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I just bought the eBook written by Bob Grant a certified relationship expert which is entitled “Long Distance Love”. I was searching for a definite answer on how I can manage my long distance relationship with my girlfriend, I live in the US and she lives in the Philippines really miles apart from time to time I visit her on her country may be two to thrice in a year.

But eventually, I am getting tired because we rarely see each other, before when we are on the first year of our relationship we are chatting on Skype every day after office hours it is our routine but years passed the frequency of our conversations in chat became lesser day by day.

Actually, I tend to visit her two to thrice a year as what I have said a while ago, however, I get this awkward feeling whenever we are together because we rarely see each other. The feeling that I get is shyness and lost of connection whenever we are having a conversation or intimate moments.

long distance love

Getting Deeper Into the Problem

I think the main reason is that we are not that updated on what is going on with each other because of what I can observe in a long distance relationship, our video chatting is not that enough to really know my partner better because I cannot sense the real feeling that she has inside maybe that is the main reason on why I am having the awkward feeling because I am always conscious because I might utter a wrong word that can drive her away from me.

Throughout our relationship, we had some little quarrels some of it lasts for a week but eventually, the tension goes down by itself with no closure at all. But whenever we meet personally I always had this feeling of hesitation because I know that whenever we have a quarrel it is just online no closure, I am afraid to ask what is the real deal regarding those problems. That is one of the most frustrating feeling that I felt in our relationship.

Also, doubts are unavoidable because we do not see each other very often that is why she always had this suspicion about me having other women which never been true. Through the years it is the usual routine of our relationship, she will accuse me of something I never did and I will deny it eventually.

That is why when I saw the offer regarding the “Long Distance Love” eBook it is in pdf format and after reading the positive reviews of it from the other customers who tried the techniques that are written there I decided to buy it right away.

At first, I was really skeptical but I still tried the methods that are written inside it.  What I learned is that why long distance relationship fails is because the awareness of the couples regarding it is inadequate.

I also got to understand why our relationship is in jeopardy because of the missing link, from now on I do apply what “Long Distance Love” has taught me.

Like how to surpass the hindrances of our relationship, all the techniques are written in the eBook. My advice to you is you print the PDF file and compile it on a folder because it is much easier to read in a paper book rather on a tablet or phone.

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The Author an Expert in Resolving Relationship Issues

The author Bob Grant had several conversations of both genders that were in the situation of Long Distance Relationship, he stressed out that in order for me to overcome the different issues regarding Long Distance Relationship I have to implement the system. Like removing depressing incidents before in our relationship.

Bob has taught me to take control of my relationship with my girlfriend and have confidence in her at all times. I have learned what are the things I and my girlfriend are doing in the wrong way which puts our relationship at risk.

After Using the System of Bob Here are the Results…

Also after applying the techniques that are written in the product, my girlfriend became more attracted to me because I became more natural when it comes to my innate skills. I also learned to replace the usual tradition when it comes to relationships which almost all are practicing because of being common however the book proved me that I should replace the traditional with what is really right.

Before I was so sensitive when it comes to things which are for me is “inappropriate” but I realized I was just too paranoid about things which actually do not have a sense at all. This product is an eye opener on what attitudes should I remove completely to avoid unnecessary confrontations with my girlfriend.

I also noticed that after I applied the techniques the spark between us came back, we started to chat again through the use of Skype everyday like what we use to do on the first year of our relationship.

Whenever we see each other we never ran out of topics and most importantly we are having fun with the companionship that we both received from each other reciprocally.

And what amazed me a lot is after I implemented the techniques that Bob has taught me whenever we see each other we are experiencing the best lovemaking ever. Thanks to Bob for the wonderful techniques because of him I saved a ton of money hiring counselors and advisers.

I love you

The Three Magical Words

I also discovered the 3 uncomplicated words which are so authoritative, when I told my girlfriend about it she felt my care and love for her.

You will probably know the 3 words when you buy the product actually it is not the words “I love you” that is the most used worldwide by couples. You will be surprised by the three words which work like magic that is inside the book.

Get Instant Access!

I also implemented the technique which Bob has taught in the product which is to have this bond of loyalty for me and my girlfriend. Because of this I and she are confident that there is no third party involved in our relationship. We also eliminated unnecessary practice and emotions in our relationship.

When I bought this product there is no risk at all for me, first of all, my relationship with my girlfriend is in complete jeopardy meaning I have nothing to lose. Added the fact that the credentials of the author Bob Grant are reliable, Bob is a trusted professional counselor that is specialized in handling different types of relationships issues.


Best Guide Among the Rest

Bob spent 20 years of his life in learning psychology and actions of humans when it comes to relationships. He has an effective way of developing relationships and fixing issues with regards to it by putting everything that he knew in an eBook. It is a complete package which every couple especially who are currently under a long-distance relationship.

For me this is the best guide that you can find over the internet, I know you can find other guides like this on the internet, however, this guide is the most comprehensive and precise to what couples with long distance relationship needs, added the fact that you can get for a steal price.

Many testimonials from the previous buyers of the product are saying that they are completely satisfied with the results after they implemented the methods that are written in the book.

My Final Recommendation

I would definitely recommend this to couples like us who are struggling with long distance relationship, I would put my reputation at stake if this product did not work for you because I have tried and tested it and I can definitely say that when it comes to methods regarding long distance relationship “Long Distance Love” is the epitome.

That is why I also advise my fellow friends who are in a long distance relationship to try the methods inside this wonderful product I can guarantee you that you will not waste your money on another crappy product.

Happy Couple

I wish you good luck and success in your relationship if I can do it I am sure that you can also do it I hope that you learned a lot from my review.



Click Here to Buy Long Distance Love


  • Methods are tried and tested
  • Price of the eBook is very affordable.
  • A lot of money is saved because you do not need to hire the services of a counselor.
  • The methods are straight to the point and easy to follow.


  • You need to read the eBook from cover to cover because some of the information are interconnected with each other, you do not want to do the methods the wrong way.

Summary: My relationship with my girlfriend is in jeopardy, that is why I came across the eBook written by Bob Grant which is entitled “Long Distance Love”. After applying the techniques that are written in the eBook my relationship with my girlfriend just got better and all I can say is it is better than ever. The sweetness and romance sky-rocketed, all I can say is the eBook is legit and all the methods that are stated there are effective.

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