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I grew up in a place that has a chronic violence and almost half of my life we resided in that place. It was when I was I kid when we transferred in that village which is a housing provided by the government for the indigenous people of the country.

I can say that living in that village is rough because of the high rate of crimes there. I had also join gangs that can be found in the street and they became my friends.

A combination of good and bad neighbors can be found there. Many untoward incidents are happening when we are still living in that village sometimes we feel nervous because there are some intruders that are truly troublesome.

broken glass

Although there is high security on the premises in the village that are also provided by the government. They’re really strict on the people who will enter the gate they always ask questions and Identification card as a form of verification for the safety of the people who live in the area.

Because we live in the premises we have no choice but to get along with the very strict rules in the housing facility. Although the high-security measures that the government is imposing on the community is very helpful I was still doubtful because those security personnels cannot monitor all the people in the area at the same time.

Some of them might use their guns and can suddenly hit anyone because of drugs and alcohol intoxication. Because you never know what really runs on people’s minds that is why you must be always observant.
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Inside the Village

Before we transferred to the village we are living in a life of simplicity and privilege because all the basic needs are provided by the government. As time goes by many things have changed every year because of frequent change of the administration of the homeowners association.

Because once there is a change in the head of the homeowners association, the new head will impose new rules.

The rule of the new president of association imposed that we need to have a designated Identification Card in which all the information must be written in order for us to pass the gate.

They will impose fines if you don’t have any identification or they must call your house to prove that you’ll live there. These are the rules when you are living inside that village.


Rampant Occurrence of Violence

Because of the rampant crimes that are happening in our area, I thought of learning on how to protect ourselves when violence and crime happens.

After studying several books I learned some practical techniques which can be studied based on human instinct combined with the different fighting techniques.

However, I felt the lack of uniqueness and power on those fighting techniques because there are just plain and simple old-school types of fighting techniques.

That is why I tried to search the internet for some new types of fighting techniques. Because fighting style becomes more combative and continues to evolve it is much better to search for new ways.

Because bad people are also evolving that is why we must increase our knowledge in fighting and must not be contented on what we know.

It will took years are needed to develop these skills that is why I tried to find some techniques that I can learn very quickly without compromising the deadliness of the techniques.

The Urge to Learn More

I have seen a lot of books and videos that are promising that their fighting techniques are the best. But I was really confused because as we all know there are a lot of books and articles that can be read online and most of them are just old types of fighting techniques which are just remarketed just to bring money to their pockets.

first strike

Also, there are lots of products that are available on the internet that are just there to scam people. That is why I am a little bit skeptic in buying products on the internet.

However, one product on the internet really caught my attention the product is called as the “First Strike” it teaches a lot of effective fighting techniques that will surely knock the hell out of your enemy.

I did not buy the product right away instead I researched its credibility first to make it sure that it is legit.

After a few minutes of browsing, I saw a lot of reviews regarding the product.

Many people who have already tried the techniques the video are very satisfied with the results that they got from the techniques that can be used in real life action.

The technique is already proven and it can kill the enemy ones you apply this method of fighting. There are many methods available when it comes to fighting styles, these practices can be used to protect our self and our loved ones.

Nowadays we need these methods for the betterment of our society and the safety of you and the citizens’ safety. We can immediately use these techniques to help us survive in times of crisis.


Deciding to Buy the Product

Because of the good reviews about this video First Strike, I’m eager to watch all of the technique and slowly practicing difference tactics and defense from martial arts. I know that it will help me a lot in the future. The techniques in the video will be the keys to unlock our primal defensive tactics and human instinct.

This video will give tips, methods about how to defend ourselves, and some secrets which are proven. This is the best way to develop our mindset to be tactical in every second of our lives. The focus of this video is to teach us how to defend ourselves when violence occurs. It will teach us what technique we must use if ever it happens in the future.

This First Strike video instructional can help you to become a hero to our family and to other people that will possibly need your help in the future. The video is for the people who are dedicated for their abilities and to improve the fighting style that they have.

Once we have this knowledge any fears will be gone because we will become confident for sure.

The Product

The video will let you learn the techniques that we may use for a lifetime. If you buy this video tutorial right now you will be given bonus products namely

• The Command Presences – this book has added tricks that you can use instantly. This close guard method creates a virtual shield that can protect you and your loved ones.
• Advance Situation Awareness – is also a bonus when you by the product. This eBook is about observation scanning and monitoring techniques it is thoroughly tested and proven working.
• The Art of Being Invisible – this eBook is offered for a limited time only, it is for the buyers of First Strike this month of November. I have learned a lot in this eBook although it might be a lot different in terms of the genre of our topic here which I fighting skills.

It is still very useful in the sense that you will learn a lot of surveillance techniques that you might need to use in the future.

With this eBooks, every skill that you learned from the First Strike will be enhanced because it is completely related to the main product. You can add the tips that you will learn on the free eBooks on what you have learned on the First Strike videos to become more effective.

street fight

My Final Suggestion

There are other products all over the internet that offers the same benefits of self-defense but you cannot see the real quality that First Strike offers.

Because I personally tested It myself and is surely worth it.
The product has a 60-day money back guarantee that will surely ensure you that the product is really working. I advise you to buy the product now and transform yourself into a self-defense commando.

I want to thank Todd Lamb the creator off this wonderful product I know he has been in the fitness business for a very long time already. As what I have read in the reviews many has found success on his products.

Thank you for reading my honest review regarding the product and I wish you success.


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  • Very clear instructions, the steps are explained in detail.
  • High-quality video and audio for a much easier viewing experience.
  • Created by an award-winning fitness instructor Todd Lamb.
  • Has a lot of freebies.
  • Very affordable.
  • Has a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Secured payments.


  • Much better if the main product has an eBook or a hard copy book so that people can read it anywhere they wanted to go.
  • The techniques are deadly be sure to use it in a good way and not just to harm other people.

Summary: This product is a one of a kind fighting instructionals that will surely teach you how to combat in a systematized manner. And added the fact that it is for all levels of expertise from beginner to advance fighters can benefit and learn a lot from the videos.

RatingRated 5 stars