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Who doesn’t want to look good and fit? Losing weight is everyone’s dream. Whether you are a man or woman, you would like to be called smart and beautiful with a flat tummy and appropriate body shape. Obesity leads to many diseases like heart problems, multiple organ failure, etc. This Eat Stop Eat review will help you in achieving your weight loss dream.

There are many online platforms which offer a guideline for weight loss, including diet charts, exercises for staying fit and different methods to prepare food with less calorie. Not all programs are authentic and give the desired results. So you need to be careful of online scam sites. Make sure to go through all reviews on the program before finalizing one.

Brad Pilon; Person behind the concept:

The concept is an invention of Brad Pilon, who introduced the concept of intermittent fasting by successfully linking it with losing weight. The concept is not new, and many religions have been following fasting over the period of the year in their specific time zones.

Brad Pilon helped in a better understanding of the concept by removing all doubts of people related to fasting, which includes slow metabolic rate, becoming hungry and eating too much, losing muscle strength, etc. If you go through the ebook available in the PDF form on the web, you will find a number of scientific references as well, which support the underlying idea.

Try the four-week challenge

Brad Pilon has clearly shared in the book that the information pertains to a healthy lifestyle. It is for all and sundry. You, however, should consult your physicians before going for fasting, considering your medical conditions. The challenge consists of four weeks, in which you eat, then stop and then eat again. Actually, you fast for 24 hours twice a week.

Just Relax and try Eat Stop Eat

When you go through a review thread by different people, you will notice people have linked intermittent fasting with increased productivity. You are not cooking food, not making some special meal or washing dishes. Rather you are just working and doing other stuff. The moment you eat again, it’s like you never stopped eating and vice versa.

Another good thing about fasting is the freedom to set your own time. It is flexible, and you can follow any time, either day or night, at your convenience. If you have a special assignment to do, you can fast during the night, and if you intend to attend some party, you can plan fast during the day. So you are the planner and master of your fast.

What to expect from Eat Stop Eat?

Brad Pilon has shared some prominent benefits which one can achieve from 24 hours fasting just twice a week. It includes:

  • The Fat burning hormones increase working by 700 percent.
  • It ends craving and helps in controlling the hunger Hormones.
  • With the reduction in stress hormones, the belly fat burns fast.
  • The strategy helps in better brain functionality in the form of enhancing memory and concentration span.
  • There is a boost in the body’s energy and metabolic rate.
  • Any chances of diabetes are reduced to a greater extend.
  • Men engaged in intermittent fasting experience an increase in their testosterone.
  • The insulin sensitivity is enhanced, which means you will eat less and thus stay smart/slim.
  • Weight loss is rapid and speedy.
  • With the reduction in inflammation, the body muscles feel better and are healed at a faster rate.

Time to lose weight while staying low on your pocket

The web is full of many weight loss gurus who claim to do wonders for everyone. Some sites are scams, whereas other methods work on some people. Some methods are even expensive and prove heavy on your pocket. It is simply is magical, and we will show how it changes the body anatomy:

Factor 1; Enhancing Insulin sensitivity

When the insulin level in the body is higher, it never burns fat. It is a hormone, which signals the body to store more fat cells within. When you practice Eat Stop Eat, the insulin level drops rapidly and becomes one-third of its normal level in the body. Fat burns at a faster pace.

When you go for 24 hours fast twice a week, you are triggering insulin sensitivity, wherein your tissues will store calories more and less fat. The insulin level is maintained, and it controls the weight gain in the future as well.

Factor 2; Increasing Metabolic rate 

You have all chance to lose 8840 calories in one year without having to undergo any rigorous exercise and gym. This is possible with Eat Stop Eat. If you fast 24 hours twice a week for one continuous year, you can achieve this goal with the utmost ease.

So next time, if you crave to eat chocolate chip cookies, then fast regularly because you have a chance to lose 3lbs from your tummy, and you can still enjoy as many as 55 chocolate chip cookies without having to worry about weight loss.

Factor 3; You need not starve now

The best part about Eat Stop Eat is you need not starve, which is often required in other diet regimes. You have 5 to 6 days to eat anything you like. You are just fasting for 24 hours for two days a week. For the rest of the days, you are free to eat anything.

Eat Stop Eat is the best strategy for you

The strategy is best if you are looking for a simple method to follow. A method that doesn’t ask you to keep track of calorie count. It doesn’t require making special meals. Now you would not miss dinners, hangouts, and see others eating while you are replying on salads only.

You can still party and enjoy food with friends and family at any time. You become disciplined in your life, can better control eating obsessions, and still look good.

Is Eat Stop Eat different from other options?

The answer to this question is Yes. This book is a life-changer for you. People tend to lose weight when they are expecting some special event, like a wedding. So if your wedding is planned for a few months’ time, or you want a slim and lean body. If you are tired of seeing a hanging belly or, above all, don’t have time to follow hectic diet plans, then a simple ebook can do wonders for you.

The weight loss might be different for you because it varies from body to body. Some people lose weight rapidly while others differently. I read one blogger who claimed to have lost 4 kilos as a result of fasting in just 4 weeks’ time. You will also lose weight, but time may vary.

What to consider while Eat Stop Eat?

There are certain things that you need to consider for following the process. In the initial phase, you might feel an irritated or slight headache. Don’t panic. Both will go away on their own.

When you take fluids during the process, you need not go for sweet drinks, which could increase your cravings and might raise the insulin level. So better avoid any artificial sweet drinks during this time.

Since the process doesn’t hint about the type of food to take during the rest of the days, any selection of wrong and unhealthy food groups can increase your weight. Thus be very careful while deciding what to eat.


Weight loss is possible with intermittent fasting. The link between fasting and calorie loss is yet to be proven by the researchers. Eat Stop Eat is yet another mean of intermittent fasting which require one to eat, then stop and then eat again. You fast for 24 hours, at least twice a week. It is flexible and manageable with no strict schedules. Anyone can try, and the end results are fabulous.


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– It is flexible and doesn’t require tough routine
– Weight loss is rapid and instant
– The strategy can be adopted by anyone, irrespective of gender and age
– You don’t starve like other weight loss programs. Rather eat whatever you like for the rest of the week


– Any unhealthy food intake during the eating window can hamper weight loss process
– Fasting for new beginners can be difficult in the initial phase
– It is not good for people with medical conditions, like diabetes etc

Summary: Losing weight was never easy as it is with today. You need not follow any strict routine or crave any particular food. Try fasting for 24 hours for 2 days a week and become smart and slim. The process helps in attaining a slim and smart body without having to go to the gym or do rigorous exercise.
It is a new method whereby people are losing rigid weight, which was not possible with other options. You are free to decide when to fast, and your body learns to lose weight.

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