Complete Review: Does Alec Deacon’s Darkest Days Really Work?

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After the endless stream of movies showing explosions and violent attacks, and especially after the horrible catastrophe of 9/11, people believe that the next major crime committed by terrorist groups is going to involve explosions, gunfire, or bombs. And how convenient would it be if the whole public would at least surmise the nature and the circumstances of the next terrorist attack, how much would it help officials prevent it?

But is it true? Is the group small who was able to assert control over two middle-eastern countries within a couple of years that foolish to commit a crime many people and governments already expect?

In fact, the opposite is the case. While we fear the next explosive attacks, an invisible danger is looming above us, which may easily be exploited without a single gunshot to kill hundreds of millions of Americans. An electromagnetic pulse attack carried out by a small, smart device would be able to render the power stations of the United States utterly useless. And without electricity, communication would be impossible, and after that, the fabric of society would fall apart.

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Looming Threat

This is a world to which the guide Darkest Days by Alec Deacon prepares the reader. Darkest Days will help you survive an environment without electricity, and consequently, without TV, without your automobile, without a refrigerator to cool and store your food for more than a day or two, even without the ability to light a fire.

It is a world brought about by a simple EMP attack that renders every institution of the government, every security force, and every means to communicate or transport goods unusable and useless. You wouldn’t even be able to meet with your acquaintance in the other part of the town for that there is no way to arrange a meeting. Nobody would be able to organize and execute a plan.

Alec Deacons Darkest Days is a comprehensive survival guide for a world with no electricity. But who is Alec Deacon? He is the author of Backyard Liberty, a survival guide that teaches you how to build a self-sustaining garden by using the technology of aquaponics, and he is the editor of Survivopedia, one of the largest sources of information for those who study survival techniques. In his guide, he offers the knowledge he accumulated throughout decades for those who are fearful of a future without electric power.


Darkest Days is a more 150 pages long guide on how to ensure the safety and the functioning of your electronic power in case of a temporal blackout or a complete EMP attack. By following the step-by-step instructions of this guide, you will be able to protect your gadgets and continue using them even in the darkest days, when the power grids shut down, and communication is no longer possible for others.

Alec Deacon co-authored the guide with Charles Green, who spent two years with an Amish community and has mastered all the techniques they use in their day-to-day lives to succeed and survive even without using any kind of modern technology. The knowledge of the two authors combined will help you survive off-grid even in the most challenging environments, not only for a couple of days until your supplies are depleted, but for a long, unknown period of time.

From Darkest Days, you will learn how to create an instrument very similar to a Faraday Cage by using items you can find around your house or purchase only for a couple of dollars. This protection cage is going to protect all of your electronic devices from an EMP attack.

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If you follow the advice of the guide, you will find your chances of survival rise to the maximum even if such an EMP attack were to occur. The guide includes a list of 5 essential items that you need to purchase before such an attack to ensure your safety and long-term survival. These gadgets will protect your way of life and secure your essential needs even if the whole United States’ power grid has been compromised.

When the power goes down, your refrigerator goes with it. It means that every meat, fruit, or dairy product is going to rot and spoil within a couple of days. But by following the guidance of Darkest Days, you will be able to prepare for such a disaster, and you will have a method to store and protect them even without electric power.

The guide also teaches 3 different ways to generate your own power. These methods are not extremely effective power generators only the wealthiest of people could afford, but smart and creative ways to keep your household items working at the times of an EMP attack or a general blackout.

Among other things, you will also find information about how to keep your car running if such an attack were to occur and how to find safe and secure destinations to travel in a societal collapse.


Shining Star in the Dark

The Darkest Days guide to protecting you from blackouts and EMP attacks is not the only product you receive upon purchase. You will be rewarded with two additional e-books that are going to expand your survival skills and raise your chances to live for another day to the maximum level. By carefully studying the knowledge within the three guides, you will be able to rest peacefully at night, for that you will be prepared for the most deadly and prolonged societal collapse.

The first bonus e-book is the How to Make Your Own Pharmacy guide. It teaches you about natural remedies, treatments, and medicines you can gather and use in times of emergency when there is no professional healer around. You will be able to protect your immune system and heal your wounds even in the midst of the End Times.

The second bonus e-book is the Off-Grid Home Protection System, which is a comprehensive book on how to secure your home and shelter against burglars, criminals, and looters when a general blackout occurs, including which breeds of dog you should buy to have it help to protect your house.

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The Darkest Days guide is a comprehensive guide on how to save your life against a terrorist attack that would wipe out 90% of the U.S. population within half a year. If you value your life and the life of your loved ones, if you want to prepare and feel prepared against an approaching apocalypse that would make your current lifestyle completely impossible, I highly recommend purchasing the Darkest Days guide of Alec Deacon and Charles Green for $37.

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– Life-saving tips and methods which can help you stay alive in any disastrous situation.

– Natural remedies and treatment tips by which you can give first aid to the injured.

– Step-by-step instructions and guidelines to make understanding easier than ever.

– Make and organize disaster plans which can be implemented in any critical scenario.


The program is a helpful guide for saving your life in a disastrous situation, but you need to access essential tools and equipment to practice the methods.

Summary: The Darkest Days is the ultimate survival guide by Alec Deacon, which can help you stay alive in the event of long power outrages or terror attacks. There are life-saving methods describes during the course which can make you safe no matter what the situation is. So if you live in an area with the highest risk of terrorist attacks or natural calamities, Darkest Days are the ultimate life-saving course that needs to be followed.

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