Dream Life Mastery Review – Really Work or Just Another Scam?

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It is normal for people to aim for success.  A big house, a healthy relationship, a life full of happiness— everything starts with a dream. However, things might not come exactly as we want. Obstacles get in our way, and when things get difficult, we tend to lose hope. We then feel defeated. Dejected. Depressed. We end up doubting ourselves and our ability to achieve what we have been dreaming of.

Dreams start to shatter when we lose. We may start losing interest in pursuing the things we have been dreaming of. We may just accept our defeat and make ourselves believe that we will never achieve them. Despite everything, there is still hope that you can achieve your dream life. This review of Dream Life Mastery can help build a strong foundation for your dream life.

Dream Life Mastery: About the Speaker

The Dream Life Mastery is a program by Dr. Steve G. Jones, a well-known clinical hypnotherapist. It helps you improve your life and take you on the surest path of achieving your dreams.

Dr. Steve G. Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist who has been practicing this profession since the 1980s. Over the years, he had authored over 22 books about hypnotherapy. He also became a member of numerous hypnotherapy associations and other medical groups.

Aside from practicing hypnosis, he was also a graduate of the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1994. During his stay in the university, his primary focus was cognitive psychology, which is understanding how people learn.

In 2007, he completed his master’s degree in education at Armstrong Atlantic and State University, focusing on adult education. Afterward, he went to Georgia Southern University and completed his specialist degree in education in 2009 and his doctorate in 2013.

Because of his achievements, he became widely known in his field. He treated many patients with a variety of conditions, including:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss
  • Phobias
  • Anxiety
  • Road rage
  • Anger management
  • General wellness

Moreover, he offered remote hypnosis sessions by providing a custom hypnotherapy MP3 to his patients, which helped them receive therapy at the comfort of their homes.

He had also been invited as a motivational speaker for several businesses. His techniques were highly praised by his clients as they positively impacted their employees, increasing their sales.

Additionally, he also worked with several Hollywood actors to help them become the best version of themselves. He also travels across the US and even overseas, such as in Japan, France, Spain, Canada, and Mexico, to teach about hypnosis.

His expertise had helped many people to unlock a new path in their life and achieve the success they want. Now, as a success coach, Dr. Steve G. Jones is bringing groundbreaking training that can guide you to achieve success just like those of his past patients. This is the Dream Life Mastery program.

What is Dream Life Mastery?

Is Dream Life Mastery a scam? Some people are wondering if it is true or not since everyone wants an assurance, here are the statements about the program itself.

The Dream Life Mastery program is a web class that focuses on building a solid foundation for your dream life. In this training program, you will be taught how you can obtain success and achieve many things in life. You will also be taught about how you can have a healthy life and become the best version of yourself. 

You can say that this program is a self-development course, but there is more to it. It is very comprehensive that it can guide you to every step you take on your journey of finding your purpose in life. 

The program also uses modules that can tackle every aspect of your life. It can help you change your lifestyle and condition your mindset to have a positive outlook. Whether it is about attaining inner peace, having healthy relationships, or becoming wealthy, the modules can provide several paths in achieving your life’s goals.


Here are the contents of the modules:

  • The Path to True Happiness. This helps you to achieve happiness, not for a short time but a long-lasting one.
  • Success Conditioning: Conditioning the Mind and Cultivating the Habits for Success. This is on what kind of habits, mindset, and behaviors you must possess to achieve success.
  • Wealth Achievement. This is on sharing how real-life millionaires think and act that made them stand where they are now.
  • Unleashing the Power of your Subconscious Mind. This is on diving into your subconscious mind to gain insights and utilize them on your way to achieving your goals.
  • Physical Health. This is focused on ways to take care of your body and have the energy to use your body to its fullest potential.
  • Ways to Achieve Massive Wealth. This is focused on guiding you to have other ways of generating income aside from your daily job. It includes topics about real estate, affiliate marketing, and stock investment.
  • Relationships and Romance. This is focused on how you can find your ideal partner or how you can make your current relationship healthier.
  • Putting it All Together: the 60 Days Challenge. This is the last module wherein you will apply all you had learned in the previous modules. With this, you will avoid procrastination and be focused on changing your life and achieve your goals.

Recently, there is a web class that is by Dr. Steve G. Jones himself. It focuses on how you can live the life that you wanted. Wealth, health, relationships, or success– the web class aims to tackle every aspect that can help you become a better version of yourself.

Key Points

Here are some of the key points that the web class has to offer:

  • 5 Universal Laws of Miracle Making. These are to help you change yourself for the better as you are building your life.
  • 3 Life-Catapult Habits. These are about habits, behaviors, and mindset that you should have to get out of your comfort zone and live a life full of passion.
  • 5 Dysfunctional Beliefs. This part focuses on eliminating super common toxic traits that hinder your way to success.

How Does the Dream Life Mastery Web Class Help a Person?

During the web class, The Dream Life Mastery program enumerated four different ways on how this program can help you. By enumerating the ways, you can able to understand more about the program and its purpose. 

Get a Step-by-Step, Done-for-You System

Do you ever feel that you are getting lost on track of your pursuit of success? It may be nice if life is like setting up a tent. If you get lost in the process, there is an instruction manual that can help you start again. This is what the program is offering to you: modules that are easy-to-follow and can help you get back on track and make progress on building your life.

You’ll Learn from the Best

The speaker, Dr. Steve G. Jones, a clinical hypnotherapist, can help you unlock your potential. He is well-known in his industry and has helped many other people achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves. He also has friends with the same expertise that can guide you on your steps to your dream life.

Create an Authentic Sense of Purpose

The program focuses on building a solid foundation for your dream life. To do this, the program guides you in reinventing yourself. It helps you unleash your hidden potentials, reignite your passions, and develop your motivations. These things will push you on your track to achieving the life you want.

You’ll Set Yourself Up for Long-term Success

It is not enough that you have learned many things that can guide you to success. The journey is continuous. You have to apply everything you learned and take one step at a time in achieving the success you want. The program can help you produce consistent results and even become better in the long run, and it is not a scam.


Everything starts with a dream that is aimed to be. However, there are instances where failures may come your way. But do not let these failures stop you. The Dream Life Mystery program teaches you to stand up and keep on trying just to achieve what you are dreaming for and that these failures will help you learn about the life, letting you strengthen your goals by just applying the lessons you have learned in your future paths.


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You may achieve the success you are dreaming of by passionately following the program.
You can become the best version of yourself.
You may have a positive outlook in life that can push you to get going on your journey to success.


It may be hard for you to insert the training in your schedule if you are a busy person.

Summary: The Dream Life Mastery program focuses on helping you achieve your dream life. It is not easy to do it on your own. There may be times that you may fall, and hardships will come. This program guides you to get yourself back on track and continue your journey to success.

It is all about reinventing yourself. You have a hidden potential that should be unlocked which can help you as you take your steps to success. To do so, there are a variety of factors that you must build within yourself in which the Dream Life Mastery can help you.

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