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Premature ejaculation is a common problem amongst many men. The inability to satisfy your sexual partner in bed can have a dire impact on a person’s confidence. Unfortunately, many fraudsters take advantage of this by selling fake treatments or miracle pills that can improve a person’s longevity in bed. Needless to say, these are all scams. But, every now and then, you come across some interesting guide or book that can completely change the way you were looking at the problem.

Ejaculation by Command is a detailed guide on how to last longer in bed, written by Lloyd Lester. In our Ejaculation by Command review, we shall see what the program is all about and whether it is worth the investment and the effort required. We have tried to make this as detailed as possible, covering all of the main components and sections of the program, as well as the research and the inspirations behind its creation.

About Lloyd Lester – The Author

One of the main reasons why this program deserves attention is because of the author, Lloyd Lester. Lloyd was an ordinary married guy who realized that the charm was fading from his sex life. They were no longer passionate in bed, and he would often orgasm in less than a minute. This is not an uncommon problem.

The author was fortunate enough to meet someone who changed his life. He learned the techniques on how to maintain his stamina for longer and satisfy his wife. Thankfully, this is not a program that pushes a miracle cure. The instructions in this program are designed to prolong your sexual stamina. They will make you last longer in bed, according to the author.

This is a comprehensive ebook that weaves Lloyd’s personal story into actionable advice. It feels more personable and relatable. The core focus of the program lies in detailing advice and tips that the author learned by meeting a mysterious neuroscience professor at a secret mansion where orgies are held every other month.

The 6 Components of Ejaculation by Command

The author has divided his ebook into six separate components. All of these components tackle a different element that can prevent a person from lasting longer in bed. The author has been incredibly elaborate with the way each component is detailed and outlined. Let’s discuss them one by one in our Ejaculation by Command review.

Component 1 – The Ejaculation by Command Core Protocol

The first component explains the neurological changes that take place during orgasm. The author reviews and outlines 9 techniques that a person can use to maximize their sexual stamina and prowess. He explains a technique used by ancient Indians to relax the muscles. There are several techniques presented in the first component, such as:

  • Pre-game Sequence
  • Pleasure Multiplier Method
  • Titanium Damn
  • Bottomless O
  • Neurological Hot Button
  • Quantum Arousal
  • Scrambler

All of these are focused on rewiring your brain to ensure you do not orgasm too early. Another thing I have to mention in this review is that the author doesn’t just make tall claims. He also explains the connection between each technique and how it impacts your performance in bed. This makes it much easier to understand for the average person. The whole PDF is very descriptive. It uses simple language all around.

Component 2 – The Audio Companion Protocol

One of the best features of this program is that it also comes with a full audiobook. You can easily listen to the whole book wherever you are by just plugging in your earphones. There are 14 audio files in MP3 format. This will allow busy professionals to understand the program while they are on the move.

Component 3 – 13 Emergency Techniques

The author then goes into more detail about different techniques. He understands that not all methods are suitable for all men. He introduces 15 tried and tested methods that can increase your stamina in bed and make you last longer. There are several techniques in here, some of which are as follows:

  • Refractory Advantage technique – designed to make you last three times as long
  • Virtual Freeze button – designed to stop your arousal response to prolong your performance
  • Slippery Slope – designed to help improve endurance and maximize pleasure
  • Ancient Arousal – This technique taps into the cellular energy of your body and claims to offer a 5-minute delay
  • Muscle Release Method – a unique method that the author explains is completely different from controlling your kegel muscles and offers unparalleled control.

Now, it’s easy to understand the value here. The author goes to great lengths to provide advice that anyone can implement. For instance, if you have difficulty lasting long, you can use these techniques right away. There’s a lot of information here. Importantly, all of it tries to tackle the root cause of the problem.

Component 4 – A Quick Start Guide

One thing I’d like to mention in this review is that the author is consistently respectful of his readers’ position. Thus, he has also added a quick start guide. This is a brief guide offering a rundown of several techniques to last longer. It lists down all neurochemical feedback methods and emergency techniques in a handy guide.

Accordingly, it’s an excellent choice for people who do not have the time to go through the whole guide. Moreover, the author also links each technique to its original position in the guide. Ultimately, it becomes much easier to read and make a connection between the different methods listed in the guide.

Component 5 – Lifetime Updates

The program is constantly updated. The author consistently adds new research and information to the program. As a result, there is a risk that older information will be replaced by newer ones. Thus, the author added free lifetime upgrades. Primarily, this ensures that each buyer gets up-to-date information about the author’s research and training methods.

Component 6 – Priority Email Support

All buyers will be bumped to priority support status. They will receive the author’s personal email address. More importantly, they don’t have to wait for tickets or support queues. They will receive a response straight from the author. This is very thoughtful. It clearly shows that the author is respectful of the investment you make.

Additional Gifts

Amazingly, this is not all. Each purchase of Ejaculation by Command includes three additional gifts. The author has packed significant value in the whole book. And to ensure that people don’t feel that they are getting anything less than what they deserve, which is the maximum value. The gifts included are as follows:

  • Raunchy Sex Secrets: Transforming Your Sex Life in Wickedly Sensuous Ways
  • Female Orgasm Secrets: How to Give Women Insanely Powerful Orgasms
  • G-Spot Orgasm Secrets: How to Stimulate Her G-Spot And Give Any Woman Intense, Full-Body Squirting Orgasms

Essentially, these are just training guides. They serve as an improvement on the core offering. For example, once you improve your sexual stamina, you can use these. Ultimately, they are all going to help improve your sex life. The author simply wants to ensure that your sex life does not become boring again. And, he gives you a lot of information so that it doesn’t!

The Money Back Guarantee

Furthermore, Ejaculation by Command comes with a money-back guarantee. In fact, it’s quite comprehensive. It’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. Now, what if you are not satisfied? Just claim a refund! First, you have to write an email to the author. Here, you can explain your experience. If, for instance, it wasn’t up to the mark, the author will refund your money.

Now, as you know, the money-back guarantee is quite convincing. Mentally, it relaxes a person. It also proves that the author is serious about their work. Many people who are dubious about such products will find reassurance in this guarantee. More importantly, it shows the author’s confidence in delivering value.

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

Finally, how long does it take? According to the author: one night. Yes, the author says the quick start guides included with Ejaculation by Command are enough to improve sexual performance on the first night. Besides, there’s a money-back guarantee. So, there’s no hurry. Give it a spin for 60 days! And, if you are not satisfied, you can always get your money back.

It is important to understand the mechanics. This guide does not recommend any superfoods. Also, it doesn’t make audacious claims. Instead, it focuses on overcoming mental barriers. Obviously, that’s not all. The book talks about the author’s own experience in detail. As a result, you can build a stronger connection with the techniques given.

The Bottom Line

Finally, you should know that it’s very well-written. Amazingly, the author explains everything in pristine detail. On top of that, he offers simple, direct guidance. In essence, anyone can use these techniques. They should result in better sexual performance. But, if it doesn’t, you can always claim a refund!

The guide, along with its three additional gifts, offers immense value to the buyer. If you have been struggling to last longer in bed, this might be just what you need to turn things around. But it’s not a miracle fix. Remember, it requires consistency and long-term effort. If you don’t practice, it may not work as expected.


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Simple language
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Three additional gifts


It takes time to work
Will require consistency

Summary: This is a review of Ejaculation by Command, a comprehensive guide written by Lloyd Lester on how to last longer in bed.

RatingRated 4.5 stars