Keyword Researcher Review – Legit or Scam?

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Navigating the turbulent waters of search engine optimization can be tough. Users of Google type in several searches looking for the right answer. Every digital marketer, on the other end, is trying to ensure that his webpage is the preferred search result for users.

For the website content writer, the challenge is more immediate. First, he must find out what people in his niche are searching for. Then, he must ensure that his content is tailored specifically to meet the needs of his target crowd.


To do these two, the marketer must conduct keyword research. This research helps pinpoint what information people are looking for and how they want it served.

This task can overwhelm any marketer as the tools available on the market are either imprecise or ineffective. The marketer is usually trying to do the following:

  • Separate frequently use keywords from others.
  • Search for long tail keywords that achieve the best results.
  • Find the right keyword density ratio.
  • Organise keywords in sequential groups.

Aside from the above, the content writer might just need help writing his content to generate the best results or he simply wants to organize his keyword database.

Though all the above can be done manually, it would be easier and faster to have a platform that can do it all.

This is what the keyword researcher application does for you and your SEO content needs. The application helps you generate, manage and organize your keywords for efficient keyword use. Also, the application helps you write SEO compliant articles.


What the app does

Treat this app like that six sense your keyword research is lacking. It’s that big brother that guides you through every decision you make in trying to organize and fine-tune your content. It syncs your content needs with what users are searching for on Google such that your writing is tailor-made to your target needs.

How keyword researcher works its magic

The keyword researcher gets you the traffic you can’t believe by following the following steps reviewed below:

 The keyword discovery process

Before any appreciable work can be on your content, you must find the keywords in your niche. You can try to find keywords relevant to your business or brand personally using tools like Google keyword planner. This would, however, take longer and might not provide targeted results.

Keyword researcher helps you find these keywords with little input from you. Also, it can integrate keyword CSV files from the keyword planner giving you the best of both worlds.


Sorting the keywords

Identifying the related keywords is only the first step as not all relevant keywords are used. Some keywords might be directly related to a competitor’s website while others might be too weak to be used. In other cases, the specific content you are trying to write might not match some keywords.

In all these cases, the researcher helps you trim the keywords to the ones you need and eliminate scams. The app deletes the irrelevant keyword leaving you with only the most relevant and important keywords.

The app doesn’t stop there as it also blacklists certain keyword you do not want to be displayed in future searches. This is usually used in the case of competitor related keywords.

Finding the most relevant keywords

Now that you have removed the irrelevant keyword, the job is still not complete. You must now choose the keywords with the highest probability of success. This means choosing words with higher searches that is also most relevant to your content.

The keyword researcher narrows down the relevant keyword by showing you’re the average monthly searches of each phrase/words. It can also help combine several words that can form a formidable keyword phrase.

Selecting keywords group

Let’s assume that you have 10 different content groups to be written. It wouldn’t be productive to simply stick all the keywords you have researched into all the different content. A better approach would be to have groupings consisting of various keywords to be used for specific contents.


The application helps you lay out the content strategy by dividing the contents into categories, articles, and paragraphs. This way, you can easily pinpoint where and how to use each long tail or short tail keyword phrases.

Typing with keyword researcher consciousness

The keywords shouldn’t just be placed in any location of your content. There are certain locations that appeal to a search engine more. For instance, there are certain words that are better placed in the first few paragraphs of your content. Others are better buried deep in the article.

The app, through the highlighter icon, helps you examine your content to decide if they are properly placed in the right context. It would also tell you when a particular key phrase has been used together or separately.

Get help with publishing

As an added bonus, the researcher helps you publish your content on WordPress with easy. This achieved by its ability to generate native WordPress XML files which facilitation bulk importation of articles to WordPress.

In a nutshell, the application would do the following for you.

  • It generates long tail keywords for the world most popular search engine Google.
  • It generates long tail keywords for Amazon (this would be most useful to affiliate marketers).
  • It generates long tail keywords from YouTube.
  • It helps you write content using the “create content tab”.
  • It plans your keyword strategy.
  • It keeps a negative keyword list for unwanted keywords.
  • It imports Google keywords planner files for easier use.
  • It also imports keywords from Microsoft Excel.

Business benefits keyword researcher


Everything we have said so far is the technical stuff. However, as a business owner, what matters to you is not how rich your content is in keywords or how many good reviews it has. The important thing is using that content to attract each buyer or client.

Long tail ideas

Why looking for short tails is not a bad idea, you would find that in most cases these keywords are competitive. This means your business would hustle for space along with other businesses.

Long tail keywords, on the other hand, are a gold mine. Due to their length, they have less competition but are effective because of Google’s autocomplete database.
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The app helps you generate these keywords and consequently helps you carve a niche within a niche.

Get a feel for the market

Let’s assume you’re considering diversifying into a new niche or a different industry entirely. You don’t want to make the jump without testing the floor to see if its smooth for land.

The app lets you see what people are currently searching for in your new venture. Such that you can tailor your business entry towards meeting those needs.

Answer target audience question

This advantage flows from the previous point in the sense that you need to generate the long tail ideas to execute it properly. Instead of simply writing content and fitting keywords in them, wouldn’t it be better to simply use your content to answer the question your target is asking online?

The app ensures that you can recognize the major issues people in your niche are asking. You can then use this knowledge to generate content ideas that answer their questions.


The price

So maybe you were sold at the first line and have been waiting to know how much this amazing SEO tool would cost. The price you pay for using this amazing tool is zero dollars. You can download the trial version completely free to confirm that it isn’t a scam and pay a fee after certifying its credibility.

Our Opinion

Search engine optimization can be a difficult venture and as a marketer you need all the help you can get. Keyword researcher does more than providing help when you need it. It anticipates what you might need and reacts promptly to solve your SEO problems.

Click Here to Buy Keyword Researcher


  • it is free to use.
  • it generates search ideas with the best results.
  • it is detail oriented.
  • it assist in writing your content for SEO success.
  • it is very quite easy to use.


  • it is only related to keywords and doesn’t take other SEO factors into consideration.
  • it can only be used effectively by someone with prior SEO knowledge

Summary: this product drastically improves your content marketability and changes the way you research for keywords.

RatingRated 4.5 stars