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Investing time and energy into pursuing self-knowledge is such an important matter, it highlysurpasses any other method and technique of self-development. Self-knowledge is the tool by which one gains and keeps free will. Without it, the self will forever be enthralled to the whims and irrational drives of the subconscious, and only pursuing it will one be able to see the behavioral patterns that originate from childhood and disrupt them with conscious effort.

Without self-knowledge, we see reactionary behavior traits, we see the lack of happiness, pleasure, fulfillment in life, and we see a history of failed relationships and career choices and a life of complete misery. Anyone who values life and wants to life it at its fullest has to pursue knowledge about his or her own self in order to achieve the expectations about human existence.

That is the reason whyiKnowThyself Brilliance Guide for Career, Financial & Personal Success exists. The guide offers an extensive andpersonalizedself-evaluation tool that helps you in understanding yourself, seeing the strengths and weaknesses of your character, and aiding you in finding success in your life.


Methodology of Knowledge

As I have said, self-knowledge is an essential part of the human experience. As a philosopher both by training and by passion, I have seen many times what the lack of it does to the human mind. To put it simply, people hold values and ideas based not on careful evaluation of arguments, on separating truth from falsehood or on deductions from first principles but by the emotions that arise from the subconscious and render the reasoning mind incapable of reasoning. They have an instinctive reaction to an idea that contradicts the experiences that are hard-wired into their brain, and they – even the brightest with the highest score of intelligence – turn into someone who is utterly incapable of reason, lashing out or using obviously invalid logic.

The guide of iKnowThyself by Melanie Calkins uses a well-known method of personality evaluation calledMyersBriggs Type Indicator to help the customer in building up their own self-knowledge. TheMyersBriggs Type Indicatordifferentiates 16 different types of personalities based on how people interact with their environment, how they make decisions and how they act. In her guide,Melanie Calkins then deduces a so called Brilliance Code for each of the 16 personality types, which is a combination of skills, knowledge and naturalaptitudes to help the reader in making the best decisions in life.

The Brilliance Code iKnowThyself offers acts as a guide in every major life decision. Using itsguidance, the customer will gain insight into how best to guide his or her own fate andwhich paths to choose that fits the strengths and weaknesses of his or her own character the most. It will help you to find a purpose in your life that fits your very unique personality type and pursue it, achieving existential meaning. It alleviates the drag of monotone everyday existence whose only goal is to get through the day, to wake up, work, eat, go to sleep and repeat.


Keys to Purpose

Not everyone reacts the same way to the same stimuli. By pursuing self-knowledge, you will see what is it that truly makes you happy and whichenvironment helps you in getting the most out of your skills and natural abilities.

The methodology that Melanie Calkins’siKnowThyself uses a three-way approach in helping you to guide a better life.

First, you will discover the hard-wired, primal instincts embedded deep within your subconscious mind. These traits define how you approach the world around you in the first place, that is, they decideyour instant neurological response to external stimuli.

Secondly, the iKnowThyself guide will help you in acquiring the knowledge that enables you to be able to use your natural instincts in a professional environment. You will learn how to find an external setting which fits your own hard-wired instincts the most like the lastpiece of a puzzle fits into the glorious landscape.

And finally, you will be able to build real life skills and talents based on this knowledge. Using this method, you will find that talent bursts out of your subconscious and adapts instantly to your environment, propelling you to become the best of your trade.



The product contains various guides and bonus e-books. First and foremost, it contains the three-part guide that helps you gain the self-knowledge you need to succeed in your personal and professional life.

Its first part is Your Personal Life Snapshot. This will show you what the true purpose of your life really is, and how to harness the opportunities that you have yet to see all around you. Furthermore, it will provide you with an abundance of skills and resources, such as awakening your instincts and intuition or sharpening your social and communicational skills.

The second part is Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Profile. This part will highlight yourinborn talents that you will have to develop further byinvesting time and energy into them. This part will help you to unlock your hidden personality, which is a part of you that you have repressed from birth, and whose liberation will enable tremendous success in your life.

This second part also contains valuable knowledge about both yourself and others. It shows you what the main reason you have yet to achieve professional success is, and what are the red flags to avoid when assessing the personality of others. It contains relationship advices, and a unique profile tailored to your ownMyersBriggs Type which elaborates more on your natural weaknesses and strengths.

Finally you will receive Your Ideal Career Report, which includes a list of a hundred careers that are ideal for your personality type, includes a list of careers that are completely opposite of who you are, and show you the core mechanism of your decision-making process which will help you in achieving professional success.



For $49 you will receive not only a guide that will teach you tremendous knowledge about yourself, but also five unique, highly valuable rewards. You will be gifted with aPersonal Success Strategizer Blueprint, which is a list of routines that will boost your productivity, withAction Enforcer Productivity Software, a program that will help you in gaining and keeping focus and momentum, with theAction Unleashed Handbook, a guide that teaches you the most effective tools of time-management, withWeekly Success Planner, which helps you plan your actions by evaluating what you accomplished in the past and withHour Of Power, a guide that helps you achieve carreer success by allocating only one hour every day.

iKnowThyself is a highly valuable investment that will help you to know yourself better and to achieve your highest potential professional success.

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– It will help you know who you really are: The e-book has been formulated to help you discover the person who you were meant to be.

– It is a e-book that has proved to work: you can trust this guide to help you know the person who you were meant to be.

– The e-book is a detailed one covering everything that you need to know about yourself.

– The e-book will help you know the art that you need to use in order to perfectly understand both yourself and others.


– The e-book can only be accessed through the internet and it will take you sometime before you can learn the whole course in depth

Summary: I knowthyself is an e-book that has been developed to help you tap into your world of self knowledge and dig deeper into finding who you really are. The guide comes with practical advice that you will need to begin using right away for faster result. Made to give you lasting effects, I know that this is not enough to convince you, but look at this, you enjoying a lifetime happiness, isn’t that great? Therefore, get to know all your fears, your purpose and re-determine the course of your life. This is what you need to start using if you need to enjoy your life.

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