Home Power Experts Review – Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

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With the increase in knowledge and technology came the increase in use of energy and labor saving devices. As a matter of fact almost every aspect of our life is surrounded around some gadget that requires some form of energy to work. This change has rendered us powerless in event that there is a nationwide power outage. The result will be catastrophic. Hence there is a real need for a back- up plan in event there is a total power failure. This is exactly where Home Power Experts come in.


What is Home Power Experts?

Home Power Exerts is a comprehensive eBook written by Craig Irons that offers knowledge on obtaining alternative in event there is a social collapse. Through is eBook and demonstration videos you will be able to create you very own wind or solar energy generator all by yourself. Craig believes that through his system, you will save tons of money that you are being robbed by Electricity Company that overcharge you in the name of rising fuel prices.

Who is Craig Irons?

Craig Irons is a certified technician from a small town in Indiana who came up with and created this idea after being fed up with the rise in fuel prices and out of the need to blackout proof his home in event that there is a nationwide power outage or social collapse.

How does Home Power Experts work?

Immediately after signing up and paying for the product, you will receive detailed guides and video tutorials which clearly outline everything you need to know in order to build your own alternative power generator. It offers step by step guidance for different ways in which you can design and build your very own solar and wind energy generation with the use of inexpensive materials.


Apart from being able to design and build your own power generator, you will also learn how to properly install all the equipment that will be necessary for you to run the station efficiently. Although it can be quite challenging to design, build and run your own power station from home, the clear instructions provided in this guide makes the process far easier.

You also be taught what you need to do to maintain your power station so that it can provide you with energy for many years to come with little difficulties and thus drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on energy bills.

Other topics that are included in this program will teach you the different ways of getting rebates from the government and how to fill relevant forms to get them.

Has Home Power Experts had any successes in the past?

Many persons around the word have already put Craigs teachings into practice and has been successful at designing and constructing their personal alternative energy source. They are already reaping the benefits of this move and now homes that are 100% blackout proof.


What will I get when I order Home Power Experts?

After ordering, you will get the main eBook, video tutorials and other quality bonuses. These include:

  • The planning and setting up biography energy systems eBook. This eBook will teach you how to plan and set up the energy system for your home.
  • The Renewable Power Technology eBook. This eBook will teach you all the wonders of renewable power technology.
  • The Energy 2 Eco-Friendly Solutions eBook. This eBook will teach you ways in which you can create eco- friendly energy and the benefits from using eco-friendly energy.
  • The 60 minute step by step online training for making your own top quality solar panels. This is in the form of a video that offers clean demonstration that you can easily follow and create your own solar panel.
  • The Homemade wind blowing generator video. This video will demonstrate step by step how you can create your own wind generator.
  • The Energy Eco friendly handbook that will teach you how to build your very own wind and power station.
  • A video that will teach you how to set up your own solar panel in your home.

Will I get additional bonuses?

Other bonuses that you will receive after purchase includes:

  • Bonus # 1: How to slash your gas cost. This guide will show you how you can save hundreds of dollars yearly by showing by reducing the cost for your energy.
  • Bonus # 2: Power Tips to make your home more energy efficient.
  • Bonus # 3: How to make your own green chicken coop. This guide will teach you how to raise your own chickens for consumption instead of eating those that are injected with toxic fertilizers to grow quickly.
  • Bonus # 4- Easy ways to get the most miles per gallon. The guide is geared to teach you all you need to do to turbo- charge your gas mileage and in so doing save hundreds of dollars yearly.
  • Bonus # 5- An easy way to build your own backyard biodome. This guide will teach you how to build your own green house where you can grow all the require fruits and vegetables for use. The food you consume will be fresher, tastier and healthier. You will also save tons on food.

How much does this Home Power Experts cost?

For a chance to be the owner of all you need to know to set up your personal power system and in so doing drastically reduce your energy bills, you are only required to pay $37. For that price you will receive the entire package which is inclusive of the main eBook, video clips and bonuses.

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Is there any Refund Policy in place?

Craig gives 3 conditions in which you will be entitled to a full refund of monies paid.

Guarantee # 1– If you do not see a drastic reduction in your energy bill with 60 days after you build your power station, you will get a full refund.

Guarantee # 2– If you cannot follow the instructions given to make your own power station after reading the step by step instructions, you will also get your money back.

Guarantee # 3– If your electric meter doesnt move backwards after installation of your new generator, you will also get a full refund.


What are the Pros and Cons of Home Power Experts?


  • It was created by an expert.
  • It is easily accessed via the internet.
  • It is written in clear step by step simple language.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • The added video demonstrations make instructions clearer.
  • Promises to help you save money.
  • There is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.


  • This product is presently only available online.
  • Construction may require time and patience.

The Bottom Line

Home Power Experts seems to be a product that offers a brilliant alternative to fuel energy. It is cheap and eco-friendly. The bonuses offered are not only beneficial to your finances but also to your health. It is certainly worth trying.

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– Maintain your personal power station to avoid high electricity charges.

– Eco friendly energy generation processes such as solar panels and wind generators can be built by studying the course thoroughly.

– No need for any guidance or support, just implement the techniques as advised and start your own power supply.

– The course is original and you can achieve the promised results or get your payment refunded within 60 days.


The program requires you to handle power sources which can be a safety concern for some of the users.

Summary: Home Power Experts is a program about alternate energy systems which you can set in order to generate your own power supply. Whether you want to make your own solar panels or wind generator, the e book contains easy to understand and implement methods for which you need no professional assistance.

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