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Everyone knows the famous saying about romantic partnerships and the enterprise of manslaughter. All is Fair in Love and War. But people forget one thing. Whenwe are talking about the practices of war, we are in fact discussing a science that is thousands and thousands of years old, beginning with the famous book Art of War written by Master Sun Tzu. Since then a library of books were written about how to wage war and gain victory over your opponent, and many great leaders studied and practiced this science. And while men immersed themselves into the Art of Warfare, mankind forgot that love also has its own art, discipline and science.

But nobody wrote the Art of Love yet. So while it may be true that all is fair in love and war, it is time to study the former subject as well, and learn about the hidden strategies of love.

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Know Your Enemy

The Capture His Heart guide, written by Michael Fiore, explains perfectly the psychological drives underlying the mind of men. Its profound insights help us understand what is happening around the male community in today’s society. What we see today is that the most quality men are either leaving both society and the institution of marriage as a wholeor they become players practicing The Game, hunting quantities of women in the sexual marketplace whilerefusing to commit and pursue long-term relationships on principle.

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The truth is, as the book explains, that these men actually yearn commitment but they believe they cannot get it in the world they live in today, where the institution of marriage is dying and monogamous relationships are more and more frowned upon.

Capture His Heart also explains that physical attractiveness is not the main aspect men evaluate when they look at a woman. It is a myth that you need to spend hours every day to perfect your looks, and the only thing you achieve with that is you neglect those parts of yourself that are more valued by men than your beauty. You may look highly attractive, yetprimarily this is not what men wants, and if you continue going down that path, you won’t find a quality partner.

And when I say quality partner, I am talking in strict terms defined by the book. They explain in great detail what are the red flags in a man and what are the signs that you have to look for to find the best and most reliable partner.


Planning the Attack

People evaluate one another in the sexual marketplace by what is called sexual market value. These are traits the sexes look for in one another, and the more of these traits you have the higher your value will become in the market of love. Michael Fiore’s Capture His Heart offers you uniqueways to boost and enhance your sexual market value so that you become and attract the most prized possession in the domain.

It is basically Game for women. It teaches the reader ways to attract quality males, skills with which one may project independence, strength and power over oneself: traits that are highly sought after in females. It also teaches various psychological techniques with which the reader may achieve to be approached and chased by the targeted man.

Two of the three bonus materials also help in the game of attraction and the feline form of hunting. First, you receive a simple yet highly helpful “Is He The One?” checklist with which you can easily evaluate your potential partner, look for red flags and find out whether he is a quality marriage material. The second bonus is an interview with a male dating coach who offers valuable techniques to use while you are trying to lure a man and get him to chase you.

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Victory over aHundred Battle

Finally, Capture His Heart teaches the reader not only how to attract a quality man but also how to keep him. With the vault of tools and techniques it teaches, the reader will master the art of building a long-term committed relationship.

As I have said before, men are abandoning the sexual marketplace in droves. They are going Galt, which is a phrase originates from a novel in which the most brilliant members of society suddenly left the world to see it die from the distance. They did it as a rebellion, refusing to be used and exploited by an ever-growing government anymore. Today, men do fear the power of government: with one simple one bad decision, the courthouse may destroy a man’s life forever with divorce laws, strip him from his child and half of his wealth and income for the rest of his life. They experience this world as if society has abandoned them.

In Capture His Heart, Michael Fiore explains how the male psychology relates to commitment, what are the roots of the fear of long-term, monogamous relationships. It shows that men do in fact want to commit and live a happy, married life with children and maybe some animals in the backyard, but there are several barriers in front of them that must be purged for them to commit and propose to you. The book teaches youhow to purge these fearsthem from hisbrain.

It also teaches ways to maintain a long-term relationship and not to let the flame of love die out, maintaining your partner constant focus, attention and care towards you and working on his satisfaction with the relationship to survive. The third reward further adds to this knowledge: the “Dump Radar” worksheet is an amazing tool to detect if the relationship is getting colder and offers great solution to reignite the flame.

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This book offers a pathway to break out of the ring of players and cheaters who seek only one-night adventures. In fact, in gives a tool to repel these people. And by getting rid of them, you will be able to attract higher quality males who are more reliable and more willing to commit, settle and build a family with you. This is a challenging task for that these men are being driven out of society due to the dangers and risks they have to endure in the sexual marketplace, and you have to pull them back in.

Capture His Heart offers a set of skills and tools with which you can offer a value to these men that is so high and so precious that they will not be able to resist and they will return even from the end of the world with a desire in their heart to marry you and live a peaceful life with you for the rest of their lives.

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– Learn the best methods to understand male psychology so that you can find your dream life partner with ease.

– Unique methods to enhance your sexual market as men are mostly attracted towards women who are more appealing.

– Tips and secrets by which you can effectively communicate with any guy and make him admire about you.

– Relationship development techniques by which you can enhance love and affection in your married life.


The program might not yield best results in each scenario for which the followers will have to remain consistent and implement the tips as advised.

Summary: Capture His Heart is a relationship program designed by MasterSun Tzu exclusively for women by which they can understand the psychological and mental traits of men within minutes. So if you are struggling hard to find the life partner of your dreams, this program will surely help you in great regard.

RatingRated 4.5 stars