DIY Bike Repair Videos Review – Should You Try It?

DIY Bike Repair Videos
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Is fixing your bike becoming a major problem for you?

Fixing your bike burning a hole in your pocket?

Want to learn the secrets of repairing your bike without any help?

You have arrived at just the place if you answered a yes to all these questions. Repairing your bike every single time can be a serious hassle and admit it, most of the times it just takes away your precious money that you could have spent elsewhere.

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Mountain biking and biking overall has undergone a small evolution with time. People now understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and what better than a bike to provide you with a full body exercise. A bike has now become a prerequisite of every household and family looking to living a fitter and healthy life. You get a bike for yourself and start biking. Does it end there? It certainly doesnt.

You are a avid biker and every time you set out on a small journey to a nearby place for some adventure and disaster strikes. Your bikes chain goes awry, your handlebar turns out loose and you are just left thinking, why did this ever happen and before you even start contemplating a solution to your problem, you are faced with the next challenge of getting your bike repaired from a good place. You think you could have done this yourself and you may even some bike kit stacked up in a box somewhere but you realize the problem you are facing is something you cant fix on your own. Frustrated you enough?


What if there was a single solution to all these problems?

Imagine fixing and servicing your bike at your own convenience from the confines of your home?

Yes, all this is very much possible and something that wont even burn a hole in your pocket anytime. You can fix your bike within a limited time and with the right techniques. Thinking now as to how this can be possible? This can be you with the program called as the DIY Bike Repair Videos which will help you overcome all your bike problems for good. Say goodbye to all your bike repairing woes because this program is here to teach you the ABCs of the job.

Whats the program about?

The DIY Bike Repair Videos program is a comprehensive guide to provide you with a full fledged maintenance and repair program for your bikes which can be done at no extra costs with the use of some simple repairing tools. The program details a step by step guide to maintaining and repairing your bike with an easy to understand language and no hard technical jargons used anywhere in the program.

The program is an all in one bike repair and maintenance program available in the market right now. There are several other programs claiming to sell the same thing at a higher cost but none of them would be cost effective as this program created by Dave Delgado who is a professional bike designer and bike enthusiast. Dave learned all the techniques and methods mentioned in the program through trial and error and after extensive research on the subject matter of repairing and maintaining bikes.


Contents of the program

The Program is a comprehensive and easy to understand step by step guide to maintaining and repairing bikes with tips on tuning given with every lesson. The program has been created keeping in mind the knowledge limitation of a first timer dealing with the program so its basically easy to understand for pros and amateurs alike. Learning the program you can start maintaining your bike without any extra costs and get small things done within a short span of time like grips, derailers, chains etc. The program includes the below mentioned features for the user to benefit and make use of:

  • 200 in depth detailed videos amounting to 10 hours of extensive knowledge on service and maintenance plus a 150 pages e-book on the same.
  • Thorough chapters and repair manuals with the program
  • Tuning and upkeep secrets for the longevity of the bike
  • Fun and engaging easy to follow instructions and video manuals.
  • Different teacher for different bike types. There are separate teachers for road, race and mountain bikes who are experts in their fields teaching you the basics and tricks of maintaining your bike.
  • A 150 page illustrated repair manual containing color photos, notes and tips showing how to assemble a bike from the very scratch and using different tools to your advantage.
  • Instant access to videos is provided upon your registration which makes you a lifetime member to all the contents relating to DIY bike repair. One on one video and email support is provided to all the members.
  • Option to get the program in a DVD format for the users if they wish. Video lessons can be used on the go by the users as per their convenience.


As for the videos that are available in the program, some of the contents of the videos guides are mentioned below:

1. General repair and maintenance

  • Cleaning, lubricating and troubleshooting guide
  • Gear system overview
  • Adjusting gear and indexing ratios
  • Changing a flat bike tire
  • Adjusting fenders of your bikes and many more video2.Easy DIY series
  • Changing the stock tires on a bike
  • Deflating a bicycle tire
  • Removing and readjusting handlebars on your bike
  • Tips for bicycling seating
  • Removing bicycle pedals and many more videos3. Custom gears and parts
  • Choosing the right cycling clothing
  • Learning how gear works on mountain bikes
  • Picking a properly fitting helmet
  • Understanding shifting problems
  • Picking the right tool kit and other videos

2 Suspension parts and maintenance

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  • Adjusting damping compression
  • Front suspension systems
  • Tube vs tubeless bike tires
  • Wet road safety tricks
  • Tire selection tips and much more

As you can see, this is just a brief glimpse of the whole program videos. There is a great deal of things that the program provides and each of these videos is a real treasure for a biker.
Apart from that Dave Delgado would be providing the users with a free one on one coaching for a period of one year. Yes, very correct. A private one on one private coaching with the author and creator of the program for a period of one year.


Cost of the program

The whole program has been competitively priced at a low price of $47. This is a steal for the price you are getting. There are no other programs as this in the market which would provide you a detailed guide to maintaining and repairing your bikes in this manner.

The program also comes with two bonuses namely:

  • Bicycle tune up secrets and upkeep tips
  • Free lifetime updates of the program
  • Free one one on one coaching with Dave Delgado(limited period offer)

The program also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the use of the program during the course of usage then you can initiate a return of the product. No extra costs will be charged for the return. As you can see, there really is nothing to lose on this deal. So grab the opportunity today and order your very first copy of the DIY Bike Repair Videos Program.

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– Video lectures and guides focusing on each aspect of bike maintenance so that you do not have to pay for expensive repairs.

– General repair guidance about suspension, gears, brakes and tires.

– Money back guarantee. In case you are not able to get benefit from the program, your investment will be returned at once.

– Road safety tips by which you can get to learn how to ride safely.

– Become a lifetime member of DIY bike repair videos to get unlimited benefit and tips from the author.


The followers of this program must wear safety gloves while handling tools for bike repair. Moreover, you will have to be consistent while watching video lectures to get maximum benefit out of the program.

Summary: DIY Bike Repair Videos is a comprehensive bike repair program from where you can get to learn the basic maintenance techniques which can save you lots of money. There are more than 200 video tutorials and step by step guides so that you can repair each part of your bike on your own. So if you want to learn the best bike repair skills, this program can help you in best regard.

RatingRated 4.5 stars