Affirm-a-Life Masterclass by Steve White – My Shocking Review

Affirm-a-Life Masterclass
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I am a crew at a famous fast food chain I worked there for 5 years. I earned an adequate amount of money that can supply my needs like food, transportation, rent, electricity, and other basic needs.

However, I have no extra funds for leisure anymore because the salary that I am receiving is just exactly for my basic need which is very unfortunate.

I am also tired of my everyday routine which is going to work and after that go home to my apartment and sleep and woke up the next day doing the same routine.


Because of this I am experiencing the feeling of emptiness and identity crisis for the reason that I have this urge to look for a career change.

Rejuvenating my Life

So I searched the internet for ways on how I can have a career change and at the same time improve my confidence to achieve my goals in life.

I have found a lot of products that are available in the internet that is telling me that it can help me achieve those goals however I am afraid that these product might be a scam.

Then I came across this product which is called Affirm-A-Life Masterclass which caught my attention because of the wonderful benefits that I might get if I tried this product.

Making a Big Decision

Upon weighing the options I came up to a decision that I must buy that Affirm-A-Life Masterclass product because I have a strong feeling that it can provide the help that I need.

So I bought the product full of positivity and I was really thankful that it was hassle free. After I paid the product using my Paypal account I immediately got the download links.

I downloaded the product right away and I was very happy that the download was really quick and I get to have the opportunity to use it as soon as possible.


I am confident that everything will go smoothly because they are offering a 100% money back if I am not satisfied with the results.

Trying out the Product

I listened to the main audiobook of the product and I was impressed to tell you honestly because it was professionally made.

I scheduled the whole one day listening to the audio tracks of the product and it really gave me a motivational boost.

After several hours of spending my time studying the system that the product is implementing I was able to absorb the system.

I immediately made a plan to change my life completely, one of the plans is to pursue my passion which is creating websites.


Going out of the Comfort Zone

This is the time where I implemented the first step towards reaching my goals. I resigned on my job at the famous fast food chain and started my journey as a freelance web developer.

The first year was very tough because I have a hard time finding clients but whenever I am feeling down I just listen to some parts of the audio tracks that are included in the product and I am alright again.

I gained loyal clients that gave me ongoing projects because of this my income is getting bigger compared to my previous job. And eventually made a high-paying income that became my primary source of income.

Because of this freelancing job I managed to have an income that is more than sufficient because right now I can buy my leisure and can provide a lot of things for my family.

I am completely satisfied with the results after I continuously implemented the techniques that the product taught me it renewed my life completely.
From a loser, I became a winner with proper execution of the techniques, hard work and dedication.
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What Other People are Saying About this Product?

There are a lot of people all over the world who found success in implementing the techniques that the product is suggesting. One of them is a woman from Scotland and she is listening to the product every day when she is on her way to work.

She is energized and motivated to work harder to reach her goals and she always has a positive outlook on whatever she is doing which boosts her performance in everything that she does.

smiling coffee

Another satisfied customer is a middle-aged man from the USA. He is a business owner and because of the product, his income significantly increased.

And he is looking to expand his business to accumulate more wealth for future growth. What he usually listens is the Eyes of Creation audio track which is also included in the package for him to boost his creativity to innovate his business.

There are also a lot of other positive reviews about this product all over the internet which you can determine that this product is not a scam. The clients of the products are completely satisfied with the product.

I also learned a lot of things from it because of the product they changed their lives for the better.

Why Everyone is Trusting this Product?

As we all know it is very hard to put our trust on products that are sold on the internet merely because most of them are a scam even if they are not they tend to be just another crappy product on the internet.

That is why many people have some sort of hesitation in purchasing online products especially in the form of digital products such as eBooks, audio tracks, video tutorials, and etc.

There is really an exception when it comes to this product I did not experience any hesitation simply because the description of the product and the benefits that I can get from it are well explained.

And thankfully I did the right decision when I decided to buy the product. I really love the results that I am getting from it.


My Final Verdict

So we are here on the concluding part of my honest to goodness review of the product Affirm-A-Life Masterclass. All I can say is this is once in a lifetime product that you should not miss.

These kinds of products are a big help if you want to level up your career or life to the next level.

I found my refuge in this product because my life before is so boring and has no direction at all. That is why I am very thankful that I found this product because right now I am financially free because of this.

One thing that I can advise to you is to listen very carefully to the techniques that the product has and implement it with hard work and perseverance.

Nothing will happen if you will just listen to it but you will not put them into action.

My Recommendation

The package includes 7 audio products along with the main product each audiobook has its different purpose but all of them will surely skyrocket your self-growth.

It is made of high-quality information and the good thing is the audio is so clear that you can effortlessly hear every word that is why it is surely not a waste of money.

I am urging you to buy the product now until the price is low because we do not know until when the creator will issue a price hike.

Added the fact that it might not be available in the market for that long because its competitors might shut it down because the product is really in demand right now in the cyberspace.

happy children

And hopefully you learned a lot on my honest review regarding the product and from this review, you can make the decision if you will buy the product.

Thank you for reading my lovely review regarding the product and I wish you good luck on your journey to success. Just be patient and with hard work it is possible.


Click Here to Buy Affirm-a-Life Masterclass


  • Very affordable.
  • Secured payment.
  • It has a  lot of freebies that are included in the package.
  • Very informative and will surely give a positive mindset to your life.
  • Clear and high-quality audio.
  • Has a money back guarantee.


  • You must listen to the audio carefully for you to absorb the techniques.
  • It has no pdf copy that is why you must not miss any of the techniques for you to implement the method in a correct way.

Summary: This product is composed of a package of audio books that would help you to have a positive outlook on your life that will help you to make your life better financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Because it will give you the technique to be motivated and boost your fighting spirit.

RatingRated 4.5 stars