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First and foremost, because I believe in full disclosure: I am a married woman (and my husband is a pretty smooth talker).

This is why reviewing Bulletproof Seduction was so interesting! I find social dynamics fascinating because a lot of the differences between the sexes are unconscious until they are pointed out. Hopefully, giving the female perspective will help someone decide whether to invest in their personal development with this product.

After inputting your email address at the Bulletproof Seduction website, you get access to a free video and report emailed to you from one of the authors, Simon Heong, about persuasion. The report is interesting. It breaks down the reason women tend to prefer dating older men (spoiler alert: biology) and how, unlike what the media tends to portray to men, the average guy only sleeps with 4-7 women in their entire life.


Great news: That doesn’t have to be your fate

The techniques contained in this book are so effective that Simon says even a 50-year-old virgin can learn how to unleash his inner magnetism and attract any woman he wants. Pretty impressive, huh?

Keep in mind that you get what you put into this program.

What you’re feeling on the inside is reflected on the outside, so the authors mention the importance of maintaining an open mental state. You’ll notice that if you remain curious as you allow the ideas from this book to shift your mindset, that you’ll be excited and the experience and will stay motivated.

On the other hand, if you adopt a scarcity mindset and approach women with the intent of making up for a lost time, this will be immediately obvious and unattractive in a woman’s eyes.

Keep in mind, since the ideas presented in the book are so different than conventional dating advice, you may experience a bit of resistance as you incorporate them into your belief system. However, if you make it a point to consistently practice these techniques, you’ll see continuous improvement.

Maybe you’ll even start to relax and enjoy yourself when meeting women. You’ll be excited when getting ready for a night out because you’ll know you have the skills to connect with women on a deeper level than most.


How to create attraction effortlessly

After taking a look at the area that most guys seem to struggle in (the approach), the authors were compelled to create Bulletproof Seduction. As a woman, I can’t imagine how nerve-wracking that would be, having to initiate the interaction.

But let me tell you, the concepts presented in this book are spot-on. The author emphasizes the importance of not just saying the same old boring stuff every other guy says. Getting her curious about you will spark her attraction.

I can attest to that because that is exactly how my husband approached me (remember how I told you he’s smooth?). You’ll love this story, and I can’t wait to tell it to our grandkids someday.


My husband approached and said I promise I’m not a piece of #$%&, but and asked me for a ride home.

First of all, he’s a man of his word and kept his promise of not being a piece of #$%&. Second of all, I was so floored by how confident he was to just walk up to me out of nowhere and say something like that.

That type of charisma intrigues a girl right away and will have her wondering why you seem so different than the rest.

Are you making these conversation mistakes?

I know a lot of men try to memorize pick-up lines. The book discusses how, instead of memorizing several canned lines, it’s a much better use of your time to learn the concepts behind establishing rapport and starting off with a great conversation.

Understanding the principles behind a great approach will only make it easier each and every time you meet a new girl.

Reject rejection with this little-known tip.

As a woman, I can confirm that applying this advice would make you at least 5 times more attractive to a girl. We become more attracted to a man when we know that he’s self-sufficient. You know, the whole “he’s with me because he wants to be, not because he needs to be” thing.

So next time a girl tries to friend zone you, keep this valuable tip in mind and watch how quickly you become irresistible to her!


4 ways to increase sexual tension (and a woman’s perspective)

1. Play hard to get (but not TOO hard to get).

I know that dating advice is usually given to girls. Show her that you’re busy with your own life, and she will be eager to fit into it.

2. Be a tease (please?).

Don’t be rude when teasing, but definitely lighten up the mood. Give her a nickname or joke with her (creating inside jokes among you both is a great way to bond). Don’t do what every other guy does and just kiss her when dropping her off at the end of the night. Keep her guessing, and she’ll be on her toes wondering what it is about you that’s so different than the others.

3. Be confident (not cocky).

It is so attractive to see that a guy is secure in himself and his abilities, as long as he doesn’t cross the line into the cocky territory. I should explain this because it is a delicate balance.

On the other hand, we women don’t want to be with a man who constantly needs reassurance. On the other hand, a man so arrogant that he keeps his eyes closed while talking is even more of a turn-off than a man forgetting his wallet on a first date.

4. Have a sense of humor.

Yes, this will make you unforgettable. You should always keep humor in your seduction toolbox, as this will set you light years ahead of your competitors.

As with anything, everything in moderation, even moderation, and humor. Sprinkle it throughout your conversations, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results!

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How to use the American Idol Principle to establish high value when talking to women

Now, this is interesting because the authors talk about how, when American Idol was on the air, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul would always try to cushion the blow if someone’s performance was lackluster. They didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or discourage them from their dreams. Their intentions were good, but that didn’t help their influence as judges.

You know who everyone was waiting to hear from Simon Cowell. He never minced words and was usually painstakingly accurate in his assessments. Even if he got booed by the audience, his opinion carried that much weight.

You will learn how to leverage the American Idol Principle in your interactions to keep the ball in your court. This will keep you from over qualifying your every response to her and will put you in a position of power.

Why should you invest your hard-earned money and time in Bulletproof Seduction?

1. The Authors

You can start to feel good about learning these things because two masters of their craft are guiding you.

Dean Cortez

Dean started learning about pickup artistry after meeting a hostage negotiator, Mr. X, in a club in Las Vegas and seeing how women gravitated toward him all night. Not only that, but whatever woman he was chatting up at the moment would buy their drinks (Mr. X said that this was a deliberate move on his part, not to be cheap but to maintain his power in the interaction).

Dean learned the arts of persuasion from Mr. X, and his life has been a whirlwind of traveling, hooking up with hot girls, and mingling with some of the greats of the pickup artist industry.

Simon Heong

Simon is a well-known expert in the pickup artist industry. He has written many books on the subject, including How to Instantly Attract Any Woman and How to Have Women Pick You.

2. The Techniques

Dean and Simon take you all the way through the approach process and even give tips on how to cultivate your image. I’ve mentioned my favorite parts of the book in the review, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself how these ideas will attract women everywhere you go.

Imagine how amazing it will feel when you walk into a room, and all eyes are instantly drawn to you. This is a magic Bullet you’ll want to fire often!

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– The guide is very easy to understand. Therefore, even a person who has no experience in the dating field can use it.

– The guide is very detailed, and therefore, everything you need to know is outlined for you. All you need to do is pick it up and implement it.

– The guide takes you through some tips that are obvious but so important to win the love of your life.

– It is cost-effective.


– You will have to invest some time to get the full advantage of this guide.

Summary: Bulletproof seduction is a guide that has been developed to help you seduce the woman of your dreams into your trap pot. The guide uses clear steps to educate you through what you need to know to make the woman of your dreams fall for you.

RatingRated 4.5 stars