Does Chakra Activation System Work or Not? In-Depth Review

Chakra Activation System
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I recently bought the Chakra Activation System, which Stephanie Mulac wrote, because there was a moment in my life that almost every aspect of my life has been a disaster. To give you an example, my business went bankrupt, and my relationship with my wife was in turmoil.

I was hopeless and did not know where to start. I have searched for answers online, asked for advice from my relatives and friends. However, no one had solved my problem.

Until I came across this system, which is named “Chakra Activation System,” because of that, my life has completely changed.

One of the Skeptics

At first, I was really skeptical about it. The first thing that came up to my mind is that it is a complete scam. One of the main reasons why I am doubtful about it because I do not have an idea of the tradition of Hindus, because we all know that chakras are the usual terms that we hear from India, and I am obviously not from India that is why I was really scared to execute the methods.


However, after I searched the internet for several positive reviews regarding it, so I made a decision to give it a try and added the fact that the founder of the system which is Stephanie Mulac, had explained the inclusions in the package very meticulously. So I said to myself, maybe this is legit and not a scam.

For several days I devoted myself to studying the system and implemented it afterward. What is the content of the system?

Every term regarding chakras is indicated there and the ways on how to unlock and heal them.

The Different Kinds of Chakras

According to the method, the chakras which are listed below are the ones that we have inside our body:

  • Root – it is where we can find our basis of fulfillment.
  • Sacral – we can find it on our lower abdomen. Whenever it is open and is in a state of equilibrium, our physical and mental state will feel rejuvenated.
  • Solar Plexus is accountable for our health because it regulates our energy, vitality, and digestion levels.
  • Heart – it is the one responsible for relationships and will aid you in experiencing genuine love.
  • Throat – it is liable for the expression of ourselves.
  • Third Eye – it is primarily accountable for our instinct and our sense of direction on where we want to go in our lives.
  • Crown – it is found on the topmost portion of our head, which links to the cause.

chakras symbol

After learning the different kinds of chakras that are available on our bodies, I gained a deep understanding of what chakra I need to target for me to regain my financial status and relationship back. In my case, what I need to target is my Heart Chakra, Root Chakra, and Sacral Chakras.

Heart, Root, and Sacral Chakras

Heart chakra for my broken relationship, root chakra for my financial problem, and sacral chakra to rejuvenate my energy so that I can overcome my shortcomings in life. It came to the point before that I want to give up, but when I started implementing the system, I noticed that my life started to improve, my business is gradually gaining back its status, and my relationship is improving gradually too!

Other than that, I noticed that there are more opportunities than kept on coming, I already lifted my business’ declaration of bankruptcy, and my partner is on the track of reuniting with me.

I was also happy that the creator of the system which is Stephanie Mulac threw in a free audiobook, which is entitled The Chakra Rainbow Meditation. It is maintenance to my unlocked chakras in which I listen to every morning or before I sleep at night. It clearly gives me a refreshed feeling.


Free eBook “7 Yoga Positions that Heal and Tune your Chakras”

I also loved the free eBook, which is in PDF which is entitled “7 Yoga Positions that Heal and Tune your Chakras”. Before my form of exercise is lifting weights and jogging because of Stephanie, I learned that yoga is the best form of exercise number one reason is meditation is included in the routine in which it rejuvenates our mind and soul, added the fact that the stretches really help in the overall health of our muscles and bones.

I told you earlier that unlocking root chakra is the main solution to the bankruptcy of my business. The package includes a free Chakra Money Meditation, which is why I am really thankful to the creator of the system. In fact, I learned a lot of things from that guide. It is compiled as a PDF type file. While I am healing my root chakra, I implemented the techniques written on the guide, and I was really happy that it fastens up the results that I wanted.

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Some of the Testimonials of Other Buyers

To give you an idea of how effective it was, I will give you a few of the reviews of the people who had already implemented the system in their lives.

“It’s a delight when you see that your chakras are united with the use of Stephanie’s technique. You can accomplish anything. Words cannot explain the happiness I have felt so far. Thank you very much for this” – Jennifer

“When my livelihood and my partner were taken away from me, I made a decision to try Stephanie’s method to heal my chakras’ equilibrium.  I can’t think of how my fate has changed. In less than  a month, I administered to find a fresh livelihood.” –Robson.

 I tell you that there is nothing to lose when you try the “Chakra Activation System” the cost of the product is just a small investment for a bigger opportunity that will be coming into your life.


The Benefits of the Product

I tell you before when I still do not know that there is such a system, my life is miserable. I was truly thankful that those obstacles hit my life because of that. I found the system that truly changes my life for the better the obstacles are blessings in disguise.

Now you know almost all the details of what benefits will you get if you implement the system, you can take the opportunity to buy it until it is available in the market. The price is very reasonable versus the dozens of benefits that you will get from it.

The only disadvantage of the product for me is that it completely required a lot of discipline for you to implement the system in the right way.

Another thing is you must learn how to focus because you will need it for practicing meditation. But nevertheless, any person can follow the routines at any given point in time, and you just need to have the determination and the will for you not to get bored with it.

My life had completely changed because of the “Chakra Activation System,” and I know that your life will be completely changed if you study the methods and implement them in the right way as I do. You can become a person who has this magnet of attraction. I recommended the system to my friends, and they bought a copy of the system, and they were all satisfied.

energy healing

The Final Verdict

Lastly, we only live once in a lifetime, so I guess you must do your best to bring out the better person in you in all the aspects of your life. Most of all, unlock your chakras and see the difference between living in a life of equilibrium that is focused on success and at the same time not getting exhausted.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and you have everything to gain. I am the living example of a person who tried the system, and I am here to share with you my success in using it. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors.




Click Here to Buy Chakra Activation System


  • Affordable and has a lot of freebies.
  • The steps are easy to follow and to understand.
  • Applicable to all types of problems.
  • Good for the overall health.


  • The users of the system must have a high level of focus, especially when meditating.
  • You will need to study and understand a lot of terms before proceeding with the techniques because most chakras are interconnected with each other.

Summary: I stated my positive experiences when I bought the Chakra Activation System, and I based my review regarding the said system on the results that it gave me. Luckily the system worked on me. I regained my financial status, and my relationship back added that it also affects almost all aspects of my life positively.

RatingRated 4.5 stars