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Emotional Hook Formula
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Emotional Hook Formula offers the reader an initiation into hypnotic techniques that will awaken the most intense, most passionate love of any man who becomes the target of the practice. These are subconscious seeds you will plant into his mind that will bloom into complete and overwhelming attraction and love towards you. By using the secret words ofEmotional Hook Formula, you will be able to get the attention and love of any man you choose.


Hypnotic Love

The technique Emotional Hook Formula will teach you is highly similar to that of the charming spells they use in fantasy stories and in the ancient times. A vast gate of possibility will open in front of you, and if you step into it, you will find the pathway into the heart of any man you want to conquer. This is the love elixir of the modern times but instead of magic and superstition it isbacked by scientific and psychological facts.

Indeed, if you use the techniques laid down in the guide, you will witness something very similar to magical power. First, you will exchange some seemingly casual words with the man you want to get for yourself in an everyday conversation and then, after a few hours or a day has passed, he will return to you burning with passion towards you, expressing how lucky he is to have you, wanting to get closer and more intimate with you.

The reason for this is that throughout the conversation you used some very specific words that function as a seed in his mind. You planted a thought in his subconscious by using hypnotic techniques, and within a day, it ripened into a full-blown emotion.

The technique of Emotional Hook Formula is a method with which you can use not only to attract someone into your life but to repair a dying, cold relationship between your husband or boyfriend with whom you grew distant over time. By using these techniques, you can reignite the fire of the relationship and they will become completely hungry and passionate for your love and companion once more.


Behind the Scenes

The principles underlying the technique of Emotional Hook Formula are clear and simple, used by governments and spying agencies all over the world. Hypnosis works and is being used all throughout the world on innocent customers, voters and taxpayers.

I have seen the proof of this fact myself, having a highly unique andunsolicited political opinion. Any time I tried to talk with others about politics, both online and in real life, I have found that they reply with the very same answers over and over again like a clockwork. Whether they are from Japan, India, Europe or my own country, they will say exactly the same sentences as if everyone but me has been taught how to react to these ideas.

Such is the power of hypnosis and indoctrination. All you need for it to work is to craft a highly effective “seed” and spread it to everyone who is your target. You may hide them in memes, in advertisements, in the news, in school textbooks and spread it through the whole population with ease to control and manipulate people.

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Now, they will not become zombies of course, obeying all of your command, but some small aspectof their habits, thoughtsand actions isgoing to change. This is how worldwide trends occur, and this is the method Emotional Hook Formula teaches you to seduce any man you want.

The seed I mentioned above is a sequence of words that are designed to burn into the subconscious mind. This happens through the samewayfear from the rustle of leaves and the breaking of a branch will burn into your mind once you hear the sound and a viciousanimal jumps at you from the bushes.

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As the words burn into the subconscious mind of those who hear it, they will start to spread and infect other, seemingly disconnected thoughts. Being embedded into the subconscious mind, it touches everything that goes on one level above in you conscious awareness, and by the time you go through a day or two and you use every neural pathway you are normally using, the seed will be scattered all throughout your conscious mind.

This is the reason behind the magical nature of the hypnotic technique taught by theEmotional Hook Formula. This is why, once you speak those words to the one whose love you wish to gain or regain, he will return to you within a very short amount of time with burning passion and love towards you in his heart. The seed has been planted, and its roots have reached all the thoughts, memories and pathways of the brain.

Is it immoral, you may ask? Only if love itself is immoral for that both are involuntary and natural responses to stimulus outside of conscious control. Love have always been a mighty war of subconscious influences while the conscious mind was overwhelmed with trying to explain away and rationalize romance. It is no more immoral than having a beautiful shape as a woman or being highly successful in your professional life as a man for that they both touch the most primal needs and desires of the other sex, bypassing conscious awareness.

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The whole package ofEmotional Hook Formula will cost $47. From the main program itself you will gain profound insight into the male psychology and into the theory of practice of hypnosis. It will teach you the method with which you are able to kindle the heart of any man you wish to conquer within days, and if you are not satisfied with the results, you may use the 100% money-back guarantee.

You will also receive the audio version of the guide and three special reports showing the effectiveness of the hypnotic technique.

The sexual marketplace is the home ofone of the most cruel and most vicious competition. Every single human being who has matured is constantly involved in this marketplace, fighting with others to monopolize the reproductive system of the most fit and most capable partner. It is a practice mankind has been using since the very beginning of time, and this is what ensures our survival as individual and as a collective species.

Emotional Hook Formula merely offers an extremely high and powerful advantage inthis brutal competitive environment. You will be ahead of the curve compared to the rest of the females, and you will have to use only your words for a couple minutes to win over the man you wish to conquer.

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– Best spying methods for women by which they can judge behavior of their husbands towards the married life.

– Based on real life hypnosis techniques so that you can gain further attraction of your man.

– Audio tutorials so that you can get best benefit through the program.

– Understand male psychology by using the methods as advised and conquer the man of your dreams.


The program does not guarantee proven results for which you will have to use your own intellect and judgement skills as well.

Summary: The Emotional Hook Formula is an extremely beneficial program for women by which they can use theories of hypnosis to learn what their husband actually thinks about their relationship. So if you want to learn the most effective sneak peak techniques, Emotional Hook Formula can be your ultimate spying partner.

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