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Have you ever put in so much effort in a relationship but ended up disappointed when the man you love suddenly lost interest in you? Many women suffer from the same fate and some even conclude that it is hard to please any man. The truth is that it is very easy to please any man if you are able to understand his mind. I am sure you are still wondering what I mean by understanding a mans mind. Understanding what men think can not only make it easier for you to enjoy your relationship but it also gives you the power to make any man fall deeply in love with you and commit to you for the rest of his life.


About the Author – called Mark

The Author of How to Read a Man is a man called Mark who has been a couch of an underground men society that help men understand their women and keep them. Mark has read many psychology books and resources thus he is well knowledgeable on relationship challenges. While couching the group of men, he was able to understand the male brain and learn what men desire in women and even some of the secrets that men keep. By interacting with different men, he was able to learn some of the triggers that can control the male mind.

Mark accidentally shared some of the secret tips to read any mans mind and make him commit with a friend by the name Samantha who was having problems in a relationship. When Samantha used the tips suggested by Mark, her man began to become more attracted to her and even proposed to her.

It is after this incident that Samantha convinced Mark to use the secret tips he has to help women. Mark started a secret women society to help women in troubled marriages and relationships. It is as a result of this society group that the How to Read a Man and Influence him book was written.


About the Book

How to Read a Man is an eye opener to many women who are tired of the vicious cycle of coming out of a relationship into another relationship that does not last. The book shares secrets on how to win any mans heart and make him propose marriage to you. This is not the usual kind of content you read from blogs and relationship websites about wearing sexy clothes and putting on some sweet smelling cologne. The truth is that a man may be attracted to you due to your sexy clothes and attractive physic but it will not last for a long time. The book gives useful tips on how to easily make any man fall for you and commit to you. Here are some of the great tricks and tips that are shared in the book


Controlling a Mans Thought from Within

Many women always want to be able you control their men but every time they try to control their man, they end up fighting or the man starts drifting away from them. Quit trying to control and force your man to love you and be there for you using words or actions. There is an easier way to control your man without even saying a word.

I have always wondered why very attractive men always fall for the ordinary Jane. I am sure you also wonder why all the good looking men date average women and leave out some of the most attractive women. After reading How to Read a Man, I understand that looks may attract a man but cannot keep a man or make him commit. The secret to making a man commit is to understand how he thinks. By understanding the male mind, you can be able to charge any man to love you.

You must be wondering how you can control a mans mind while you have never been in a psychology class. The key to controlling any mans mind is gaining access to his reptilian brain. The reptilian brain is the most primitive part of the brain that is instinctive and is responsible for body functions such as breathing, heart rate, balance and body temperature. Let me not bore you with so much unnecessary information; the reptilian brain is present in every person and is the part of the brain that does not have reasoning abilities.

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The reptilian brain is only able to understand pain and pleasure and cannot reason. Any messages sent to this part of the brain are given higher priority. If you are able to access a mans reptilian brain, you can be able to put ideas and suggestions into his mind making him love you and submit to you. If you are able to master the trick of controlling the reptilian brain of a man; you can make a man who disliked you or found you not to be attractive to beg you to marry you.

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Whether you are single, married or in a complicated relationship, the trick of accessing and controlling the reptilian brain of a man can make you enjoy a healthy and happy relationship or marriage with the man of your dreams. This part of the brain is a magic charm that can help you control the thoughts and feeling of the man you love leaving him with no choice but to submit to you and commit to you for the rest of his life.

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Steps to Controlling a Mans Reptilian Brain

  • Step 1: Accessing a the Reptilian Brain

This is the most important part of being able to make your man love you again or even make that man you are attracted to love you back. According to How to Read a Man; be able to access the reptilian brain of your man, you need to get him emotionally excited. Most men try to hide their vulnerability and try to look tough but inside they are very vulnerable. Getting any man emotionally excited opens up his reptilian brain.

  • Step 2: Plant Ideas and Suggestions in his Mind

Now that you have gained access to his reptilian, it is time to plant ideas and suggestions into his mind that will make love you like he has never before. If you are able to put the right ideas and suggestions into the mans reptilian brain; his brain is convinced that you are the woman for him. This explains the reason as to why you find very attractive men committed to average women. Have you ever seen a man who used to be so arrogant and a typical womanizer turn into a good man who is very devoted and committed to a relationship? This is because his reptilian brain is convinced that that particular woman is a source of pleasure.

  • Step 3: Direct his Reptilian Brain to be Attached to the Idea of Pleasing and Loving you

Now that you have put ideas into your mans mind, you need to activate those ideas so as to make him reciprocate the love. Using your words and actions, you can easily train your man into believing you are his future wife. No matter how ugly or attractive you are, if you have access to a mans reptilian brain, you can be able to manipulate him into seeing you as the most attractive woman. For men who are very secretive, you can be able to make your man open up and reveal all the secrets that he has been keeping from you for years.

  • Step 4: Emotional Intensifier Trick

For women who are in a relationship or married to men who rarely show emotions or even share; you can melt that rock heart and make that man to be so emotional towards you. Rekindle the love and emotions that you first had when you both first fell in love.

  • Step 5: Desire Amplification Trick

The How to Read a Man book also shares some of the tips and tricks to increase the desire of your man to be with you. If he always makes excuses about work or other things so as to avoid spending time with you, you will be surprised to see him craving to see you.

The How to Read a Man is a must have book for any woman who is serious about keeping her man and having a happy and fulfilled relationship or marriage. Remember to keep the book under lock and key less another woman gains access to the book and uses the tips to steal your man away from you J.

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– Understand male psychology so that you can express your love and emotions accordingly to make your relationship stronger.

– Women can get to learn what men actually think about them and what mistakes they have been making in their existing relationship.

– Learn how to directly approach the brain of your man so that you can express your love and feelings accordingly.

– Once you have followed the tips and tricks as explained in the program, you will surely be able to get complete control over the mind of your man.


The program does not guarantees results and you must not follow the methods which are annoying your man as the results can be ridiculous.

Summary: How To Read A Man is the most helpful relationship development program designed for women so that they can develop a relationship which lasts forever. So if you are tired of fake relationships or your loveless married life, this program will help you in great regard.

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