with the opposite sex in the best way possible, Imagine being able to get into the minds of a woman to what they think about you.

Mack tactics is the program that will help you achieve that and much more. The possibilities to using this program to your advantage are endless if you just commit to using the program in the manner of its teachings. Now, who wouldnt like to grab hold of such a secret? Pretty sure no one would like to let go of such an opportunity when its falling right into their hands.


Whats the program about?

The Macks tactics program is step by guide which focuses on teaching you myriad of techniques to getting a woman. This program will give an operational guide to pursuing women and how you can get lucky every time you talk to one. This program will teach you the secrets of tapping into a womens psyche for the best possible outcome for you. As has been mentioned already in the article, both men and women have different psyches that needs individual attention.

Macks guide will teach you exactly how you can tap into a womens psyche and manipulate her into giving into your wishes.

The MACK in the program stands for different things. The M in Mack stands for Method, as in the different methods you can use to pursue a girl, the A stands for Action, as in the different actions you need to use in order to become successful in this regard, the C stands for Confidence which as you all know is the most important factor in establishing a lasting impression with a women and finally the K in the Mack stands for Knowledge which is what you will learn from the program. You need to be thoroughly prepared before making a move on girls so you may not end up failing in your goal to attracting a woman of your choice.

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Contents of the program

The program contains multiple methods and techniques that can be used by the user to boost their chances of getting a girl. On procuring the program you get a list of essentials that have been mentioned below:

  • Macks Tactics program: Volume 1 & 2.
    The guide is divided into two manuals which contains a detailed e-book guide providing unique never seen before tactics to laying a girl and flipping that switch to get more than expected results in your mission to getting girls for you.
  • Macks Tactics video training guides:
    This guide contains demonstrating videos and scenarios to approaching, meeting and sealing the deal with women
  • Macks Tactical Audio Course:
    The guide comes with an audio course of the complete program plus additional updates bonus which is nearly 8 hours of audio training. This also includes a special one hour Master Class audio session with Carlos Xuma, a renowned dating guru who focuses on teaching you the Alpha Lifetsyle.

The list of contents of the program is mentioned below:

  • A step by step game plan for pulling off your first date
  • Attraction techniques for dating high status females like models, and socialite girls.
  • The Ten Mack Commandments
  • Facts about what women want of men in relationships
  • Power approach techniques to meeting women.
  • Trigger words that you should not use while meeting a woman for the first time
  • Fashion, style and grooming techniques for men.
  • Advanced internet macking: Creating a high end dating profile
  • Using negotiator tactics to place a woman in a comfort zone
  • The best places to meet single women
  • 4 question that you must ask every girl you date

And much more.

Additionally you are also entitled to additional bonuses with the program mentioned in detail below:

  • The Tactical attraction manual
  • Mastermind Club Membership
  • Body Language mastery
  • Conversation Commando
  • Friend Zone Annihilator
  • Get the look women Love
  • Internet Seduction
  • Crawl Inside her Mind


Cost of the program

The program comes at a low cost of $67. Considering the massive demand of the product the price has been decided to meet the growing needs of men seeking a program as this.
The bonuses mentioned in the program are also part of a limited period offer that can be procured only for a few days of its purchase and will end soon within the next coming days.

The program also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee if you are left unsatisfied with the use of the program during the course of your use of the program. A no frill attached money back is assured for the customer.

The Mack Tacticsguide has enjoyed phenomenal success since its release in the market with the program helping thousands of men in their love finding conquest. You copuld be one of the success stories if you are willing to commit to the program. So hurry, get your copy of the program today and get ready to dazzle like a stud.

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-Helps you develop strong analytical skills which are useful in understanding the mind set of the woman you are about to approach.

-identifies weak points of women and how you can emotionally attract them towards yourself.

-Proven methods which give familiar results and in case you are not able to get benefit from this book, you can request for a complete refund of your payment.

-Step by step methods which are easy to comprehend for people who are about to date a girl for the first time.


The author has performed in depth study regarding qualities of women and how they respond to people with whom they are not familiar with. Not all men are able to get the desired results as this also depends on self confidence and communication skills as well.

Summary: Mack Tactics is a course designed for men who find it impossible to approach or date women who is not familiar to them. It is important that you have knowledge about the psyche and attitude of the girl whom you are about to communicate and to help you in this regard, Mack Tactics has the ultimate tips and techniques so that you can date the girl of your choice without any difficulties.

RatingRated 4.5 stars