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I just bought this eBook by Keith Jacobs which is entitled Ammo Independence – The Home Firearm Survival Guide because I was really amazed on the fact that I can manufacture my own ammunition and afterward knowing of how to prevent future intrusion of burglars and the government.


One of a Kind Author

Keith Jacobs had various experiences on the field of firearms. He made various websites like PatriotPoweredNews and SaveMyRights and various pro-gun pages on Facebook.

He also has been an active member of different famous gun forums and websites like The Blaze, World Net Daily, and many other gun-related websites.


Can’t Avoid Being Skeptical

At first I was really skeptical about the eBook because the modules are unrealistic, but throughout the process of reading the book I realized that what Keith Jacobs is stating is so true and will be a reality in the near future, because of this eBook I became conscious to the fact that the government can really control everything even our guns and ammo!

The Main Reason Why the Federal Government is Controlling the Market of Guns and Ammo

From the main plan of the federal government to manipulate the prices of the guns and ammo so that normal civilians will not have the capacity to buy.

One of the government’s way to manipulate the prices is that they imposed high taxes through international policies of trade for them to make a lot of money because many people from the government especially insiders know that our country is having an impending crisis when it comes to the financial aspect.

One obvious evidence of the government’s effort on making a profit on firearms is that they closed down the number one supplier of lead in our country so that suppliers of ammo will be importing lead from other countries.

It will be a gateway of opportunity for them to make a lot of money by imposing high tariffs on the importation of the lead.

ammo box

The Federal Government Exposed

Thanks to Keith Jacobs for his years of investigation on the topic of regarding “war on guns”, it is really a blessing that I came across this eBook “Ammo Independence The Home Firearm Survival Guide”.

He really did a great job on giving a straight to the point information on topics regarding home firearm skill set with no additional word padding which readers can finish reading and study the eBook in less than an hour.

The main objective of the product is to create awareness regarding firearms and ammo, what I have observed when I finished browsing it is that the author is really concerned about the massive black market business of the Federal Government to hinder commoners like us to possess guns.

The Benefits of the eBook

That is why the product was created by its author for the reason of getting us some useful knowledge that we can use in the near future.

Being vigilant and creative are the most important values that this product has taught me. It widens my ability to do something that I have never done in my entire life!

It was a good go-to guide and for you to build up stock knowledge regarding home firearm survival. People can use it in the near future, for example, there is a chaotic situation like war, famine or even zombie apocalypse (pun intended).

It is advantageous for you to have a weapon at the comfort of your home to protect your family and properties.

Get Instant Access!

What have I learned from this wonderful product?

  • The skill of creating my own ammunition, to be able to control my supply of ammo.
  • I learned about the 21 hideouts in which I can put my guns and ammo. There will be a time when a catastrophe breaks out; the government will start taking away guns. I can now say that I am ready for those kinds of scenarios.
  • I learned on this eBook the way on how to construct my own AR-15 rifle for a much cheaper cost and added the fact that it is legal because it is off the radar on any registries of the government.

aiming pistol

The Best Among its Competitors

Although there are a lot of survival guides that I came across the internet. It is really evident that Keith Jacob’s “The Home Firearm Survival Guide” is the most legit among them.

Other survival guns guide out there tackles the topic in a fictional manner meaning there is no evidence that it can be implemented and the materials are not so abundant in which the I  had no chance of implementing almost all of the modules that are written in the book and eventually disappointed me at the end.


The pages of the eBook of “The Home Firearm Survival Guide” are not that long but despite that, the modules are well explained thoroughly. But I am looking forward to the 2nd version of this book because I want to know more about the details of the conspiracy regarding Federal Government’s manipulation of guns and ammo because it really fascinates me to read about that kind of topics.

The most important thing is I learned how to create my own ammo, in which I do not need to become a rocket scientist in order to make one.

From now on I do not have to worry about running out of supplies of ammo I am also not scared if any catastrophic things happen because I am now ready.

Where can I Hide my Ammo?

Before I am really worried about where I will hide my firearms and ammo, my reason before on why I want to hide my firearms and ammo in a very safe place because my kids might find them and play with them, but after reading this eBook I realized that there are a lot more reasons on why I should hide my firearms and ammo.

I found out that these 21 places in which I did not think off before are the best possible way to hide my pieces of equipment.

Ways on Reading the Product

You will get the product in PDF format, what I did is I  printed it on a paper so that I can study it meticulously I found it more effective added the fact that I am a fan of the old style of reading which is through the use of paper books.

However, you can read it paperless with the use of your tablet, laptop or smartphone whichever do you prefer.

The most interesting part of the book for me is I learned the process of creating my own AR-15 rifle and customize it according to my taste and preference. This is a great experience for a gun enthusiast like me because I did not imagine before that I could make one myself.

gun with bullet

The Final Verdict

The steps were easy to follow and most of all available for the ordinary people like me.

The cost of making a home-made AR-15 rifle is inexpensive, the materials are also easy to find and most of all it will be more valuable if a disaster happens because I have the knowledge in making such kind of weapon.

When I bought the product it comes along with a free eBook which is entitled “The Gun Law Bible: What every gun owner should know”. I was really fascinated in reading it because since I became an adult I became an enthusiast of guns.

Right after I finished reading the main product I preceded in reading the freebie, it really added gained me more knowledge in the field of firearms.

I am really glad that I bought the product at a very low price and I was amazed on the learning that I got from it I did not expect that a cheaply priced product would give me the best quality when it comes to content.

I heard that the value of it is triple the price of how much I bought it, that is why I encourage people to buy it while it last because we might not know until when it is on the market. I wish you all the best and good luck.


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  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Materials are easy to find and abundant in local stores.
  • Good for the environment because it teaches how to recycle used shells.
  • The price of the eBook is affordable.


  • Some situations that the guide can be used are full of conspiracy.

Summary: I stated the benefits of buying The Home Firearm Survival Guide eBook by Keith Jacobs. I indicated what I have learned in the eBook like making my own home made AR-15 rifle, how to make my own ammo, and where I can hide my ammo and firearms when there is a need to.

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