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Learn Piano in 30 Days
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The Piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind.

Is this the same case with you when you listen to a piano playing?

Watching your favorite music channel and you see a solo playing on the piano. Just breaks your heart.Seeing the person on the other end playing it and secretly wishing that it were you that was doing that. Makes your heart skip a beat every single time thinking of the possibility doesnt it?

You need to face facts. Playing an instrument like the piano can be an uberly cool thing to do. Being the center of universe while you play rhythmic blues or semi classics sure does set the tempo of things around you. Wouldnt you agree?


The piano as a musical instrument has its own panache and a level of sophistication ringing to it. If one has flair to learning the sweet instrument, the end certainly knows no bounds.

One reason why many musicians have a knack of learning the piano, the melody and the sound can be nothing more than angelic.

The era of classical music vouches to the tune of the piano in music making and the impact it has had over the years in the musical scene.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a very famous pianist before he was made even more famous by his skills as a composer.

The period of classical music bestowed upon the world artists like Frederic Chopin, Johannes Brahms & Bela Bartok who were great pianists of their generations. Enough with the pianos popularity already. Some of you may have even known all the facts mentioned above.

What if you could learn the piano minus all the thousands hours of practice that requires in order to master the instrument. You would say this is sure shot bluffing. No, it isnt.

This is very much possible with the new program called Learn piano in 30 days.

The program concentrates on teaching you the basics, fundamentals and the proper techniques to learning the piano in a simple and easy manner which otherwise would take hundreds of dollars to learn and play the piano in a fully fledged way by going for classes.


Whats the program about?

As the name clearly mentions, the learn piano in 30 days is a learning program aimed at teaching you the piano in 30 days. 30 days sounds like quite a short period to learn any instrument you would say but with this program the learning curve is much more easier and understandable with the program covering in making grounds from the very first day. This doesnt mean that the program would not concentrate on the basics and get you to learning a minutiae of things. Rather the program would take you ahead step by step as a beginners to learning the art of playing the piano.

Contents of the program

The learn piano in 30 days is a unique one of its kind program to effectively learn playing the piano. The program claims to slash the learning time almost by one tenth. In addition to learning the program, you also learn the cognitive way of reading music and making your own music and tunes in a matter of week. The course content of the learn piano in 30 days goes like this:-

  • Short and compact 10 minute training videos for all modules.
  • Planned lessons by use of Lateral Associative Learning providing a way to learn new skills without any repetitions.
  • Piano software tools and resources.
  • Regularly updated audio and music sheets for users.
  • Online support and training group assigned for each learner.
  • Help and support
  • Members forum

The learn piano in 30 days program is one program out of a five coursed module that is available to users once they enroll themselves to the website. These are mentioned as follows:-

  • Learn Piano in 30 days program
  • Become a better pianist program
  • Become a master pianist program
  • Play piano by the ear program
  • Genre specific training


A brief summary of what the users can expect out of the Learn Piano in 30 days program is listed below:-

Day 1:An Overview of the Piano
Day 2:An Overview of the Piano Keyboard – Part 1
Day 3:An Overview of the Piano Keyboard – Part 2
Day 4:Key Signatures
Day 5:Circle of Fifths
Day 6:Time Signatures
Day 7:Notes on Staff
Day 8:Reading Music
Day 9:Rhythm
Day 10:Learning Sheet Music
Day 11:Terminology
Day 12:Finger Exercises
Day 13:Chords: Part 1 of 3
Day 14:Chords: Part 2 of 3
Day 15:Chords: Part 3 of 3
Day 16:Positioning
Day 17:Jazz Music
Day 18:Blues Music
Day 19:Classical Music
Day 20:Sheet Music
Day 21:Pop and Rock Music: Part 1 of 2
Day 22:Pop and Rock Music: Part 2 of 2
Day 23:Quick Review
Day 24:Practicing
Day 25:Buying a Piano
Day 26:Song Writing
Day 27:Making it Your Own
Day 28:Playing With Others
Day 29:Methods of Learning
DAY 30:Wrap Up / Final Reviews

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Cost of the program

The total cost of the Learn Piano in 30 days program is limited to $27. This is pennies as compared to the number of classes teaching the same thing with a longer learning approach that are out there in the market who may charge anything up to $15-$20 for a one time session of 30-45 minutes. The developers of the program advise on taking up the 14 day trial course which costs $1.

This essentially gives the learner a short timed access to the website and its content plus giving the chance to the users of enrolling and going through the online tutorial and videos related to the program so as to get a better feel of the whole module and if they find themselves interested at the end of the 14 day trial period, they can easily enroll themselves to the 30 days program.

The program also provides a money back guarantee if you any way during the course of the program dont feel it to your liking. A fair deal wouldnt you say?


Members forum

The members forum gives access to the user to a forum of teachers who are available to help you with any concerns that you may have whilst going through the program. Once the users have access, they can also download interesting guides and softwares like:-

  • Piano visualization tools and flash cards
  • Piano games and quizzes
  • Piano playing software for your computer
  • Chatting platform and forum for the members of the website.

Outreach of the program

The Learn piano in 30 days has had tremendous success with thousands of students enrolling themselves for the program. If you are serious about learning the piano and are within a short timeframe, this is the best cost saving course out there in the market. Stage a path to becoming a pro within a month and impressing your friends and maybe the loved one. So why wait, enroll yourself to the 14 day trial period of the program today.

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– You will learn how to play the program within the shortest time. In just 30 days, you are assured to have know how to play the piano in and out.

– The program gives results- You may doubt the program and its ability to help you but in reality, the program gives you the results that you are looking for.

– The program easy to understand and use- Actually, if there is a program that is cheap to understand, it is this one. Everything is spelt out in white for easier comprehension and understanding.

– This learning program is enjoyable to use. As you practice the art of playing the piano, you will also be getting some fun out of it.


– The program will require that you have some time to go through it, understand it and then you can put it into action.

Summary: This is a learning program that will help you to learn how to play the piano in the shortest time possible. Just as the name suggests, you will get to learn the art of playing a piano in just 30 day. That sounds cool and trust me, this learning program works all the time giving you and making you the professionalism that you require.

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