Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis – A Complete Review

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Dog food secrets is a book which contains complete educational resource by which you can learn different methods to make dog food by yourself. The main focus of the book is to define the dietary requirements which can make your dog healthier. There are dozens of recipes defined by which you can make the best tasting food for your dog. It has been noticed that the people who are following the diet plan as mentioned in the book are more likely to extend their dogs life because it contains essential nutrients which are needed for growth of an animal. The book has been written after complete evaluation from dog experts all over the world so that the readers can get the best researched information. So if you want to extend your dogs life, you must follow the diet plan which is explained in dog food secrets properly.


What does dog food secret contain?

The book consists of the recipes which are necessary for the growth of your dog. These recipes include dog meat and vegetables which are combined to make delicious meals which are beneficial for your dog. Moreover, it has methods to make dog biscuits and cakes which are recommended for adult dogs. The book contains complete nutritional guide by which you can get knowledge about the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates which must be given to your dog for best growth. If the information is implemented properly while preparing the food, you can make a balanced diet for your dog which can make it healthier.

Avoid processed food

The processed food which is available in the market can cause great health hazards to your dog because it contains meat by products which is processed by adding chemicals. There are preservatives which are used to make the meal fresh for a longer period of time. Most of the processed food manufacturing companies use a chemical named menadione which is a vitamin k supplements. There are possibilities that this chemical might be a carcinogen which can cause great health hazards to your dog. Homemade dog food has great benefits for the dogs which need special diet because it can be modified according to the requirements.

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What your dog actually needs?

Some of the dogs require high protein dog food to get maximum energy which cannot be achieved from processed foods. It is important to give your dog a balanced diet which is made up of fresh food so that you can ensure the safety standards as well. The dog food secrets can make your dog happy because it has methods which can be followed to avoid all types of allergies and diseases. Once you have started to give your dog homemade meals, you can notice visible effects within days.

Get more knowledge to improve health of your dog

Andrew lewis has worked hard to define various methods which can be followed to improve the health and growth of your dogs. Despite explaining the side effects caused by the usage of processed food for dogs, the author has also focused on the practices by which you can improve their nutrition as well. There are different suggestions which can be followed to make sure your dog is complete diet. You can also get knowledge about the things which should be avoided if your dog is having any previous allergies or illness. When you stop giving dog food to your animal, you must make sure you are giving proper alternate diet so that your dog does not get malnutrition.

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All of the dogs might not be having same food requirements because it depends upon the stage of the dogs lifecycle. The basic nutrients which must be given to every dog include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, minerals and vitamins. Although dogs are able to create some amino acids inside their bodies, but the remaining must be supplied through food. The protein intake depends upon the age of the dog as older ones require more protein to stay active. It is recommended that you must prepare diet for the older dogs while considering their energy requirements so that they can feel energetic throughout the day.

Dog Food Secrets

Make your dog active

The dog food secrets include various methods by which you can improve the health of your dog. Sensible home care must be followed so that you can make your dog stay hydrated. Along with diet, other factors such as exercise, general hygiene and cleanliness must also be given attention to avoid any sort of sickness which could make your dog weak. Proper diet charts and caloric requirements are described in the dog food secrets by which you can fulfill the dieting needs for your pet. The requirements are defined according to the weigh and age of each of the dogs so that you do not give any access diet which can damage the health of your dog.

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Importance feeding a balanced diet

You must make sure that your dog is being provided with all the necessary nutrition which is required to maintain a healthy body. While making the diet at home, you can make a combination of vegetables, rice, cereals, pasta and other food which can provide carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Dogs need a balanced diet because high levels of fat can be a great health hazard. The dog food secrets tells about different ways to make a delicious meal out of vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, broccoli and leafy greens.

Dogs are not carnivores and they need a vegetarian diet to survive so you must give them proper protein sources. Home care can give your dog a longer life span as dogs needs are similar to that of humans. It is important to check regulary for any signs of illness or sickness so that you can make changes to the diet plan accordingly. Dog food secrets has separate diet plans for each type of dog and recommends the usage of vaccines if the animal is having severe illness. However, proper nutrition can make your dog stay away from illness and keeps them active throughout the day.


The final verdict

Dog food secrets defines useful ways on how the pet owners can make the perfect meal for their dogs. The processed food which is available in the market contain preservatives which can be a great health hazard for your dog. In order to keep your dog away from any sort of illness or disease, you need to prepare the meals from the ingredients available in your house. Moreover, there are methods explained by which you can make your dog active through proper nutrition.

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