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Addict Him To You
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Are you struggling in your present relationship? Are you trying it difficult if not impossible to connect with your present partner? Have you tried just about anything to capture and maintain a long term relationship? The truth is you shouldnt have to go out of your way to keep any man. If you truly understand him, getting him addicted to you will be effortless. This is where Addict Him to You comes in.

Addict Him to You is a step by step relationship training program created by Mirabelle Summers, a well-known relationship expert, that was designed to help women who are struggling in their current relationships or those who are striving towards finding the man of their dreams.

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Who is Mirabelle Summers?

Mirabelle Summers is a celebrated relationship expert and dating coach who has been instrumental in helping numerous women to capture and keep the man of their dreams for good. She has also helped women in troubled relationships.

Mirabelle is no stranger to relationship issues, since she actually developed an interest in this field after recovering from a terrible break up with a man that she loved dearly.

Mirabelle has since written several books on relationships and is also known for her work on the MeetYourSweet website.

Addict Him To You

How does Addict Him to You Works?

This program is geared to teach women how to either improve their current relationship, decide if a relationship is worth fighting for and how to attract a great guy and maintain a healthy happy relationship with him.

In order to achieve this Mirabelle offers a comprehensive main eBook that is 150 pages long and some bonus guides that are also very useful too.

The main eBook will teach you the strategies in techniques that will help you to achieve your relationship goals. These techniques and strategies are based on results of comprehensive research rather than using tricks, manipulations and mind games.

Some of the things you will learn in the main eBook are:

  • How you can get to make a commitment to you and reasons why they dont. You will also learn the things that prevent men from opening up to you in the first place.
  • The necessary steps you need to take to ensure that the man of your desire become attracted to you to the point that he feels that he cannot exist without you. You will also learn how to how that you are a woman without even saying a single word.
  • Get advice on how you can capture a mans heart, how to make him feel so special that his only desire will be to be with you forever.
  • Tips on how to understand your man including how he thinks, why he acts the way he does, and even what is likely to be his next move.
  • Knowledge on the things that are necessary to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.
  • Understanding on what to do and say on the first date so that it will be the beginning of many more dates to come.

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What will I get when I purchase Addict Him to You?

After purchasing the system, you will be entitled to 4 main eBooks. These include:

  • The main Addict Him To You manual
  • The Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series: the big question
  • The Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series: Getting Physical: Tips For Gals
  • Myth-Busting For Women

Additionally, you will also receive the following bonus guides.

Bonus # 1: The Human Lie Detector.

As the name suggests report drastically reduces the chances of you being lied to by a man ever again. It will give you an insight as to how men think so that you can see right through their deceit. It takes into consideration that women find it difficult to understand what I going through their men minds in relationships. However, as long as you go through this report, you will never be lied to again.

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Bonus # 2: The Cheating Neutralizer

This report was designed to teach you:

  • How to strengthen communication between you and the man in your life, thus further strengthen your relationship at the same time.
  • To understand how they feel.
  • How to get him to reveal his deepest, darkest, and most guarded secrets.
  • How to get him to desire only you for the rest of his life.

Bonus # 3: Reflexive Attraction

After reading this book, you will see how your actions can either help or hurt your relationship with you man. You will specifically learn about the 3 worst mistakes that you can ever make and how repelling it is to men.

Bonus # 4: Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series

This is a monthly series that will provide informative tips that are geared to help you to attract and keep the man of your dreams. It promises to help you with relationship maintenance, empowerment advice, healthy life style tips, and how to deal with intimacy issues. You will also be exposed to interviews with experts in dating.

The first issue of this series is for free. However, you will be charged a monthly fee of $37 if you wish to have monthly issues. You can cancel this issue anytime you wish.

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How much does Addict Him to You Cost?

For a chance to get him addicted to you for the rest of his life, you are only required to pay $47. This is a small price to pay for lasting happiness.

Is there any return policy in place?

If this product for some strange reason doesnt live up to your expectation, can simply email Mirabelle and you will get a full refund absolutely no questions asked.

What are the pros and cons of Addict Him to You?


  • This program is simple and easy to follow. It makes use of a simple conversational tone that almost anyone can follow instructions and gain good results.
  • It was written by an expert in the relationship field. She also has experienced in the area of relationship troubles.
  • It has valuable bonuses.
  • It is relatively inexpensive.
  • It is easily accessed since it can be easily downloaded.
  • It appeals to women of all ages.


  • It is not sold in stores. It can only be accessed online.
  • Requires a lot of time and devotion.
  • Monthly subscription for bonus is a bit pricey.

The Bottom Line

Addict Him to You certainly has its place in helping the many women who are suffering from severe relationship issues or just struggling to attract and keep a nice guy. I most definitely recommend this program.

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– Make him commited to you by implementing the tips and tricks as explained by the author.

– Easy to understand and practice the methods on real life scenarios.

– Available in PDF file so that you can get to learn the most helpful tips on the go.

– Meet your relationship goals by developing the physical and emotional characteristics advised by the author.


The course requires monthly subscription and is priced higher as compared to other programs of similar kind.

Summary: Addict Him To You program is designed by dating coach Mirabelle Summers who better understands the methods which have proved to be helpful in development of a strong relationship. So if you are not able to fulfill the sexual desires of your man, Addict Him To You will help you regain your love life.

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