Eat Sleep Burn Review – Worthy or Scam? Read Before You Buy!

There are various ways to keep our bodies healthy, fit, and strong. Doing regular exercise, eating healthy foods, having a balanced diet, and taking supplements are some of the most common ways. However, despite doing these things, there may be instances that you may feel that these activities aren’t enough. You may have this feeling that there is something that is lacking.

This was the problem encountered by the couple behind the book program called Eat Sleep Burn. They have been struggling to keep themselves healthy until a friend helped them overcome their struggles. Now, they wanted to share with you this nearly-magical experience of reversing health problems. This article is an Eat Sleep Burn Review that will show you how this book program works and help you decide whether it is legit or just a scam.

What is the Eat Sleep Burn Book Program? Who’s Behind It?

The Eat Sleep Burn Book program is a weight loss guide by Dan Garner. It focuses on natural and safe weight loss through the proper method of having a nighttime sleep.

About the Creator Dan Garner

Dan Garner is a well-known strength coach and nutrition specialist who has worked with various athletes and Hollywood actors. A lot of people who can afford his services reach out to him when they want to get in shape fast without undergoing rigorous training and diet.

How Did It Start? 

There was a couple named Tara and Todd, who are both parts of the police force. Tara and Todd have been struggling to keep their bodies fit and healthy. They have tried everything on the book, such as eating healthy, exercising regularly, and trying a bunch of diets that most people on the internet say effectively.

However, despite their efforts and the thousands of dollars they spent on their diets and consultations from nutritionists, nothing had changed. The couple just continued to gain weight, and the feeling of hopelessness from getting fit has been stressing them out. On top of it, Todd was suffering mentally. His past of being part of the SWAT team has been haunting him every night. 

His wife, Tara, was a witness to his lack of sleep. He would toss and turn all night, which also deprived Tara of proper sleep. Furthermore, from unfit bodies, poor sleep, and mental issues, their intimacy towards each other has also been affected. 

Dan’s Visit 

Todd and Tara were Dan’s long-time friends. When he visited the couple, he pointed out that they don’t look well. He then concluded that the couple was having trouble losing weight despite their efforts. Hence, he shared the experiences of his clients, who were also suffering the same struggle. He also explained to them the secrets on how they can keep their bodies fit and healthy in a natural way. This is on how to achieve a night of restorative sleep.

The program that Dan had told Tara and Todd was successful. Their friends, families, and neighbors had noticed the changes and had praised their transformation. 

Tara and Todd became very happy with these changes. They are enjoying having a fit and healthy body and proper nighttime sleep. Also, because of this, Todd was freed from his sufferings, and his married life with Tara was rebuilt.

Sharing the Program to More People 

The couple also noticed that they were not the only ones who were undergoing the same struggles. Their co-workers in the police force are like them. Some of their friends who noticed their transformation had also reached out to them. This was when they had the idea of sharing Dan’s program with other people.

The couple then went through their scribbled notes, arranged them, and showed them to Dan. Now, their combined efforts have resulted in the publication of the book Eat Sleep Burn, which is also available in an e-book or pdf format. If you are also suffering from the same struggles that Tara and Todd had gone through, just read this review, and this book may also help you too. 

The Science Behind the Eat Sleep Burn Program

Detailed reviews of the scientific facts support the legitimacy of how the program works. This is an analogy provided by Dan Garner about diet and body weight:

Imagine that your belly is a bathtub with a clogged drain, and the water is the food. When the tub is full, it will overflow even if the water from the faucet is just tiny drips. Think of these tiny drips as a healthy and restrictive diet. Even if you are eating healthy, since your drain is clogged, it will overflow, which means it will be stored as fat.

Now, this is the first thing you should solve: how to unclog the drain. To do this, you must enter a specific form of deep sleep.

About Deep Sleep

If you think getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night is enough, you are wrong. Some researches revealed that 67% are unaware that they are suffering from a type of sleep disruption. Most people aren’t aware of this since they think that they are getting a good night’s sleep. 

The bottom line is that not all sleep is restorative. There is a specific type of sleep that can help you lose weight and rebuild your health. This is what the Eat Sleep Burn book program showcases, how you can effectively reach this specific type of deep restorative sleep.

About Hunger Hormones

To get more scientific about this case, let’s discuss our body hormones. There are hormones in our body that are affected by disruptive sleep. These are the hunger hormones with which an unhealthy sleep messes with, thus making us feel hungry most of the time:

The first hormone is Leptin. It is responsible for signaling the brain that you are already full. If you are suffering from unhealthy sleep, it causes damages to this hormone. This results in misread signals in your brain,  making you think that you are hungry.

The second hormone is Ghrelin. It is responsible for raging your appetite. Sleep disruptions also affect the functionality of this hormone and increase your hunger.

The third hormone is Cortisol. Studies showed that Cortisol deposits fat directly on your belly, and the lack of sleep can drive it up. Over time, it will not only deposit fat on your belly but also affect your overall health. It will interfere with your learning and memory and decrease your immune function. Moreover, it also increases cholesterol, blood pressure, and chances of contracting heart disease and depression.

Aside from hormonal problems, lack of deep sleep can also make you feel tired. This is because your Respiratory Exchange Rate (RER) is getting sabotaged, and your lean tissue is burned instead of your stored fat. Losing this valuable muscle tissue will make it harder for you to lose weight.

How Does the Eat Sleep Burn Program Solve Health Issues?

The scientific facts above may make you think that things will be difficult. But the process is simple. The book program provides a comprehensive guide on how you can achieve this deep sleep and effectively lose weight.

First is when you enroll in the program, you will instantly receive a recipe for the “Sleep Slim Tea.” You will learn the exact ratio of the ingredients designed to help you achieve deep restorative sleep.

Aside from this tea recipe, you will also learn about:

  • The “Shutdown Sequence” method to achieve restorative sleep to naturally burn your body fat,
  • The 3 key Sleep Switches that make it easy to reclaim your energy and vitality,
  • How to reset your “Circadian Rhythm” to know the best time to sleep for less morning grogginess,
  • How to control a powerful neurotransmitter in your brain to let you shut out anxious thoughts,
  • The “Bat Cave Method” to easily fall into a deep restorative sleep,
  • The 2 rules you must never break when taking a nap,
  • A trick on how to double the effects of fat-burning deep restorative sleep every night, and
  • How to reduce cancer-causing inflammation in your body without the need to take medications.

Other Inclusions of the Book

There are 3 gifts that Tara wants to give to those who would like to participate in the program. These 3 gifts will also help you maintain a healthy body and improve your overall health.

  • 28-Day Metabolic Reset. It is an exercise program designed to lose belly fat fast without using gym equipment.
  • The Limitless Potential System. It is a compilation of strategies that can help you improve your lifestyle through simple little habits. It is designed to help your body recover from daily stress, environmental pollutants, and more.
  • 21 Day Personal Online Coaching. You will be given 21-day free access to the online coaching program. 


Having sleeping problems can cause unhealthy effects on our bodies. It can result in energy deprivation and even difficulties in losing weight. However, the book suggests that it is not enough that you are getting 8 hours of sleep. There is a specific type of sleep, the deep restorative sleep, that can help rebuild your body’s health and help in losing weight.

We hope that with this Eat Sleep Burn review, you were able to understand how the Eat Sleep Burn program might be able to help you achieve this deep restorative sleep. Who knows? Maybe this can be the key to help you achieve a fit and healthy body and lifestyle.


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