My Review: Does Beyond Consciousness Work or Not?

Beyond Consciousness
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Your mind is powerful, nobody says otherwise, and there are a thousand irrefutable proofs in this regard. The difficult thing here, and what makes many people tear down, is “how to learn to control it”.

About this, you may think it is complicated, but the truth is that it is super simple.

Hypnotic professionals know how to talk to your subconscious to eliminate barriers, traumas, or limitations that do not allow you to move forward, but these are treated as almost secret procedures.

So, if you are one of the few people who actually look for mental and psychological improvement and want to take a further step by yourself, Dr. Steve G. Jones Ebook “Beyond Consciousness” talks about 8 techniques necessary to restart your subconscious probably sound familiar.


What was Dr. Steve G. Jones’s inspiration?

Like the rest of humanity, he felt at some point that he lost the direction of his life and his productive potential was diminishing; in other words, that a part of him blocked prosperity by not taking advantage of opportunities.

He then took care to do an introspective study that generated the discovery of these 8 lessons.

Basically, Dr. Steve says that everyone has the ability to use the mind to achieve their objectives, and there is no one unable to do so.

But the only way is to connect with the subconscious, which is the one way to get rid of attachments, discomforts, and memories that generate a constant consumption of imperceptible energy quickly.

But, in a certain way, the mind resents. And you can find out why through this book!

What is “Beyond Consciousness” about?

“Beyond Consciousness” is a PDF of 8 modules with audio reproduction that aims to teach people to redirect the power of their mind, use it, empower it and in this way, take advantage of the energies that spiritual health can generate in life.

It is a cosmic, astral, energetic book that deals with hypnosis, meditation, spiritual balance, astral sex, energy management, and peace.


Who is Dr. Steve G. Jones?

The author of the book and audios of “Beyond Consciousness” is a clinical hypnotist, currently residing in Savannah, Georgia, who has focused on making reviews about the introspective study, consciousness, hypnosis, the law of attraction, astral travel, and other spiritual topics.

He is also a lecturer, and at 50 years of age, he has obtained enough experience in the astral plane to share with society.

What is the content of “Beyond Consciousness”?

In a total of 8 volumes that also have their mp3 playback, the topics that will help you have full control over your mind and spirit are covered in depth!

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Being 8 volumes, each one brings a lesson. That is why there are 8 practices that will affect the course of your subconscious.

  1. The first volume talks about astral travel in detail.
  2. The second topic is a review of hypnosis, and it covers everything you need to know about the performance, secrets, and procedures of professionals.
  3. The third volume explains “what is the third eye” and how it powers the brain.
  4. The fourth volume is dedicated to meditation, in addition to tips that you should know if you are starting with practicing it.
  5. Module five takes the person to explore the ancient Akashic records.
  6. Volume six teaches you to visualize through lucid sleep in order to lead and push you to your goals without any limitation.
  7. Volume seven reveals a very old sexual practice known as tantric sex, which is more related to the management of energy and love than to mere sexual contact.
  8. Volume 8 is the instructions so you can read your auras and know when you merit to treat your energies.

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What motivated Dr. Steve Jonas to write “Beyond Consciousness”?

People who are deeply spiritual are also evolutionary, energetic people, moved by expansive love towards everything that surrounds them.

That is why the author of this book could not keep this work secret and decided to benefit all who could, like him, heal their souls.

He explained that when he experienced peace, vibrating energy, the balance he sought through his 8 practices, he thought of his family or friends who might have felt, like him, lost at some point.

What changes can I perceive in my life with “Beyond Consciousness”?

Having control of your mind can change everything!

You can have the absolute autonomy of your energies,

Discover through your awareness that you are capable of achieving things that you would never have imagined.

Read or hear the contents of this Ebook or any of its PDFs leaves a sense of lucidity and mental clarity that glimpses all the opportunities you have missed.

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It connects you with your spiritual strength so that you boost your abilities.

You can learn to be in a world of love, peace, and balance is given through gratitude.

You can save money from having to attend therapeutic sessions or without specific activities that do not generate an integral impact on your mind and spirit.

With this book, you can learn to enter the astral plane of consciousness through the wisdom granted by these reviews.

What do people who have already read “Beyond Consciousness” say?

John qualifies this Ebook with 5 stars out of 5 and says that “It helps you realize that it is never too late to reach your higher self and that there is much more to live for.”

John has managed to achieve the objectives that Dr. Jones has proposed for all his readers, to master his mind and “his superior self” in order to apply it to other important areas of his life such as work, love, and family.

That’s why he says that this book shows that there are many more reasons to live in harmony.

Get your PDFs or audios of “Beyond Consciousness”!

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You can access the website where there is a great offer of the reviews of Dr. Steve Jonas. Also, you can also get a CD with music to meditate on for your purchase, ideal to accompany your introspective study or hypnosis.

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  • The book is meant for anyone to understand and manages clear and simple language.
  • As for the writer, he is a certified professional in the field, willing to share a part of his knowledge and study.
  • You can learn to dominate your mind.
  • Get to know and take advantage of your potential.
  • Be able to spot an opportunity when it presents.
  • Practice self-hypnosis and meditation without going to a therapist.
  • Live the experience of an astral trip.


  • Not everyone is prepared to discover what lies in their subconscious.
  • We advise you to be prudent and follow step by step the advice that the audios indicate.
  • There is no physical reproduction of the volumes of “Beyond Consciousness”.


Summary: Some people claim that there are no herbalists for souls, but this Ebook is pretty close to being an encyclopedia that teaches you to navigate in the deep waters of your mind.

“Beyond Consciousness” has proven to be a group of necessary reviews for people who feel that they have no direction for one or another reason.

With this book, and the help of Dr. Steve, a specialist in the field, you can discover how to live with the soul, know your strengths, and increase the pleasure and love in your life, allowing you to master your superior self.

Acquire now this literary piece as a great opportunity to work in yourself and your soul, which is as important to care as your body.

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