Does How to Survive an Affair Work? My Honest Review

How to Survive an Affair
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Affairs can be detrimental to any marriage especially if no proper step is taken to repair the damages done. However, there are times when seeing a counselor may be impossible especially if one party is unwilling to open up to a total stranger. Additionally, the couple may not even be able to afford the cost for counseling. It is in instances lie these when you may require something that is more private, less expensive but still effective. How To survive An Affair may be just the thing you are looking for.

What is How To survive An Affair?

This is a comprehensive program by Dr. Frank Gunzburg that is aimed at helping individuals and couples to effectively deal with an affair and start rebuilding their relationship into something much stronger.


How does How To survive An Affair work?

This is a three phase program that outlines steps that couples need to follow in order to repair their relationship after an affair. The creator is aware that some participants in the program may be tempted to skip certain aspects of the book, however he advises against it. If you want ideal results you need to cover each phase and in the order that it was prescribed.

Phase # 1: Individual Healing- Understanding individual Feelings and Sorting Through Your Emotions

Dr. Gunzburg takes into consideration the fact that an affair can cause deep wounds and created this phase to focus on personal healing. This phase us mostly dedicated that the party that was hurt by the affair. However there are still some aspects were especially dedicated to the cheater.

Although this section seeks to target specific party at a time, Dr. Gunzburg still recommends that both individuals go through this entire section to gain a deeper understanding of what really happened, why it happened, and what must be done.

The author claims that it is natural for the injured party to ask all sort of questions regarding the affair. These puzzling questions include who, what when, where, and why. By trying to now this, they think that it will somehow make them feel better. However, the author claims that this is not so. He claims that healing can only come from within.

Additionally, the author claims that this step will help the injured part to get rid of certain negative emotions such as uncertainty, hatred, hopelessness, jealousy, and shame. These he claims are the main factors that blocks progress and prevent healing.


Phase # 2: Healing Together- Working Together To Identify And Rebuild Trust Issues

After the injured party would have gone through the individual healing process, it is time for both parties to work towards healing as a couple. At this phase they couple will do some assessment to determine how they really function as a couple and determine what is good and what is not so good.

This phase is aimed at encouraging the reopening of the line of communication that was broken by the affair, since Dr. Gunzburg is fully aware that effective communication is the key to an effective marriage. At this phase he helps them to understand that it is important that they understand each others feelings and this can be done by trying to imagine being in each others position. He also stresses the importance of accepting the past, learning from it and moving forward.

Phase # 3: Rebuilding Your Relationship- Understanding How To rebuild and Maintain A New Trust Filled Relationship

Now that the emotional baggage has been cleared and both parties are well on their way to healing both individually and collectively, it time to put whatever skills and techniques were learned into practice.

At this stage, Dr. Gunzburg will critically examine areas such as how the trust that was broken can be rebuilt, conflict resolution, and how to resuscitate a fiery sex life. Here the injured party will be taught how to accept the affair and be committed to working things out.

Are there any Bonuses?

There are 2 bonuses included with the purchase of this amazing book. These are:

Bonus Report # 1: What to Do If You’ve Been Cheated On: How to Pick up the Pieces after You’ve Been Ripped Apart by an Affair (Valued at $19.95)

How to Save Your Relationship if You’ve Cheated on Your Spouse: Seven Critical Actions You MUST Take to Avoid the Devastation of a Break-Up or a Divorce (Valued at $19.95)


What is the cost of How To survive An Affair?

This comprehensive system that promises to help you build and repair your marriage or relationship after an affair costs only $147.

What are the Pros and Cons of How To survive An Affair?

The following are the pros and cons of this program. Its up to you to decide if it works for you.


  • Written by a credible source. Dr. Gunzburg is a dating and relationship expert who has healed many relationships in the past. this means that if it worked in the past it is more likely to work with you.
  • Steps are easy to follow. Dr. Gunzburg has skillfully divided his book into 3 significant phases where he clearly spells out what must be done in details. The ordinary man can use this product and get help.
  • Easily accessed. This program can be accessed online with just the click of a button. This means that there will be no long wait time, you can start immediately to repair and build your relationship to the place that it once was or even stronger.
  • Is private as compared with counseling sessions. This repair can be done within the confines of your home. This means that nobody will know your business.
  • Customer Support. The creator does not just sells you his product and leave you on your own. You are given the opportunity to contact him incase you need further clarifications or in event that there is an issue.


  • Compared to other product of its kind, this product is a bit pricey. However if you are truly serious about repairing your relationship after an affair, price will not be an issue.
  • This product is presently only available online.This means that it may be difficult for persons without internet access to benefit from this product.
  • As with any similar product, this program requires time and devotion.


The Bottom Line

Taken all the information available into consideration, this system looks promising. It is a bit pricey but the price is insignificant when compared to what it will cost for marriage therapy. I definitely recommend How To survive An Affair work.

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– Step by step instructions which are easy follow so that you can complete the healing procedure without any assistance.

– Best relationship rebuilding and strengthening techniques which have proven to give best results in real life scenarios.

– The author of this program gives a complete support feature for the followers by which they can get an instant solution to each of their problem.

– You can now get rid of negative emotions and struggle to live a happily forever with your new life partner.


The program costs higher as compared to other marriage therapy programs and is only available online which means you need to stay connected to the internet to learn the best techniques.

Summary: How to Survive an Affair is a helpful program designed by Dr. Gunzburg for people who are facing the consequences of a broken relationship by which they can regain the strength to develop a long lasting love life. So if you are in search of a best therapy program, How to Survive an Affair can help you in great regard.

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