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Going through a breakup is not easy. So much pain and regrets are involves and some people are even not able to completely heal and get over their ex.

I know it is said that if a relationship does not work you should just let it go. Not all relationships that have issues and end up breaking should be forgotten. Some of the breakups are caused by a few problems in the relationship and can be easily corrected to restore your relationship to the happy phase it was when you both first fell in love.

Most people tend to think that the kind of love where you are unable to forget your ex only happens in movies and soup operas but the truth is that most people who breakup find it hard to forget their partner especially if you both deeply loved and cared for each other. Wouldnt you be happy if I told you that there is a way to get your ex back and reconcile.

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About Clay Andrew and Mika

The Ex Solution Program has been made by Clay Andrew and his girlfriend Mika. All the tips and advice shared in the Ex Solution Program based on personal experience of Clay and Mika. They had once broken up and later reconciled and are happier together now. The main purpose of this program is not only to help you get back with your ex but it is also to help you recover and also improve on your relationship.

About the Ex Solution Program Program

Ex Solution Program is designed to assist people who have broken up with their partners to get back. The program by Clay gives some tips and advice of how to get your ex back and improve your relationship. Some of the causes of the relationship breakup are because of poor communication and other personal issues that each partner needs to work on and improve in.

At times, a breakup is usually a blessing in disguise. By that I am not meaning that it was good to get rid of that nag or that stinky feet but I mean that a breakup might be a great way for each one of you to have some time alone. With some alone time, you can be able to think through what you want in a relationship and also improve on some of your weaknesses that might have resulted in the breakup.


5 Steps for Getting Your Ex Back

The program provides you with 5 great steps that you can use to get your ex back. Communication is an important factor if you are to be able to get back with your ex. It is necessary for you to learn some advanced relationship skills so as to start a cycle of positive communication to get your ex back. It may be difficult for you to be able to always effectively communicate with your ex. I know you are wondering how you can be able to start communicating with your ex.

I am really sorry to say this but not all breakup situations can be recovered. It is important for both you and your ex to have an interest in each other and also to be interested in communicating with each other to be able to get back together.

5 Unconcious signals that your Ex is still interested in you

There are 5 main signs that can help you tell if your ex is still interested in you. If your ex is showing any of these signs then you should be happy since the chances of you reconciling are very high. Here are some of the signs to look for in your ex.

They communicate with you

This is one great sign to show that your relationship with your ex still has chances. People feel the urge to talk and communicate with those people that they think about. If your ex sends you text messages or calls you then it shows that they are thinking about you and are still interested in you.

They physically touch you

If your ex physically touches you when you meet then this says that they still find you attractive and that they are still interested in you.

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They tell you about things that are important to them

If your ex tells you about important things that are happening in his life and always tell you when there is something new happening whether at his workplace or at home then it is a clear indication that he is still interested in you.

They ask you personal questions

If you already broke up with your ex but they still ask you personal questions about you then it is an indication that they are still interested in you. Innocent questions such as whether you have taken dinner can say so much. It can show that your ex is still concerned about your well being thus they like you so much.

Bragging and acting competitive

Some ex will brag and act competitive and most people may think that this is a sign that they are not interested but the truth I they are so interested in you and still find you so attractive

These are some of the most common signs that you are likely to see in an ex who is still interested in you. If your ex is showing any of these signs then you can be assured that they are still interested in you and find you to be so attractive.

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Now that you know that your ex is still interested in you, you need to improve on the areas where you had issues with your partner so as to ensure that when you get back together, your relationship will last. Do not be in a hurry to get back with your ex. It is important for both of you to work on some of the issues that might have led to your breakup.

If you ex is interested in you and you are also interested in getting back together with them, the Ex Solution Program can be of great help to you to help you learn some of the tips and tricks to use on your ex to get them even more interested in you and eventually reconcile and have a happier and healthier relationship.

Many people have benefitted from the Ex Solution Program, most people who use the tips at techniques shared by clay on how to get your ex back are glad because within a few week or months, they reconcile and get together with their ex and now they have a happier relationship than they did in the past.

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– Learn the how to handle the factors which might be the root cause of your separation and get your ex back within weeks.

– Get knowledge about the signals which prove that your ex is still interested in you by which you can approach them accordingly.

– Enhance your communication skills so that you can express your feels without any inconvenience.

– Achieve guaranteed results and if you fail to do so, your investment will be returned at once.


The program focuses on methods by which you can patch up with your ex again but if your partner has stopped responding by all means, you can get no benefit from the tips explained in the course.

Summary: Ex Solution program is developed by couple Clay Andrew and Mika based on their real life experiences regarding relationships. The aim of the course is to support you in getting your ex back in your life so that both of you can live happily forever. By following the advises and tips explained in the course, you can reconcile with your ex within weeks. So if you are involved in relationship issue, this program will help you in best regard.

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