Life Optimization Coaching Review – Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Life Optimization Coaching
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This program is organized to help you become a certified life optimization coach. Dr. Joe Rubino, a successful life optimization coach, teaches in this program the key distinctions that make a great life optimization coach. These are the skills he uses every day with his own clients.

Joe is an internationally known individual improvement trainer. He is a successful author and information publisher. He has a track record of accomplishments in developing effective and confident leaders. Joe Rubino established Life Optimization Coaching grounded on his 30 years of personal experience in management development, conflict resolution and team building.


Dr. Rubio has developed a program that can do so much for people. He shows you how you can become a Life Optimization Coach and help people live their lives in the six key life areas:

Health and Appearance

Wealth and Finances

Jobs or Careers


Personal and Spiritual Development

Passions, Hobbies, or Recreations

Imagine being able to help other be happy? Coaching unhappy people how to be content in their relationships, careers, personal development habits, and health would be an awesome and fulfilling career.

The program explains to you how to contribute to others lives in a major way and make a difference in their lifestyles. Teach others the meaning of life and allow them to be the best they can be. Helping people be better is wonderful, and getting paid for it is an added bonus.


Exactly What Does a Life Optimization Coach do?

You do not have to be a doctor or PhD or even have the experience to be a life optimization coach. You just need empathy and caring. Successful life optimization coaches:

  • Know how to listen for what is missing in someones life.
  • Lead by example and guide others to be a leader.
  • Be committed to a clients excellence, but stay open-minded and not prejudiced.
  • Have value-based personal development principles.
  • Let clients work through their own issues while coaching them through the missing pieces of their lives.
  • Never make a client feel dependent. Give them the tools to live full and confident lives.
  • Always tell the truth and do not step over uncomfortable topics. Dont avoid discomfort just to look good.
  • Provide a comfortable environment where clients are encouraged to speak candidly.
  • Support your clients, but make them accountable. If you ask them to do something, then help the follow through.

Sounds a bit on the psychological side of life and it is to a point. A Life Optimization Coach can help people live their lives by being there to bring them up, give suggestions, and honor their lives.


What Comes in the Program?

Add this program to your cart and you will receive:

  • Creating a step by step life optimization plan.
  • Learning how to live your life with purpose.
  • Creating a personal development plan.
  • Discover the power of continuous learning. This is the core of Life Optimization Coaching Certification program
  • Learn to embrace problems and responsibilities so you can pass these skills to others.
  • Allow challenging people to become your mentors.
  • Create interpersonal interpretations.
  • Think about life rules & values.
  • Train someone elses thoughts toward gaining maximum life effectiveness.
  • Request others to move into action.
  • Listen for break throughs and communication triggers.
  • Honor your commitments and learning the intended results.
  • Listening to others ways of greatness & successes.
  • Designing your future in choice.
  • Eliminate unwanted life conditions.
  • Live backwards and be happy.
  • Make the most of any situation and be committed.
  • Learn the power of forgiveness.
  • Do well and do good.
  • So much more!

The physical product you will receive include:

  • Four videos
  • 27 Audios
  • 26 transcripts
  • 1 certification exam
  • 1 certificate suitable for framing and sharing

Once you have gone through this program, you will be able to impact others by helping them look for areas in their lives that are not working properly. Support your clients and put into place those items that are missing that would make their lives beautiful. Teach clients how to improve communications, show them how to gain charisma, and fulfilling relationships, and add joy to the meaning of life. Be a coach to mentor others to live their Dream Lives.


Advantages of this Program

  • This personal development coach training program saves you time and money since you are working to a greater end.
  • Learn how to stop complaining and start doing.
  • Experience greater fun, joy, and peace while on the program.
  • Share the program with friends who are interested in becoming optimization coaches or personal development coaches.
  • Uncover the secret to becoming happy and eliminating tricky little upsets.
  • You have 60 days to use the program or receive your $97.00 back in full.

Get Instant Access!

Disadvantages to the Program

  • You must have a sense of self; know how to manage your own life, and impart that knowledge to others.
  • The $97 is a bit off-putting.
  • Its confusing that you do not need some experience or a degree in life-management.
  • It takes commitment.


There are wonderful testimonials give to Dr. Rubio and his program. Take for example the words of Eldon Taylor, Ph.D,, FAPA Director and Recipient of the 2005 International Peace Prize:

“If self-empowerment has been selected by you asyour destination, then Dr. Rubinos work is the perfect roadmap for the journey. There is no reason to just wander anymore. I recommend you follow these teachings faithfully.”


Life Optimization Coaching Certificate Program will impact your life and those you coach by eliminating current money beliefs, ending the emotional struggles that plague the lives of most people, and help you and others attract meaningful relationships.

Learn to put an end to suffering and resignation, create a life that is marked by bliss, learn the success triggers that propel you toward the best you can be, enhance attractiveness and charisma, and attract wealth.

Stop procrastinating and expect success in all areas of our life and those you coach, have an inspiring vision for all of life, find greater joy, fun and peace of mind. Impact every aspect of your life and teach these principles to others.

There is no end to the joy and rewards you can receive by being a life optimization coach. Earn rewarding revenues by working with other to sole their issues in life. Help clients expand relationships, add fulfillment to their lives, find joy, and enhance personal success.

For a very limited time this program is only $97. Originally the program and all its bonuses were $895. It is a bargain at the full price, but at the discounted price, it is a steal. You will not regret entering into this certification program. You can learn to manage your own life, teach others joy and happiness, and make a good living at the same time.

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– Time saver: Imagine attending the classes physically, that would end up wasting a lot of your time that you can invest somewhere else.

– Money saver: The guide is very cheap and thus very affordable. This means that any body wishing to become a life optimization coach can access the guide and be.

– Fun and interesting: The learning process is made to be very fun and interesting and thus leaving no room for boredom.

– You will get a chance to find happiness and find what really upsets you easily and the ways to avoid such situations.


– Know yourself first: For you to become a life optimization coach, you must first of all know who you are, that is have a clear understanding of what you are.

Summary: If your dream is to make a professional life optimization coach, then you found the right product. Training with the best guarantees you of one thing, becoming the best there is. Therefore, with that in mind, the maker of this program is a certified professional in the field of life optimization and therefore, you can trust the services you will be getting.

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