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Are you among the guys who are finding difficult to attract great women? Are you frustrated with the amount of rejection you endure on a regular basis? Do feel as if you are running out of options? Have you reached to a point of desperation? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then Female Mind Control may be what you need.


What is Female Mind Control?

Female Mind Control is a system designed and controlled by Dean Cortez a relationship expert, dating coach, and renowned writer that promises to teach men the skills needed to attract as many females as possible by making them irresistible.

It is designed to control the region of the brain that affects sexual attraction.

How does Female Mind Control work?

This program promises to help men control the female mind through the use of 6 simple steps. These are:

Step 1: Controlling Your Anxiety Levels When Approaching A Woman

The first step is to find out why you have been having a hard time attracting girls. At this step you will learn and understand the underlying principles that exist behind the fear and shyness you feel whenever you attempt to approach a good looking woman. Here you will be taught how to refocus your brain so that you will be replacing your fear with bravery and your shyness with boldness.

Step 2: Ice Breakers And Approach Techniques

As the name suggests, this step will teach you all you need to know so that you can break the ice whenever you approach a woman you desire and carry on meaning conversation that will gain and maintain her interest. You will become so efficient at doing this, that she will never even think that you are trying to seduce her.

Step 3: Making Her Comfortable Around You

This step is basically designed to teach you how you can make a woman feel comfortable around you. Women are naturally turned off by any sign or feeling that they are not safe or comfortable. They will react by pulling away, leaving the conversation abruptly, giving you a fake number or ignoring your calls or text. This step is geared to teach you all the tricks you need to know to illuminate any feeling of insecurities and make her feel comfortable enough to let her hair down.

Step 4: Getting Her Attracted To You

This step is designed to teach you all about how the female mind works and in turn use this knowledge against them. It is founded on the belief that if you understand the female mind you will know exactly what you need to do and say in order for you to make yourself more attractive to her.

Step 5: Affinity Strategies And Qualification

Here you will learn what to do and say to make her feel so comfortable that she will be fully convinced that you are on her side and you totally understand her. You will also be taught the art of qualification which really is controlling her to the extent that she will be the one that starts pursuing you rather than the other way around.

Step 6: Sealing The Deal And Sexual Intensification

At this last stage you will learn how to kick things up a notch by taking things to the next level. You will learn exactly what to do and say so that there is less talk and more action. After you would have completed this step, you would never have to beg for sex again.


What will the package include?

After your purchase, you will get the main manual and over 6 hours of recorded training, transcriptions, and a through explanation of the 6 steps involved in the program.

Some of the topics that will be covered ib the main manual are:

  • How to get women to be attracted to you
  • How to make women crave sex with you
  • How to make a woman your girlfriend
  • Getting a woman obsessed with you

There are also several Bonuses in the package. These include:

  • Conversation Commando
  • Crawl Inside Her Mind
  • Body Language Mastery
  • The Friend Zone Annihilator
  • Hypotheticals
  • Get the Look Women Love
  • Internet Seduction
  • Conversation Mastery
  • Hypotheticals

How much does Female Mind Control Cost?

For the main eBook and bonuses, the system only costs $59.95.

Is there any guarantee available?

There is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee attached to this product just in case you are not satisfied.


What are the Pros and Cons of Female Mind Control?

This program has both positives and negatives.


  • Female Mind Control was written by an experience and credible author. As mentioned earlier, Dean Cortez is a relationship expert and dating coach who has written over 16 book based on dating and relationship. Among his famous writings is his first book titled MACK Tactics that has received positive reviews by thousands. His coaching has been successful at helping both men and women to improve their relationships.
  • Straight Forward and Easy to Follow. You do not have to be an expert to be able to use this system successfully. Dean has made use of simple language so that the regular guy can understand. He has also taken his time to ensure that all complicated concepts are fully explained in great details.
  • Is based on years of research. Deans theories are based on several research done.
  • Promises to help men who are struggling. This system was designed to help men who are often rejected, having trouble moving from the friend zone, or struggling in their relationships.
  • Available online support. Dean is available for any questions or queries that you may have after purchasing this system. He promises to respond within 48 hours.
  • There is also a 60 day money back guarantee attached to this product. If you are not satisfied with 60 days, you are free to demand a refund.


  • This product is online available in digital format and as such it cannot be accessed by all.
  • There is a VIP package available that is pretty expensive.
  • If you wish to see results, you will have to dedicate your time.
  • The amount of time taken to see results may vary.


My Conclusions

For all the guys that need a break from their streak of rejection and heartbreak this system should be seen as a savior. It is based on theories that have been tested and has been proven to be successful. I would certainly recommend this product.


Click Here to Buy Female Mind Control


– Make any girl obsessed about you so that you never get rejected once again.

– Easy to understand and implement the practices as explained by the author so that you can meet your relationship goals without any problems.

– Guaranteed results. In case you are not able to get benefit from the program, your money will be returned at once.

– Online support available from where you can avail an instant solution to your problem directly from the author.

– Learn the mental traits of females so that you do not repeat the mistakes you have been making in the past.


The program is only available online which means you need to be connected to the internet for taking support from the program.

Summary: Female Mind control program by Dean Cortez is exclusively designed for men who are unable to meet their relationship goals as they do not have the basic skills to attract women and communicate with them. So if you are determined to make your girlfriend admire about you, Female Mind Control will surely be your ultimate relationship guide.

RatingRated 4.5 stars