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Are you someone who fears the safety of his family?

Do you consider the possibilities of untoward incidents happening with your family?

Would you like to ensure your family’s safety and protecting them in case of any emergency?

We are living in a world of possibilities, whether they are good possibilities or they are bad. If they are good, then well and good, but if they are bad, then God saves us all. I don’t believe everyone would like to say that and leave the bad possibilities of things happening to chance or fate or whatever name you may call it.


The world we live in has become a place of endless possibilities, but while it stays that way, wouldn’t you like to ensure your family’s safety in case of some untoward events. We all care for our families; we all want what’s good for them and us. We all pledge to be of best service to our families since there is a bond thicker than blood coursing in you.
All that said, just making promises isn’t going to ensure your family’s safety unless you do something about it. Insurance is one way of going about it, but what about something else?

Supposedly a disaster strikes, what you do next. You do not have anything at your disposal.
You don’t have a shelter, you don’t have food, you don’t have clothing or extra matches to keep them warm. What then? Ever thought of something like that. It’s a scary prospect to consider, wouldn’t you say?

Considering all the scenarios that came up in this article, a veteran by the name of John Hartman came up with a sane idea to ensure his and your family’s safety. You may be asking what this article is really trying to propose. The answer is simple. A key and solution to ensuring your family’s safety with the introduction of a program called the Family Bunker Plans.

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About the author John Hartman

John Hartman is the creator of the Family bunker plan. He, along with his buddy Brian created a perfect bunker for family and now have combined their skills into creating this program for the use of the general public. John is a former armed forces personnel with experience as a survival expert. From his time in the army, John has gathered substantial experience in survival and now is a full-time survival expert coach.

The main aim of creating the program was to tackle the scenario of any untoward happening and making use of resources in one’s best interest in a survival situation.


What does the program contain?

The program contains a step-by-step guide to preparing your own fallout shelter in the event of any natural calamity or untoward happening. The Family Bunkers plan is the perfect program there is to help guide you systematically through the whole process of shelter building. Preparing a good fallout shelter comes at its own cost. The makers of this program have effectively chalked out a plan for making the best possible fallout shelter with the use of minimal things and at a cost-saving method. The makers of the program have laid emphasis on making a good shelter by considering a myriad of options which include:

  • Good mobility
    A bunker created by you needs to be in a good mobile location that can be easily accessed in case of a disaster or calamity. There is no use in making a bunker if you cannot find the right use for it at the right time. The program will tell you ways of marking a spot for your bunker and the ways to select the perfect hideout to make your shelter for use.
  • Secrecy and privacy
    The fallout shelter that you create should be in a secret place that cannot be accessed by others. You surely don’t want somebody to hole up in your shelter in the events of a disaster just when your family needs it the most. Secrecy and privacy are thus important whilst making yourself a shelter.
  • Spacing and comfort
    A good shelter needs to have good spacing and should be comfortable enough for a family of five. You never know how long you might stretch out your stay in the bunker if there is a calamity or disaster. This should be ensured beforehand.
  • Necessities
    A good shelter needs to have all the necessities available in the event of a calamity. A good shelter needs to have food and water provisions for a minimum period of 6 months at the very least.
  • Ventilation and durability
    The bunker you are preparing for your family needs to be well ventilated. You surely wouldn’t want to choke you and your family to death just because you were incapable of making a proper shelter. The bunker needs to be durable to withstand any external pressure or situations.


The Family Bunker Plans will help you overcome the aforesaid things, so you may go on to create a family bunker for your family use with the best of resources available at your disposal.
The important things that you will gather from the program are mentioned below:

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  • Professionally sketched 3D layouts of the bunker you can create with the use of the program. The design tips provided in the program will help you choose the right layout for your use.
  • Planning and layout tips from the master and experts of the Family bunker Plans who will assist your every problem within the program to create a hassle-free shelter for your use.
  • Electrical layout and illustration plans for your bunker. You will learn how to make use of easy renewable sources of energy to your advantage while making the shelter.
  • Helping in getting you the permit for a proper family bunker. This is a crucial step in building your own shelter. The program will help you pan out a checklist of to-do things in order to get your permits right.
  • Crucial site preparation tips. This is important in the long scheme of things for ensuring a proper family bunker for your family.

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Cost of the program

The whole program has been prepared for everyday individuals to build a shelter from scratch with the minimal cost possible. The pricing of the program has also been done keeping the needs of the consumers in mind. The price is a small hiccup if you consider the cost of building a fallout shelter for your family. The program also comes with a limited bonus of three e-books for your use, namely:

  • Survival stockpile
  • Family protection plan
  • Off-grid power back up

The program also comes with a money-back guarantee should you, during the use of the program, feel not satisfied with the contents of the program. A hassle-free money-back guarantee is promised by the authors and creators of the program.

So why wait for an opportunity to pass over. Bring your copy of the Family Bunker Plans today and secure your family’s future by building your very own Family bunker.

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– A professionally created bunker that you can use to protect your family. The program outlines some various options that you have and can use to protect the people you love.

– You will be able to create a fallout shelter for your family.

The guide emphasizes the creation of mobile bunkers, which means that you can move with the bunker anywhere you feel like.

– Well explained, this program will explain the tips very well so that you can understand and comprehend the program.

– You do not need a lot of space to build the bunker, only an adequate space that can harbor the bunker.


You will need to go through the whole book to get all you require to protect the people you love effectively.

Summary: Family is our first responsibility, and we have to make sure that they are safe and protected. This guide provides you with the major ways that you can use to make sure that your family is safe one year after another. The guide is also very effective, meaning that you will get results.

RatingRated 4.5 stars