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I was always frightened whenever I hear news about war, riots and other catastrophes because it might affect me and my family at any point in time. I was thinking what will I do to protect myself and my family in such situations but I have no idea what I am thinking is to flee to places that are safe.

But from what I am seeing from statistics, people who bug out of their places during catastrophes are the ones who are more prone to danger because they are exposed to the elements outside their houses.

For example flashfloods, civil war or wildfires you will have a higher chance of getting yourself injured when you go outside your house it is logical right?

That is why I searched the internet for techniques on how I can survive a disaster by just staying inside our house and avoid panicking just what like other people are doing during a disaster which is to panic.


I Came Across this “How to Bug In Forever” eBook

I searched the internet for several hours, on the answers to how I can survive possible disasters without getting out of our house. The search results did not satisfy me that is why I kept on searching until I came across this “How to Bug-In Forever” which is written by Dan F. Sullivan. I found his guide to be convincing because that the techniques are tried and tested.

At first I have doubts that it might be another scam on the internet, however, his reasoning looks really legit because all of the factors regarding bugging in (the complete vice versa of bugging out) are taken into consideration and all the topics are well-covered according to their website.

After reading their sales page I considered buying a copy of the eBook, my considering factors are content which is truthful and legit.

So I bought their product and I started browsing the eBook, I have found that the traditional approach when it comes to disaster management is not applicable in long-term catastrophes like war and severe flashfloods that lasts for months.

What Did I Learned from Dan F. Sullivan

Here are some of the knowledge that I learned from the eBook:

• How to get food when your stock runs out especially during times of serious disasters because going out of the house puts you in imminent danger.
• Different foods that are filled with vitamins which will help you survive a disaster because it is important to keep our body healthy in times of trouble so that we can fight back and endure the hardships that disasters can bring.
• How to achieve cleanliness despite of scarcity in water.
• How to lengthen the shelf-life of foods up to 20 years.
• Drills that I can practice anytime and anywhere.


These are only some of the knowledge that I gained from the eBook and to tell you honestly I have learned a lot from the eBook and it is for you to find out yourself how helpful is it when it comes to disaster management.

A Lot of Freebies Included

Free eBook #1: Vital Survival Checklists

This is where I learned how to keep track of my inventory. I learned how to manage my foods, medicines, clothes, water, and other basic needs which I can use when a disaster strikes however until it is not happening I can still use that knowledge in my everyday life.

Because of the eBook, I became aware of the situations which I do not give any attention and after learning those things through the help of the free eBook I am now more organized with regards to the inventory of our basic needs.

Free eBook #2: Getting Home When SHTF

In this free eBook, I learned how to safely arrive at my home when a calamity happens and fetch my family members safely with me. The guides are very clear and direct to the point, the scenarios that are written in that eBook are so realistic and it can happen anytime.

canned goods

Free eBook #3: Reclaim your Life After a Disaster

Emotions are a big factor in surviving disasters like fear, anger, anxiety, and frustration these are the emotions that we will encounter when we are in a disastrous situation and these emotions can be a big threat on your survival because can be a hindrance to your decision making.

Learning to control your emotions will give you a better mindset and approach towards survival when it comes to disastrous events.

Free eBook #4: Barter for your Life

This is one of the best free eBooks that I came across with because in this guide I learned the techniques on how to barter effectively. These techniques will be useful in any situation especially in a world that is destroyed by disasters.

Because of this skill, you will have the important things that you will need to survive a catastrophe because without this skill you cannot get the crucial things that you will need because many people will hoard these things that is why it is important to learn the skill of negotiating.

Free eBook #5: Dan’s Top Survival Tools and Gear Recommendation

This is where I found a lot of helpful links to resources of different tools and items that I need for survival from weapons to gears that are essential in helping me towards those kinds of situations.

Right now I am saving some money to buy some of the things that are recommended by Dan so that when calamity hits us I will be prepared no matter what.

food storage

Those vendors also sell it for a discounted price you just have to be good at searching for better deals, the most important thing is that it will do its function whenever you need it during calamities.

A Piece of Advice From Me

There were a lot of eBooks that are included in the package they are in PDF format, what I do is I print it out on a bond paper so that I can read it like a book whenever I am at my room I can browse it easily (I am a fan of the old way of reading by the way).

However, if you prefer it to read it as is as a PDF format you can download PDF readers for your smartphone or computers that has a search function so that whenever you want to search something you can find it easily by just typing the keywords.

Get Instant Access!

And one more thing you must remember that surviving in disastrous situations is a big challenge that is why you must not only read it but you must also understand it very well and apply the techniques to the situations accordingly.

And if you are in doubt you can also read else’s review regarding this product there are a lot of reviews on the internet regarding this product and I will guarantee you that all of them are satisfied with this.

My Final Verdict

I have found the guides very informational; I have gained a lot of knowledge in survival training because of this eBooks. I really think that it is essential to learn this kind of topic because as we all know there are a lot of events are happening globally that requires survival like the war in the Middle East, famine in Africa and flashfloods in Asia.


With all those unforeseen events that are happening in the world, it is important to keep this guides handy because it is better to be ready at all times we will not know when these calamities will strike.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for reading my review on this eBooks and I am a little bit sorry that it is too long because I tell you that you will learn a lot of things about survival on those eBooks it is just a small amount of investment that you can do to secure your life during those kinds of situations.

Click Here to Buy How to Bug In Forever


  • Inexpensive
  • Has a lot of freebies included
  • Very informational
  • High quality


  • Some of the methods are too risky.

Summary: Because of this, I am now ready to face any disasters, I have now the fundamentals for me to survive such situations. From survival gears, preparation, bugging in, food preparation, controlling emotions and handling situations. The price of the package is very low compared to its competitors it is surely worth your hard earned money.

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