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How long have you been waiting to find a belly dance partner? I know it’s really hard to find such professional, who is really specialized in the field and dedicated to tech each and every details. You will hardly find a professional who has taken belly dance as her profession. So, also the chances of find someone who really knows belly dance and ready to teach her knowledge is quite rare. Most of time, you will find many novice in front of eyes who are struggling to learn belly dancing. But you will hardly see any professional trainer.


How It Started

Mariella Monroe is a professional belly dancer. She has taken her belly dance seriously. And it’s been a decade she is in this field. Now she used to tech belly dance in her own academy. She is teaching it in her academy for last 5 years. One day, after training session she was thinking about something different, something broaden. She was thinking if she could expand her dance knowledge in broader scale. Because she knows how tough it is to find a belly dance teacher and this is the reason that made her thought about such step.

But she was really worried that how she could possibly take such movement by which she can be closer to everyone and her lessons would be clear to everyone. Then she came up with an awesome idea. She was thinking what if she make a video where each and every chapter of belly dancing will be included. Also, she will add each and every details of dancing. This was the platform and history behind makingBelly Dancing Course.

Learn Master-class Belly Dance through Belly Dancing Course

Monroe is very passionate in everything she does. HerBelly Dance Coursepackage is a clear proof of that. Monroe did it in such exquisite way, it really took my entire attention. I was very keen and interested in learning Belly Dance Course so I went to purchase Monroe dance course. I was thinking many before purchasing that course. I was thinking many positive and negative stuffs. I was thinking like it’s not going to worth my money and meet my expectation. But that time I was so desperate to learn belly dance, so purchased it somehow.

I can still remember the day when I started my home lesson. I was trying to learn the first chapter of that course and it was really easy. The first chapter was mainly based on many basic stuffs. I was failed to understand what I am going to learn. So after finishing the first chapter somehow, I was delaying. It’s been a week I didn’t touchBelly Dancing Course. One day I was sitting alone in my room and I was so depressed with a personal issue. I was thinking what I am going to do with my life. Suddenly, belly dancing came up into my mind. And I instantly turned back into my rehearsal and openBelly Dancing Course. It was my real beginning, the starting of my belly dance journey.


A new Era of belly Dancing Opened!

Belly Dancing Coursewas surprising meeach day at every new lesson. Before starting a new lesson, I became very worried, what if the lesson isn’t clear enough. Then I how I am going to learn, how I am going to continue the rest of the lessons. But to be honest, I never faced any difficulties in the description and details of the entire course. Sometimes, I thought how an individual could be such flawless and accurate. But that’s none of my business. My task was to finish the entire course within a passage of time.

Get Instant Access!

In the second lot, I started really well and I was very regular. And I learned the overall belly dancing course within a few months only. I could feel the difference between me. I was very happy that time. Sometimes, i could believe that I can perform belly dance now.


Best Dance Course Ever!

This is the best dance course I have ever noticed. The whole dance course has changed my life. The entire course is a package of details knowledge on belly dance. The whole course is jam packed. Anyone who is very desperate and dedicated to learn belly dance, they should certainly try this course. I can tell you, you will not believe what you exactly know at the end of the course. The whole course was made in a specific, technical way. The way that would suit best with the novice. There are plenty of reasons this course is the bestBelly Dance Coursein the world. Let’s take a brief look on the features and details of it:

  • The whole course contains 50 details video. Each video demonstrates each important lesson. The total run time of 50 videos is about 8 hours only. The size is quite small but very precise indeed.
  • The dance programs are introduced in step by step method. The entire course is made in such way that indicates the easy to follow method.
  • There are 5 major styles for Belly dancing. And in your course, you will have 3teachers who will teach and describe the details of 5 major styles.
  • The course is made in such way that would be suitable for both beginners and regular dancers. Just follow what the course says, you will be in your desired position!
  • The course administrator has successfully described around 40 different. Complicated body movements verbally. And I must say the entire verbal description was quite accurate and useful.
  • The basic moves of belly dances are covered all in first two hours. So that you can easily move forward to your next complex levels.
  • You can observe every critical moves frommultipleangles. So you would be easily able to figure out that how to perform which move.


The entire dance course is a master class course. Maybe this is the first ever dance course ever which is too complete and matured and talks about details. Also, the course is very modern and advanced as well. I took lightly at first. And I even avoided it for first few days. But the second time when I again started it, i felt really different. And I knew that I had to finish this course to achieve what I always dream of. And I did it, I really did it. All credit goes toBelly Dancing Course! Without this course, I couldn’t possibly knew belly dance, I couldn’t possibly learn how to move. So I would never hesitate to strongly recommend this awesome course to anyone who is dedicated and devoted to belly dance. Good Luck!

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– Straight to the point: the course introduces you to the concept of belly dancing and why it is important that you get to learn it.

– Detailed videos: all total in 50, the course’s videos are very detailed and therefore, you can be sure of what you are getting.

– Step to step coverage: the course uses a step to step format to clearly explain the things you need to know in belly dancing.

– Teaches you the major steps in belly dancing. No other course program in the market will be detailed such as this and therefore, it is really worth your time and effort


– The course’s videos are a little bit long, this may not favor people who like long videos.

Summary: This is a course that will teach you everything that you need to know to be a professional belly dancer. It is well explained with clear points that will help you become the best dancer you could ever wish to become. Therefore, unlock the possibility of becoming the best there is in the belly dancing. This course is very diverse such that every detail, is covered in keen and in a manner that you can understand clearly. Therefore, join the many other users who are already using the course to make professionals out of themselves.

RatingRated 4 stars