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Who doesn’t want to enjoy life to the fullest! This isn’t the case if you have chronic knee pain. But what if I say that this dream can come true? Yes! So, to let you live your dream, I am here with the Feel Good Knees system review.

Approximately 25% of adults suffer from knee pain, says a report. Also, Osteoarthritis is the reason behind knee pain in 50 or above years old, resulting in knee replacements. If you are a victim of knee pain and looking for a treatment that will permanently cure this problem then, this might be worth a try. Yes, your ears are not ringing! Your knee pain will be gone within a few days!

So, after reading all the reviews available online about the Feel Good Knees program myself, I have tried margin to review this program holistically. This review is a comprehensive study of this system, and I hope it helps you.

What is Feel Good Knees?

After 15 years of thorough studies and researches, Todd Kuslikis came up with the Feel Good Knees program. The Feel Good Knees is a rehabilitation program based upon several isometric exercises.

Todd Kuslikis has developed Feel Good Knees in such a way that anyone can perform the exercises prescribed in it with the utmost ease.

In Todd Kuslikis’s words, this 5-minute program is a ritual. You just need to have 5 minutes a day and follow this ritual for three 2- week phases for a total of 12 weeks.

You can learn to get rid of that nagging knee problem with the help of the Feel Good Knees system.

So, what makes it so simple and yet so effective?

It consists of different exercises that are designed to be extremely effective in eliminating knee pain’s origin.

Feel Good Knees provides you with several pointers and tips. If you follow these tips step by step, it does not only fix the pain but will also enhance your metabolism levels.

Furthermore, Feel Good Knees enables you to be upon your feet in no time and start all those activities that you have been avoiding due to your knee pain.

It is a user-friendly digital program that comes in an eBook format along with a video library. It can be performed regardless of time or place. All it requires is your precious 5 minutes.

Feel Good Knees consists of 3 simple, effective, and time-efficient phases that progress gradually, keeping your body stressless.

The 3 phases of the Feel Good Knees

Well, the first two weeks of the Feel Good Knees program are dedicated to moderate exercises so that your body can get in the rhythm.

Once you’re done with this phase, you would feel that your body is slowly but surely getting ready for the upcoming exercises.

Also, these exercises focus on the reduction of knee inflammation, which is one of the major causes of knee pain.

Once you feel that your body is ready, you can start with the next stage.

Elimination of Pain

Getting out of their comfort zone is not normal human nature, and if you’re having problems with your knees, it only makes it worse.

Knee pain causes immobility, and your knees slowly but certainly starts to get weaker because of it.

So, this phase is all about getting you out of that comfort zone with the help of Yoga Asanas. You may have already heard of Yoga, haven’t you?

In this phase, you are required to perform some easy Yoga Asanas.

These are a set of exercises that provide stimulus to your knees, strengthening tendons and muscles around them, helping you get out of the immobility phase without any pain.

Some of the exercises prescribed in this phase are- The Standing Pigeon, Reaching towards the Sky, Seated Pillow Squeezers, etc.

Revitalization of your knees

This phase specifically focuses on increasing the strength of your knees.

If you follow this phase step by step, then, by the end of it, the pain and inflammation in your knees would be reduced significantly. And it would make you go on to a more stimulating schedule.

Seated Towel presses, Seated leg raises, Laying Pillow Squeezers are some of the exercises you would be performing in this phase.

Restoration of your knees

If you’re in this phase, then I can definitely say that it is working for you!

This is the last phase and two weeks dedicated to it focuses on bringing overall functionality to your knees.

The exercises you would be performing in this phase are hard and involve bodyweight for providing the required stimulation to knees to get fully functional.

Wall Sits, Wall Sits with towel squeezes, and Reverse Lunges are the exercises involved in this phase.

Still with me? Let’s see how this program works.

How does the Feel Good Knees system work?

Nowadays, most of the treatments focus only on the symptoms of a problem.

These treatments tend to ignore the root cause, which results in the temporary solution of the problem. And you become a victim of daily medications.

The current market boasts of many such therapies that claim to cure knee pain for once and all.

However, Feel Good Knees targets the root of the problem and eliminates it within a few days.

According to Dr. Todd, knee pain is mainly caused by knee inflammation, postural misalignment, and cartilage deterioration.

Feel Good Knees is totally based upon scientific researches, facts, and methods. It has its root in isometrics exercises.

Have you ever heard of Isometrics? No? Alright, let me help you with this.

Therapists all over the world use this as a method for rehabilitation, which is caused by the poor bearing properties of the cartilages and joints.

This method not only helps cure the pain in a joint but also provides strength to muscles and tendons,v making them stronger in the process.

Is it for everyone?

Yes and no. Yes, if you can give it 5-minutes. And no, if you don’t want to spend your 5-minutes.

Feel Good Knees system doesn’t discriminate with anyone- whether you’re suffering from knee pain or not, you can perform these exercises to provide strength to your joints, tendons, and muscles.

And if you’re suffering from knee pain, whether you’re a man or woman, middle-aged or senile– you can take up this program.

Are you on any medication or therapies to treat your knee pain and wondering if it would help you or not? Rest assured, it will definitely work.

What do you get in the package?

Feel Good Knees program is only available in eBook form.

The digital package contains an eBook, a video library illustrating the exercises, and other bonuses.

The book can be downloaded easily upon purchase. Since it is available online, it is easily accessible to users.

Features of the Feel Good Knees

I have divided all the features of the Feel Good Knees system into several parts for your better understanding-

  • The first part is dedicated to Feel Good Knees introduction.
  • The next part consists of the manuals in which all the isometrics exercises are explained through detailed pictures.
  • This part features a log in which you can use to track your progress.
  • The fourth part is dedicated to the videos demonstrating the exercises you would be performing in all three phases of the program.
  • A one-minute bonus exercise to revitalize your body after that 5-minute exercises
  • Discussed in this part are 6 common mistakes you should be avoiding to get your posture alignment rectified.

Now, you must have started to think, what if it’s a scam, right?

Let’s dive in further.

Suppose you are looking to get rid of your knee pain and thinking about a sophisticated therapy. It will cost you an arm and a leg.

So, if the Feel Good Knees system sounds phony to you, it is not your fault. But…but if you think it thoroughly and have been to Feel Good Knees official website, you will get to know the truth.

The testimonials by satisfied customers available on their website speak volumes about this program. So, it is anything but a scam.


Feel Good Knees program involves disciplined routines that are simple and can be done by anyone, even in pain or minor injury.

This whole program is based upon a single concept, and that is- Our body can heal itself!

If you’re willing to invest just 5 minutes and follow the Feel Good Knees program accordingly, then that day is not too far away when you will start leading your pain-free life.

This program is not just a mere exercise to free yourself from knee pain, but it also teaches you to lead a disciplined lifestyle.

So, there it is, folks! I hope that this helps you find what you have been looking for this whole time.


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• Scientific: The Feel Good Knees is based upon scientific researches.
• Easy to perform: This program can be done anywhere any time.
• Money back guarantee: If you feel this program is not getting you anywhere then there is a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.


• Hard copy is not available for this program.

Summary: If you have chronic pain and wondering what to do, the Feel Good Knees System might be the answer. Does it really work wonders or is it a scam? Find out with us.

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