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I apologize in advance, because Im about to make you cringe.

We all either have experienced this or know someone who has. My friend, Kirsten, was so excited to get her first tattoo. We had just turned 21 and she had been flipping through the glossy tattoo magazines and looking up tribal tattoos online.

She was a woman on a mission. I laughed because it seemed like a Goldilocks situation. Most of the ones she had seen were either too big or way too small to really make an impression.

That is, until after so much careful consideration, she found her just right. Her perfect tattoo is still cemented in my mind, even a decade later, because she had it set as her phone, work and home computer screensaver (not to mention the What do you think of it? Do you REALLY like it? Be honest. she started asking me at least once a day).

hands covering face

If you learn anything from my review, I hope its this.

Getting fall-down drunk and going to get a tattoo are about as bad a combination as bleach and ammonia. But Im getting ahead of myself.

Did I mention we had just turned 21? So Im sure you can imagine, she had a couple (15s a couple, right?) shots of liquid courage to face the tattoo needle. She laid down to get her dream tattoo of a tribal butterfly on her lower back. She was psyched (and slurry)!

Kirsten kept squirming and the tattoo artist said it was like she couldnt stay still. So while he tried his best to work with what she was giving him, its not like he could just snap his fingers and have her calm down and sober up.

I saw her at work the next day and she looked like she had seen a ghost. I was confused because last I heard, she was so excited to get her dream tattoo.

You can imagine my shock when she had me meet her in the restroom, lifted up the back of her shirt and showed me what looked like a Rorschach test gone insane.

Her tribal butterfly tattoo was hugeand lopsided!

Ugh. I know, Im dating myself, tribal tattoos went out of style by what, 2003 at the latest? Tribal tattoos may come and go, but bad tattoos, unfortunately, are timeless.

That is, until you use Get Rid Tattoo.

Are you in the same position as Kirsten, where your skin crawls every time you catch evidence of your biggest regret?

Thankfully, tattoo artist Jason Carter saw how common the regrettable tattoo has become these days, because that (and a painful reminder of his ex-wifes name) inspired him to create Get Rid Tattoo.

He was impressed that he was able to mix some commonly found ingredients together that completely erased the last painful reminder of his ex in just 4 months. And his tattoo was black!

He was getting so many phone calls at work about the solution he gives you in the book, that he was motivated to create this program so he could be working instead of answering questions about it all day.

Dont waste your hard-earned cash on snake oil tattoo removal creams or harsh laser treatment.

Jasons solution is not only not going to break the bank, but its easy to make, using ingredients you probably already have. You dont have anything to lose except for the reminder of that awful tattoo you wish you could wash away.

Now you can wash it away! Jason explains that the removal process involves breaking down the colors pigmentation in your skin. After the pigmentations been separated, it eventually gets flushed from you lymphatic system and completely removed from your body.


If Kirsten only knew about this after she branded herself with her lopsided tribal butterfly.

She spent thousands on painful laser treatment, and last I heard, it barely made a dent. Dont make the same mistake and order Get Rid Tattoo today. It really is a great solution, considering the options of expensive laser removal or removal creams that dont work.

Not only that, but laser removal treatment can be like putting a dirty Band-Aid over a wound, so by using Get Rid Tattoo, you wont have to deal with an eyesore of a scar.

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Consistency is key.

As with anything, youll need to use this solution on a regular basis before you start to see the color lift from your skin. There will be days where you get frustrated and feel like Ugh, Im mixing this stuff together, applying it every day and it seems like nothing is happening, but just be patient and keep at it.

I am confident that youll see your desired results if you apply the solution frequently over time. I do want to mention that, depending on your tattoos size, color, and age, it could take up to 8-10 months to completely fade.

Jason practices what he preaches.

Jason is a tattoo artist, so he deals with the bad tattoo situation as an everyday occupational hazard. Not only that, but he created Get Rid Tattoo originally as a solution to the permanent-seeming reminder of his ex-wife.

He explains his expert reasoning behind why each ingredient works, and how they work together as an effective tattoo removal system. There are easy to follow diagrams throughout the book, which is great if youre a visual learner, like me.


Imagine how good itll feel to pass by a mirror and no longer avert your eyes.

You can smile knowing that you dont have to deal with your human stain being branded into your skin until eternity.

Think about how nice it will feel to get dressed in the morning, knowing that you wont be trying to strategically hide that part of yourself all day.

In addition to Get Rid Tattoo, youll get a copy of the Skin Care Guide, which will help you obtain a nourishing, radiant glow, the Ultimate Guide to Relaxation and Finding Your Confidence eBooks.

You owe it to yourself to stop cringing every time you see your reflection. Dont be like Kirsten, who is STILL having to get laser removal a decade later.

In fact, for years I have stayed far, far away from getting a tattoo because of Kirstens story. But after familiarizing myself with Jasons solution in this program, I dont feel so hopeless about the possibility of ending up with a less than ideal tattoo. Plus, Im broke and laser removal anything sends a shiver of terror down my spine.

Its like youre writing in ink, which, yes, is more permanent than pencil, but Get Rid Tattoo provides the solution for the White-Out youll need if the ink spills everywhere, or if you spot a misspelled word, or whatever you draw is lopsided or awkward. And we all know how useful White-Out is to have on hand.

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– Not more painful abrasive methods for tattoo removal as you will be given a comprehensive guide consisting of simple remedies.

– Avoid harmful laser and medical tattoo removal procedures as they can cause serious skin infections.

– No need to visit your tattoo artist as the methods can be practiced at home.

– Get your tattoo removed without any spills left by using the ingredients made out of natural material.


People who are having serious skin infections must not use this product before taking advice from their dermatologist.

Summary: Get Rid Tattoo program is helpful for people who have caused serious damage to their skin through laser and traditional tattoo removal techniques. Based on natural remedies, the program can give you the best and easy techniques by which you can permanently remove tattoo on your own.

RatingRated 4.5 stars