Cinderella Solution Review – Should You Really Buy It?

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Do you experience anxiety, shame, and hopelessness when you look at your body?

Have you tried almost every diet available under the sun?

Is backbreaking and stomach-wrenching daily exercise not melting your body fat?

Do you fear stepping on the scale?

Hypertension, diabetes, depression…the sequence is scary if you keep on adding those pounds.

If you need to lose 10, 20, or more pounds…

Pay attention…

This Cinderella Solution review takes a close look into the program that claims to help thousands of women like you who have lost all hope of a slimmer, fitter body.

The Ticking Time-bomb of Female Metabolism

The early 20’s is the time that triggers a female-only phenomenon that craves weight gain inside you.

…And worse, this goes on for the next 30 years of your life, from the end of puberty to menopause.

The weight gain weakens your immune system, the ability to fight diseases, and maintain your figure. The extra weight triggers the ticking time-bomb of the female metabolism. Slowly, you do not even recognize your body that was once slim and fit.

Most of the weight loss solutions focus on fad diets unhealthy for you in the long run. Some may even ask you to starve or give up many types of food that are your staple. The fat burn may quickly reduce your weight but strip your body of vital nutrition. You need to be slim but also retain your energy levels instead of decreasing them.

What is The Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution is a weight-loss program that will take you at least 28 days. You get a series of e-Books in PDF format once you join the program. There are two phases: Ignite and Launch. Each phase will take you a couple of weeks of healthy eating and low-intensity exercise.


You eat daily three times during the first phase of the program. It prepares your body to give up unhealthy foods and eating habits. The process takes 14 days and helps you regulate the three crucial hormones that are the program’s focal point.


You eat four times every day during the second phase of the program that lasts 14 days. These meals are slightly different from what you are used to eating. They combine particular foods that aid in reducing weight. The combinations may be as simple as fish and garlic, apple and chocolate, green tea, and mint.

The focus is to allow you to eat the right food combinations instead of cutting whole groups of foods like carbohydrates altogether. The process helps to maximize your fat-burn rate and results in significant weight loss. A low-strength exercise regime, coupled with the right food, is the central theme of the program. You will benefit from the mostly hips and abdominal muscle-focused exercises.

The quick-start guide is a great starting point if you want to launch into the process straightway. And no, you do not need to know everything about nutrition. There is a lot of handholding that will give you ample information and aid in the process. The manual will provide you with tips to get the best result for your efforts.

The biology behind the solution:

Your three hormones: Insulin, Cortisol, and Estrogen, carry the responsibility to keep you young, happy, and healthy. Their roles:

  • Insulin is the skinny hormone that keeps you slender by regulating your fat.
  • Cortisol is the happy hormone that keeps you happy and away from anxiety, stress, depression, and sadness.
  • Estrogen is the pretty hormone that keeps you wrinkle-free, toned, and full of energy.

The program works on removing any imbalances in these hormones and regulating them. It focuses on maintaining a healthy metabolic rate that will burn fat quickly. Since you strike at the root cause of the problem instead of the fat, the results are fast and persistent.

The process seems to be much better than cardio workouts or fad diets. You get to know a ton about nutrition. You consume the right foods and beverages to reduce your weight.

If you are over 30 and have more than 10 pounds to lose…this program may be a boon for you…

Who is the creator of the program?

Carly Donovan developed the program. She was herself a gym instructor and spent countless hours exercising yet could not maintain a healthy weight. Carly compiled this program after gathering information about the real issue behind her persistent overweight problems. After a life-threatening event arising from her weight issues and landed her in the emergency room, she decided to try a different path…

A path that no more needed pills, portion controls, or counting calories…

…But coupled ancient eastern wisdom with science, making the right food choices, and the right set of low-intensity exercises.

Instead of attacking obesity from the outside, the program focuses on nutrition architecture that fights it from the inside.

What does the program contain?

You will get the main manual, a quick start guide, a movement sequencing guide, and bonus material. Everything is in the form of an eBook in PDF format for your reading convenience. You will also find several short videos along with the books.

You can easily watch the program content on your smart devices, desktops, or laptops. The videos contain workout plans that are not strenuous, and the main focus is on hips and abdominal muscles. The manual has the below four parts:

1. The Cinderella Solution

You get a basic introduction to the solution in the first part and how to begin your journey to achieve the best results. It also talks about food pairing, the right time to eat, and slim-sequencing exercises. You can get information about the Ignite and Launch phases of the program in this part.

2. Blueprint for your daily nutrition

The second part is where you get 2-week calendars and daily meal plans. It teaches you how to eat well and yet lose weight. It has a lot of information on food groups, nutrition, food pairings, and corresponding recipes. You can prepare your meal plans with this superlative information.

3. Flavor-Pairing and D.I.Y. meals

The third part gives you more detailed information about flavor-pairing. The Flavor-Pairing Ritual claims to have benefitted more than 16,000 women. You can customize your meal plans that can help your Ignite and Launch phases to produce great results. It also talks about portion options that allow you to eat the right diet.

Carly has this nugget for you from her research:

Swiss women use a chocolate-pairing habit to reset weight-loss hormones.

Japanese women use carb-pairing at dinner each night.

Australian women do a simple movement-pairing ritual to eliminate fat from their softest areas.

Spanish women use a wine-pairing that eliminates deadly inflammation enzymes responsible for strokes.

As little as two common spices in the kitchen can create a spice-pairing to reduce your weight.

4. Top combinations of flavor and weight-loss

You will know the top flavor combinations that trigger weight loss in the last part of the book. There are plenty of ingredients available in your kitchen that never occurred useful to you in your healthy eating journey.

You can be one of those women who collectively lost over 500,000 pounds with this solution…

Is the program a marketing scam?

Scams do not come with a 60-day moneyback guarantee as The Cinderella Solution provides. Several trustworthy reviews prove that the process works as intended for you. It works best for women between 30 and 60. However, women in their late 60’s also claim to benefit from the program.

The program does not claim to treat diseases on its own, but healthily losing weight will dramatically strengthen your immune system.

Is it worth a buy?

The Cinderella Solution does not claim overnight success for you. You need to commit yourself for at least 28 days to the program. It is not asking you anything more than a one-time small fee for showing you a path that the weight-loss industry will not. It is worth buying for those of you who have already tried many other weight-loss programs and failed.

It may be an even better option if you are a newbie trying it as your first weight-loss program, as you will not waste time and money.

You will find the Cinderella Solution is no magic but a simple program. If you follow the process seriously, this review thinks it will reward you with the results you earnestly desire.


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• 100% safe, weight-loss doubling method based on 50 years of proven methods across the healthiest countries on earth
• No added investments in food and supplements
• No high-intensity exercise
• Does not damage your immune system or metabolism
• You do not have to starve or give away all your comfort foods
• Only a small, one-time fee


• The program is available in digital mode only
• Requires commitment for at least 28 days to begin seeing results
• Focused mainly on women’s weight loss, while obesity is an equally severe problem in men

Summary: There is a simple science behind weight-loss that will keep you healthy when you understand it.
You may be trying several methods to attack the fat from the outside, while you need to focus from the inside.
How to regulate your metabolic rate and your hormones to reduce weight and keep it in check?
Controlling your I.C.E. (Insulin, Cortisol, Estrogen) levels is the secret behind maintaining a healthy weight and a fitter you.
The Cinderella Solution review enlightens you about a program that is simple yet the most effective method of losing weight healthily.

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