7 Day Prayer Miracle Review – Legit or Scam? Here is The Answer!

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Life is filled with unexpected yet unavoidable events. Some of these events maybe for the better, but some of them may be unfortunate. The challenges you face every day sometimes make you think that life is unfair. These situations may end up giving you a negative outlook on life, making you feel dejected, making you believe that you have done everything to make things better. But have you, really? If you think you have, then maybe you have not heard of the 7 Day Prayer Miracle yet.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon for depression. The 7 Day Prayer Miracle, a book written by Amanda Ross, might help you have peace of mind and mold you into a better person. Here is a good 7 Day Prayer Miracle review that will discuss this book. From the author’s background, what to expect in the book, and how it can help you.

7 Day Prayer Miracle: About the Author

Amanda Ross is a simple wife and mother until a tragedy had shaped her to become the woman she is today. Everything started when her life went downhill. One day when she and her husband were fighting while driving, and they had an accident. Miraculously, she only had a few bruises on her body, but her husband was in a coma.

Her misery continues. She received a call from their landlord. She then learned that her husband did not pay the rent for 3 months. If they do not manage to pay within 11 days, they will be kicked out.

She was very devastated. She saw herself as a failure as a wife and as a mother to their three children. But a certain occurrence had helped her get back on track.

However, when she was roaming the streets, she saw a second-hand book store with a signboard that says “Heaven on Earth.” She felt that there was something that was pushing her to go inside. She went inside the store where she met a man named Michael. 

Michael quickly pointed out that Amanda was not going to buy books. Because of this, although Amanda is a private person, she told Michael everything about her situation. Michael then said to her that everything would be alright. He then shares with Amanda a simple phrase that can help her.

This phrase is called the Prayer of Daniel. It goes by: “Hear oh God my prayers. Look in favor of my pain. Hear and act. Don’t delay because I bear your name.” Before she left the bookstore, Michael told her that her family would save her.

The Prayer

Amanda decided to recite the Prayer of Daniel. Instantly, she received good news. She got a call from their landlord, who apologized for his behavior. Afterward, he told her that he would let them remain if they can pay one month instead of three.

Eventually, she recited the Prayer of Daniel regularly. She kept receiving good news. Her husband has awakened, and they have re-established their relationship. Not only that, but she also has won a lottery.

Amanda was very thankful for the events that happened to her life. Later on, she decided to visit Michael. However, in place of the second-hand bookstore was a laundromat instead. There were no signs of Michael and the bookstore.

She was shocked when she realized that she was talking with an angel, and this angel had changed her life. Out of curiosity, she did research about the Archangel Michael.

As a result, she learned that he was an angel sent by God to those having troubles. After further research, she discovered that Archangel Michael’s favorite human is Prophet Daniel from Babylon times.

After some time, when she was walking down the same street, the second-hand bookstore appeared once again. Without hesitation, she entered the bookstore and finally met Michael again, who did not conceal his angelic form. There, Michael told her that it is her time to be the one to share the Prayer of Daniel.

What is the 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle is an Ebook that contains the divine message that Amanda Ross wants to share with the world. She wants to let other people know how prayer can change lives just as it changed hers.

It contains 7 amazing prayers that might help you turn your life into a remarkable one, like the life of Prophet Daniel. These prayers, although consisting of only a few sentences, could bring you heavenly delights and make you get by your problems in life.

This book, with over 30,000 words of wisdom, also tackles the life of Prophet Daniel. It provides a guide on how the Prophet Daniel prayed and how he turned his life from a prisoner to a prince. This book provides a step-by-step guide on how you can pray effectively, just like Prophet Daniel did.

The main focus of this book is prayer. It revolves around a belief that has scientific evidence that our mind is easily attracted to negative thoughts. This is why we get to become depressed, anxious, and helpless. To bring back our positive thoughts, the most comforting way to do this is through praying.


Praying can lead you to a positive life, which includes health, wealth, and relationships. If you are looking to become a better version of yourself, this book might help you by:

  • Empowering you to become free from anxiety and depression
  • Gaining inner peace
  • Guiding you to a loving and fulfilling relationship
  • Learning how to remain at peace in times of adversity
  • Conditioning your mind and getting rid of negativity and toxic thoughts such as unforgiveness, bitterness, and feeling of not coping.
  • Giving you the motivation to soar high and lead an amazing life


The e-book also comes with a 7-day prayer journal. This journal can guide you throughout your praying journey. 

Scientific evidence mentions that writing a journal can improve your neural activities. Thus, you will fill this journal with entries about your prayer journey. As a result, this will help your brain think positively, consequently making your outlook in life also positive. This, in turn, will help you focus on achieving your goals while maintaining health both emotionally and mentally.


This program provides some extra activities or bonuses. The free bonuses include:

  • A Song of Shifts. A carefully rendered MP3 format at a frequency of 528 Hz. It is a miracle frequency that only angels can recognize. You can partner it with your prayers.
  • Divine Hearing. This is a book that can help you recognize crucial messages from your angels. It contains a training regimen that will teach you how to hear these messages.
  • Divine Numbers. This is a PDF that contains the secrets of the universe. If you find yourself seeing repeating numbers everywhere, they might have a meaning. This book can help you interpret the meanings of these numbers and gain blessings.
  • The Prayer of Daniel. This PDF contains the longer version of the four verses that changed the life of Amanda Ross. With a total of 476 words, this prayer contains more power and more potential.

What Do Other People Say?

Through the 7 Day Prayer Miracle, the Prayer of Daniel had also helped many other people. Like Amanda, they have also received miracles that changed their life for the better. Here are the reviews of  some of the other people like:

  • Andrew overcame his anxiety and depression and is now having a fresh new hope for the future.
  • Jane, who had terrible fights with her husband but with the help of prayers, their relationship became stable, and they are now living together happier than ever.
  • Mary, who always dreamed of experiencing a divine connection and through prayers, can now feel the breath of God.
  • Kendra won the lottery after praying desperately.

If this makes you believe, much more if there are many reviews? All of these are not a scam. Make reading a 7 Day Prayer Miracle a habit, and you will not notice your life had changed a lot.


Each of us experiences troubles and uncertainty. However, there are ways to cope up with those situations. The 7 Day Prayer Miracle offers us a proven effective way of handling these situations. Praying is the most reliable weapon against everything. In every event—even in an impossible situation—, it can help you in any way.


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This can help you pray effectively.
This can help you get rid of negative thoughts.
This can help you have a positive outlook on life.
This can help you be a better version of yourself.


You might have a hard time appreciating this book if you don’t believe in miracles.
You might have a hard time appreciating this book due to religious differences.

Summary: This book is aimed to help you have a fresh new start in life, just like how Amanda’s life changed just by reciting four verses. If you are having troubles and are filled with negativity in life, this book might help you go through and have a positive outlook in life. It just focuses on prayer, how you can pray effectively and attract the positive things in life.

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