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Human beings possess little to no instincts. We do not have an automatic knowledge about how to survive, how to acquire food or how to reproduce. And because of this we has to learn every single skill we want to use without assuming that we are just naturally good at it without consulting experts.

This is true in every profession, every discipline, every household activity, and in every part of the social life, including friendships or sexual relationships, a firm handshake or a perfect blowjob.

If you, as a women, never studied the art of fellatio, chances are, you are doing it wrong. It is fine, we all do things horribly with perfect confidence in our abilities, but admitting that we are doing it badly is the first step in improving the right way.

The guide Blow by Blow, written bya bestselling author who wrote almost twenty books on the subject of romantic and sexual relations,Michael Webb is going to teach you how to perform the perfect oral intercourse that will forever bind you and your significant other together.

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Doing it In Different Ways

There is a price for not learning how to perform a perfect fellatio. 44% of relationships end because of the lack of this skill. The lack of high-quality sexual intercourse damages the relationship in several ways: it makes sex – the most effective pair-bonding activity – boring, dull and just a drag for the man and it will also increase the chances ofinfidelity, since the man will be inclined to find a relationship with actual passion.

Michael Webb’sBlow by Blow is an extensive guide for every female to orallyplease his partner and perform unforgettable blowjobs. It teaches 15 different oral techniques, including deep throat methods that will result in the mostsatisfying orgasms. It talks about what to do with your hand, and how to vary the positions to make it amuch more fun experience.

It talks extensively about the numerous mistakes women make that completely ruin the man’s experience, and it teaches confidence for those who are nervous would rather giggle or flee, committing third degree murder againstthe mood with awkwardness. Blow by Blow also writes about techniques that significantly reduce the time it takes for a man to orgasm you that you head won’t fall off from the completely exhausted neck by the end of the ride.


Bonus Content

Michael Webb offers an abundance of highly valuable bonus content. He gives away four e-books for every customer that talk a great detail about how to further enhance and improve a relationship in both sexual and romantic terms. Those who read through it and follow their advice will secure a completely safe, strong, bondedrelationship that is mutually so beneficial that no partner would ever think of being with someone else andthat is going to last forever.

How to Make His Blow Job Unforgettable: The first bonus content, adding to the subject ofBlow by Blow, tells the tale of 26 real-life stories. These tales elaborate on highly unique sexual experience where the blowjob came completely as a surprise, making it the most electrifying and the most unforgettable sexual experience. You may learn from the stories of other, successful women, how to create a much moreadventurous and ever-lasting relationship.

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53 Sexy Coupons: One of the four essential ways to express love towards the other is by givingwell-thought-out surprises.The second bonus reward is an e-book that teaches you how to create the most unique and imaginative gift you could possibly think of. These are coupons that you may hand over to your mate so that he can redeem it for whatever reward the coupon stated, such as a romantic massage or lovemaking in a unique place or position.


101 Romantic Ideas: This e-book contains 101 ideas about how to express love or strengthen the bond between you and your significant other. From a romantic dance to a combination of rarely used words, you will find all kinds of ways to create an environment of warmth, harmony, and prepare the mood for asavage and rough lovemaking.

How to Give Your Partner Great Massages: Massages are one of the greatest tokens of kindness, caring and love one may offer to the other, especially after a hard and exhausting day. With the last bonus you receive after purchasingBlow by Blow, you will learn the best methods of giving a massage that creates a mood of tranquility andthatdoes not injure your partner. You will learn the techniques professional masseurs use to please and express your love to your significant other.

Michael Webb, the author of Blow by Blow and the bonus contents is an extremely well-recognized expert in these fields. Apart from his nineteen books, he has been invited to talk in hundreds of different shows, including Oprah. His reputation – and the endless positive reviews Blow by Blow – ensure that you receive the most reliable and sound relationship advice you could ever get from anyone around the world.

The product is $27, including the four bonus e-book, and he offers a complete money back guarantee within 60 days of the purchase.



It is not easy to maintain a healthy relationship. Many people make the mistake to think that once they are together, it is done and no further time investment is required. But the truth of the matter is that the great challenge only starts once the relationship has been established, and the highest investment of energy and time is required when both parties are trying to get along, while seeing more and more not only the face the other wants to show, but the true personality itself.

The great question is whether they are able to maintain the constant investment of energy and time, smooth the rough edges when the two relationships collide, whether they know how to negotiate and compromise, and how to act, and bring value to the table when someone is deficient in themselves.

This is why you need this guide. And such an investment couldn’t be any better. You gain so much value for $27 that it would be exhausting to enumerate them all. You will get hundreds of pages worth of relationship advice from someone who has one of the greatest reputation in this field.

You will receive endless tips and tricks to secure a long-lasting relationship with mutualhappiness and satisfaction. You will surely monopolize the love and attention of your significant other, and create a household that will be the home of only love, security and commitment.

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– Saves you from losing your relationship as you can find the most effective tips and tricks to fulfill the sexual desires of your man.

– Ideas and experiences which have proven to yield best results for every circumstances.

– Money back guarantee within the first 60 days from the date of purchase.

– Bonuses and other helpful relationship guides given free of cost.

– Learn how to express love and emotions while on bed.


The program requires women to have strong emotional feelings so that they can follow the methods to satisfy their men by all means.

Summary: Blow by Blow program is made by Micheal Webb for people who are not able to achieve sexual goals in their relationship. So if you are one of those women who deprived of their sex life, Blow by Blow has brought proven techniques and methods which can you learn how to give the perfect blowjob.

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