Chris Harders’s Conquer Tinder Review – Scam or Legit?

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Tired of making profle after profiles on dating sites to no avail?

Are you not able to find a single girl to date with your dating profiles?

Want to learn the next best secret of getting girls?

You my friend are not alone in this regard if all the answers to the above questions are a positive yes.There are many like you out there and who is to say that you should be the only person who gets laid or gets a girl. Everyone has the same right.

Dont worry. This post isnt to demotivate you in any sort of way nor is it to tell you that you dont deserve a girl in your life rather this article will tell you the solution of getting yourself a girl and succeeding at the process with a few simple steps.


Yes, you heard it right. You can get a girl of your liking too without sulking and sucking in the process.
You could be going over a few girls within the next few weeks. Such good is the program that is out there. People have still not realised its importance but you could be the next best guy making use of it and changing your life while others sit there and envy at your success of getting girls.

Before you get swayed any further, lets talk about the revolutinary program that is up for grabs at the very moment should you commit to using it wisely and with purpose.

The program being referred to here is called the Conquer Tinder program and it is transforming the lives of many young men out there on the look out of dates and relatonships. You could be the next best story out there of the programs testimonials.

Before venturing into the specifics of the program, lets understand better about what Tinder is and how does it really work.

Whats Tinder?

Tinder is an innovative dating app that helps you find you your perfect match by taking into consideration your location, your place of work, your neigborhood and your preferences. That is why the term innovative has been used. There are other dating sites claming the same thing but better not get away from the subject matter. So Tinder is an online social platform where you can hook up with girls for casual dates and some fun.

The only prerequiste for making a profile on Tinder is that you need to be legit. Legit how, you may ask. Legit in the sense that you need to connect and make use of your facebook or twitter profile to make a profile on Tinder. You then set your preferences like the kind of person you would like to chat, your ideal preference of date, your age group and so forth.

Once you do that Tinder creates a list of profiles for you whch you can use to get your ideal match. You can then meet up people if both the parties are interested. Easy peezy and pretty crazy you might say.


But wait theres more

Yes, there is more. As simple as this may sound, its not always cherries and flowers. You get yourself Tinder, you make a profile and you believe that girls may come running to you. If only this were a reality. This is where the Conquer Tinder program comes into play. Getting an ideal match is not always easy. You might agree on that. So, what do you do to increase your chances?

Simply put forward, you make use of the Conquer Tinder program and use its effective techniques to your advantage. You may again ask, whats so special on offer that I use this program. Lets tell you why.


Whats the Conquer Tinder program all about?

The program on offer is a playbook that accompanies useful tips and techniques that have been brought to picture by the author Chris Harders after spending more than 1000 hours on its research. Chris like others was a nerd having a 0 success rate with women.

He has now transformed himself as the Dating Guru online and now offers dating and relationships advice through his own blog. This program was created after Chris decided to take a stance and make himself better after going through rejections at the speed of sound. Jokes apart, After mush research and experimentation, Chris managed to create the perfect program to getting girls through the medium of tinder.

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What does the program contain?

The program is in a PDF e-book structure which provides a detailed guide on making use of Tinder as your partner to get the best women available via that app. Its simple, efficient and easy to use and provides a step by step guide on getting yourself the girl of your dreams and getting laid. Some simple tips that are provided in the program are as follows:

  • Importance of photo selection while setting up a tinder account:
    The author emphasizes on the use of a good dating picture of yourself to start off at tinder since your photo accounts for 90% of your success. A womans decision on your dating profile and your picture sets half the tone for business. You dont want to be left out because of that single mistake now. Do you?
  • Tips and Tricks:
    There are simple tips and tricks that once can follow to get a potential date for themselves. The program guides you through each and every trick presented in the book to your advantage and start getting potential dates for yourself.
  • Snapshots and conversations of detailed chats:
    The program provides with snapshots and detailed conversations of the author while he was out there experimenting his techniques. He tells you of how you can use these conversation breakers and chats to make your move.
  • Getting a girl off tinder
    The other thing that the program teaches is getting your conversation with the potential dates outside of Tinder by use of simple yet effective techniques and how you can take that ahead once you get the girls number.

And much more on offer in the program. These are just the small snippets that you will find in the program once you get it. Certainly looks convincing, wouldnt you say?

date meeting

Cost of the program

The program has been structured to reap the benefits of the program in the least expensive way as possible, therefore the pricing of the book has also been done competitively setting it at a price tag of only $27. On top of that, there is a 60 days money back guarantee on the program, should you find the program not to your liking. Its a winner for all and whats there lose. The program is a sure shot entry to the gentlemans club of dating and socializing if you are up for the challenge. Wont you like to be a part of it. If you think yes, then hurry and go get your first copy of the program today.

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– Ease of usage, you will find that the app is very easy to use and put to action.

-Profile developer, tinder helps you to make awesome profile that will help you attract the woman you like.

– High success rate, this dating app has shown a very high score when it comes to success and helping you find your perfect pair.

-Morale booster, you might see yourself as a loser but after an experience with the app, you will develop confidence to date any girl you like.


– Though the program will work very effectively, the only major con is your fear and doubt whether you will be able to meet the girl of your dreams.

Summary: The app is made to help you find your perfect match. Most men struggle to find the woman they love or the woman who they can effectively pair up with. Therefore, the app was created to help these and many others find what they crave for, which is a woman of their love, leave alone all that, you do not have to read anything, this app has made all the reading for you as opposed to many books full of junk in the market. This app is action oriented unlike many other books in the market which you are not even sure that will work. Therefore, get hold of this special app and get the love of your life, isn’t that beautiful?

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