Clayton Max’s Infatuation Scripts Review – Worthy or Scam?

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Love and infatuation sometimes go hand in hand. While love is a strong emotion that most people know a thing about, infatuation is something many don’t really understand. This means that you may not be able to get your hands around it no matter how many times you have experienced it.

What is infatuation?

Infatuation is the feeling you have when you are with someone who you think is perfect, only to realize later that, that person has a lot of flaws. When this reality hits your core, you are likely going fall out of love.


In fact, this is the reason why most relationships are short-lived. You see, most men abandon a relationship when they feel that something is missing in their mate.

 Becoming the woman of your dreams

Have you ever thought about being in a relationship with a man you have had a thing for, for a very long time? If you have, you are going to benefit from this review.

One thing you should know is that you can become a better woman and can grow to new heights. Things can change for the better. Of course, these things are not going to happen magically. To reach your true potential as a woman and never get pushed away or rejected by the man you love, you are definitely going to have to put some effort.

Making a man fall you while ignoring other women out there is by no means an easy task. Yes, there are a lot of things you could try, but most of them may not work. That said, it might interest you to know that there is a product that can help any woman get the man of her dreams. This product has helped a lot of women over the world to get their man committed and loyal. If you want your man to have eyes for you alone, then you should consider purchasing this product.

At this point, you likely may be wondering what’s the name of this product and if it will be able to help you. Well, the name of this product is infatuation scripts.


Everything you need to know about the infatuation scripts?

Infatuation scripts is a top-notch program that is designed to help women who were rejected by the men who they thought was their true love. The tips, advice, and techniques embedded in this product can help any woman get her ex back.

Clayton Max, the creator of this course, was once terrified of commitment. But somehow, a woman got him to go on his knees and propose marriage. The secret as to how she got him to marry her is not as complicated as you may be thinking.

You see, men don’t want to be in complete control of a relationship. Most women make the mistake of letting their husband push them around and make them do crazy things, hoping that he will love them more. Most times, the result of this is sad and devastating.

Men something get bored when their wife is overly submissiveness. They want women who are in control, who are sure of their self and their abilities.

Allowing your man have complete control in your relationship is a recipe for disaster. Don’t view your mate like a boss; rather view his as a partner.

heart wood

Next, we are going to be looking at something you will learn when you purchase this PDF e-book.

9 infatuation scripts that can change your life for the better

The course is made up of 12 effective techniques that can make any woman become more attractive.  These techniques have been tried and tested by many women; their positive reviews say it all. So, if you want to turn your relationship around and start making men fall for you, then you should consider purchasing this course.

Below are some 9 life-changing scripts in this course that can take the quality of your relationship from good to better.

 Investment scripts

Don’t be an easy catch, rather, make any man work hard to get your attention. If he really wants you, he will gladly go the extra mile for you. As a man tries to make your acquaintance, relax and watch how far he is willing to go to get your attention.

Curiosity script

Don’t be an open book; make it difficult for your man to know everything about you. If you ignore this and put all your cards on the table, he won’t see you like a challenge. Keep in mind that men love challenges. They are intrigued by women who don’t succumb to their charms.

If he isn’t able to understand you, he will do all he can to get to know you more. He will happily set up more dates to learn about you.


Uncertainty script

Men don’t want to be in complete control of a relationship.  Playing hard to get will drive him crazy, he will think about you all day. Don’t seek his attention or his approval. Rather, be an independent woman with a hot personality. Keep him guessing.

Hold him spellbound

 Urgency script

Make him think that he will lose you if he doesn’t take certain action. If he really wants you, he will find a way to get your attention and make you want him back.

Temptation script

This technique is intertwined with sexual desires. Keep in mind that you don’t need to be super sexy or have an excellent personality to apply this technique. All you have to do is to make him want to have sex with you by using certain words.

If you are able to do this correctly, he will love you and even beg that you stay with him forever.

Uninterested script

This technique is all about making him give up his game. While he is talking and doing his magic, you will act like you are paying attention to his efforts.  In the end you, you will subtlety signal him that he is mission something.
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Shaping script

Applying this method will make your man become attached to you.  His outlook is going to change for the better and he will slowly become addicted to you.

Barrier script

Here, you will learn how to draw a line in your relationship. Of course, you can be open about your feelings, but can’t let him have full control over you. There should be a thin line in your relationship.

 Curveball script

Make him thinks that he knows everything about you or that he has you within his grasp. But in the end, show him that there is a deeper part of you he doesn’t know.

Hold him spell-bound

 Intrigue script

Here, you will learn how to hold him spellbound and keep him interested in you. If you are able to apply this technique you man will start calling frequently and start texting you more often. Don’t quickly reply to his texts, make him wait. Doing this will drive him crazy and make him want you more and more of you.


Independence script

Men aren’t attracted to women who buzz around them all the time or ask for their help repeatedly. They are interested in women who are independent. They see them as intriguing and amusing.

 Final verdict

Whether you are a single lady looking for true love or you are already in a relationship, you will be able to get value from this product. The tips and advice embedded in this course will make your man love you more and more. Since this course was able to change the lives of different women around the world, you can be confident that it will be able to change your life for the better too. Don’t wait, take action right now.



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  • The course is affordable
  • It is easy to understand
  • Any woman can get value from it
  • It is written in a comprehensive manner
  • Bonus materials



  • You need to read and apply the tips in the course to the letter to get value from it.
  • You may not get the results you seek overnight.


Summary: This course is a must-have for women who want to capture the attention of any man and hold him spell abound. Even if you are in a relationship on the verge of collapsing, you will still be able to get something out of this course. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

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