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Getting a coach to train you on a daily basis can be so expensive and sometimes very tiring. That is why you will need something much more reliable, less costly and also more promising. Thus a great team of coaches came together to develop a program that will help you at home level. To tell the least about this program, it is the first and only program to ever be developed as an online video to help you as a player from the ground level to stars level. All you have to do is switch on to your relaxation mode and let the video do its thing, am sure you can do that.


Who is it for?

Some people might see as if the BTB player manual is not fit for them, but then come to think of it, why did the great people behind the working of this great manual decide to call it a player manual? Well then, I will leave that up to you. This special player manual is designed to help the college player, the high school players and even the people who think they are fit to try the manual out. Therefore, if you think you are physically fit for the BTB playing, then you are not restricted.

Workability is not an issue

With this guide, I have decided to include this part because some of you might be asking the question.How does it work. Fine then, if you are wondering this, then I am certainly not wrong. I will expose the magic behind the working of this BTB player manual. All you need is a couch and a DVD player. The rest leave it to the manual. After learning the working through the video, you can now apply all the tactics you have learned in the field. This is awesome; it will never limit you in any way that is why I choose to call it a loyal coach.


What does it contain?

In every program, there are some things called the core programs or the main area of focus and in the BTB player manual, there are six core videos. All the six videos are very long meaning that they carry vital information and also informational that is very helpful in so far as getting good as a player is concerned. It covers everything from the most basic practices to the top polishing and advanced techniques. Therefore, whatever you are looking for, be guaranteed is in the manual waiting just for you.


Why be an exception?

There are thousands of students from the high school players to the college player who have improved their lacrosse gaming action into somewhat powerful skills. Therefore, if you are there and still doubting what the BTB player manual can do, then you are missing out on very important life changing chance. Therefore, this is your chance; you better take it to experience the wholesome goodness of this manual.

Videos you get to learn from

There are a series of both the short and the long videos. The long ones are the one to lay emphasis on. Depending on the level you are, you can become very committed players and in turn gain more experience and the tactics. These are the videos to learn from

  1. Video one. At this level, you get to learn how to get yourself armed and in order for the battle. It is here where you get to learn how to protect yourself and do all the techniques required of you as a lacrosse player. Actually, the starting video lays the foundation to almost everything in the video and thus a lot of focus would be very much in handy. It is also in this video that a players confidence is built up. In order to participate well in the game confidence is required and in this video tutorial, you will learn how to boost your confidence.
  2. Video two. This video is all about throwing and catching. With this video you will learn the greatest art when it comes to throwing and catching without fail. A lot of great players have used this art to develop their skill and are doing very great. Some of their advice and skills is what was used in the making of this video and can be of great help to you if you try it out.
  3. Video three. This video is all about teaching the aspiring players how to make a precise target, shooting at it and making a great score. The coaches know that success in this game is not how hard you hit the target, but how precise you are at hitting the target. Therefore, this video will show you how to perfect in this art.
  4. Video four. This video is dedicated to all the defense team. Here they will learn how to beat the opponents behind the cage in a fair manner. It is so shameful for you as a defender to attract attention by being beaten by an opponent in your cage. Therefore, here you will learn to perfect that art in just a flash.
  5. Video five. In this video, you will learn to develop your strength, you are given some vital work outs on how to develop your strength since the BTB game requires people who have energy to face off their opponents. Therefore, here you will learn how to grow your tons of strength.
  6. Video six. This is the last long video. The coaches have taken the advantage of this video to show you one last but vital organ of the BTB playing and that is the speed. In this video, you get to learn how to increase your speed to a maximum level and yield the best results ever. Therefore, get to learn on how to increase your speed.

These great videos carry all what it takes to transform your BTB playing into something much more worthwhile. Therefore, take time with this manual and take advantage of what it has to offer.


Still! There is more

With the BTB player manual, there are more than the video segments. With this video, you get to enjoy other features like the special bonuses which includes;

  • Learning how to dodge from the top.
  • Conditioning yourself to the maximum level.
  • You will also get the alumni secrets. Something hard to get with other manuals.

These three are the top notch features that you will get by deciding to use this top quality BTB player manual.


This is the best manual that you could ever get for yourself or for your kid. It is an exclusively built up manual to help all those who are in desperate need getting to the game but do not know how. This BTB player manual is just what you need whether you are a starter or just somebody who want to perfect his skills. Therefore, with no doubt at all, I would strongly recommend the usage of this manual.


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– The program is effective- The program works every time. It transforms amateurs to real professionals and professional to better professionals.

– It caters for all sports men. The program can be used by the football players and any other player feeling that they need to add more skills in their game.

– The program contains very informative videos that you get to learn everything that you need to know as a player.

– The program is very cost effective meaning that with only a few bucks, you will get access to this awesome program.


– You will have to be committed to the program for you to start experiencing the effect of this package.

Summary: This is a program that has been developed to help you develop skills as a player. It has a high success rate at transforming every amateur player into a professional and making all the stars perform even better. Therefore, if you need a program that is cost efficient and effective, this is the guide.

RatingRated 1.5 stars