Does Fight 4 Family by John Hartman Work or Not? In-Depth Review

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Our world is facing untold dangers. The fragile order and peace of our society faces constant threats, and even the tiniest of pressure could shatter it into pieces. And even if our world is able to prevent such a disaster, the common attacks and burglaries committed by thugs and criminals will not simply go away. The shadows of violence are always present in our world and luck is the only force that keeps its presence away from you.

But what if your luck dissipates? What if one day the gods are no longer helping you and a group of thugs start taunting you and your wife or child in a dark and lonely night? What are you going to do to protect those you love against ruthless criminals who would be willing to commit even infanticide only to put their hands on a couple dollars? Do you feel prepared? Do you think that the life of your loved ones is secured against a group of burglars in the middle of the night?

If you hesitate to answer, and if you feel the dread and anxiety swirling in your chest, the Fight 4 Family guide of John Hartman was written exactly for you.

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Why Do We Fight?

No decent person likes violence. Nobody likes to inflict physical injuries on another person and risk the possibility of sending them to the hospital or to the morgue, which may be caused even after one precise hit. And nobody likes the constant flashbacks that follow such incidents for weeks or months, along with the constant awareness and the feeling of danger caused by the amygdala.

But on the other hand it is a fundamental truth that the peace and order of any society is secured by people who are willing to use violence to enforce the rules. And sometimes, when those people the Warrior class are not present, we have to take things into our own hands and enforce those rules ourselves.

This is why we must fight: to protect ourselves, to protect those who we love and to maintain societal order.

The Fight 4 Family program of John Hartman is the guide to teach you just that. John Hartman has served in the US Armed Forces, and in his guide he teaches easy and effective methods of self-defense that may be used by everyone, not only trained fighters to protect themselves and those around him or her.


The charm of these techniques is that they do not require a powerful, muscular, tall and well-built body. They may be utilized even by small and weak females with just as much efficiency as by a world-class bodybuilder or a champion fighter. These are simple yet lethal fighting moves and tactics to use against criminals and invaders. The guide also contains blueprints to build self-defense weapons cheaply and at home.

The fighting moves and techniques are very simple, and they do not require any background in self-defense training. They may be learned by adult men and women and even by little children who are victimized in the school or at the playground.

The learning process does not require years of hard work and training until you master their highest level. All you need to do is to choose one out of the many moves and techniques, and practice it until you feel that it works and you can invoke it without thinking or effort.

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The Fight 4 Family offers knowledge about every kind of threatening situation. It talks about what you should do when you feel that someone is following you in the dark street when you are alone, and what you should avoid doing in order not to get hurt.

If you get into a life-threatening situation, the guide offers valuable insights. It teaches 6 techniques used by militaries and government agencies to save your life in the most dangerous situations.

When you get into a fight, a time comes when you can no longer be gentle, you can no longer afford to restrain yourself and you have to put all power into your fighting to put your enemy down to protect yourself. The Fight 4 Family guide offers a brutal self-defense technique for these moments. This special and highly dangerous move will end the battle the moment you use it on your opponent, and it will likely cause serious injuries in his facial structure.

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Warriors Gift

Upon purchase, you will receive three additional guides that will expand your knowledge on various self-defense techniques including using various tools and weapons. By adding together the information contained within the Fight 4 Family guide and the bonus e-books, you will be able to effectively protect the life of your loved ones and provide security for them even in the darkest times against an overwhelming number of foes.

The first gift out of the tree is the Fighting Fit training program. It is a collection of audio and video files that offer a highly effective training method to become physically powerful, giving you an extreme advantage against violent invaders. With the 53 minutes of training and the 22 training videos, you will be able to build a body of a valiant protector.

The second gift is the Underground Weapons book, which teaches you how to build 5 a bow, a thermite grenade, a collapsible baton, a pepper spray and slingshot from less, than $100, using materials and tools available in most of the households.

The third gift is the Plan B Survival guide, which offers an alternative method of self-defense for those rare occasions when the method of Fight 4 Family fails you.



In most cases of violent assault, the techniques taught by this guide are the most helpful and effective ways to preserve your life and the life of your loved ones. You do not need to spend a fortune on martial arts lessons, nor do you have to train for years. You do not have to use a firearm, and yet, you will feel security and peace for your family.

Let me ask you a crucial question that you have to consider when you are evaluating whether you should make a purchase or not. How much money does the life of your children or your wife worth for you? Would you pay a $1000 to save your wife from cancer? Would you sacrifice half of your income to save the life of your children from a bully who went too far and sent your son to the hospital? Fight 4 Family asks only $49 from you, and in return, it offers the peaceful and secure future of your family.


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– This family survival system guide will highlight some of the common moves that you will need to know in order to protect your family.

– It is the only guide that you can do at home very effectively in order to protect your family.

– This family survival is not expensive and actually, any body can afford it.

– The guide covers everything that you need to know in order to effectively and efficiently protect your family from the constant danger it faces.

– The guide is very easy to understand. It is not something that will confuse you.


– The guide can be a little hard to find for people who have poor internet connection since it is only found in digital format only.

Summary: Fight 4 Family is a family survival system guide that will help you protect your family in an invent of any danger. We live in a world that is constantly facing many dangers and protecting the family become the primary responsibility. But how to exactly do that, you will have to follow the Fight 4 Family system by making sure that you gt this system at the lowest price, to do that, you will need to click on the button below and safely start the journey of protecting your loved one. Join me on the other end as we safely protect our families, you do not want to be left out, are you?

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