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51 Handsome Guy Secrets
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The video training program 51 Handsome Guy Secrets by Ryan Magin is going to teach you how to become more physically attracted in the eyes of women by developing a sense of internal and external style. This is a highly important program for those who has yet to invest time and energy into upgrading their wardrobe and creating an appearance with aesthetic integrity.

It is a very easily understandable program with 50 lessons accessible from the list of lessons with a simple click. These videos are not long ramblings but on average less than 10 minute long yet they all explain in great detail the subject at hand without leaving room for confusion.

Testosterone-fueled Fashion

We men have been conveniently left out of the fashion subculture and as a result, young men today simply do not know how to dress properly, they simply follow the hive minds current trends. And this is exactly why the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets of Ryan Magin is a highly important asset in upgrading your lifestyle and in achieving romantic success. Men today simply do not know how to dress in a way that is attractive to the female eye, and the video program will give you exactly that missing piece of knowledge.

As I have said, it is an easy to understand and easy to follow guide. Through the course of watching the lessons you will be able to create your own shopping list and get all of the items from there within an afternoon, completely upgrading your wardrobe to be able to go out as a confident and successful, high-status male.

The prescriptions of the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets will leave room for experimentation. You will not have to buy everything Ryan Magin recommends and you can also add your own favorite items to the collection, just make sure you follow the principles explained in the video.

One such principle is always having at your disposal a collection of uniforms that are mere sets of clothing that you can wear anytime without having to contemplate for half an hour what to wear. By showing his own uniform and understanding how to adjust them to weather, climate and occasion you will be able to create your own personal uniform, reflecting the best part of your own self to others.


The 51 Handsome Guy Secrets covers a various niche of topics such as what you should wear on a very first date, sets of classy outfits that turn everyone who would ever wear them handsome and charming, and how to choose what to dress depending on the environment you are planning to go.

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Accessories also play a great role in the video program. As Ryan Magin argues, items such as belts, rings, ties, necklaces, sunglasses and even a carefully chosen hat has a profound impact on your overall look and your presence, and choosing them carefully is just as important as choosing the best blazer to wear. Accessories are the crown of your style that turn you from the charming and attractive man who is wearing a perfectly chosen outfit for the occasion to the most interesting man in the room who commands attention with his very presence.

However the accessories section of the program is somewhat limited, giving no clear examples, it clearly outlines the principles one has to follow in order to maximally customize his outfit.

The book also talks about the different color combinations you can choose. As a rule of thumb it suggests that you go with neutral colors, but if you are willing to experiment and try out the most vibrant color variations until you find the perfect match, the guide will help you down the road.


Beyond Fashionology

Of course, clothing is not the only element of a powerful and charming presence that instantly grabs the attention of people all around you. What you wear is not the sole determinant of whether you are able to project confidence, power and earn by your mere existence the respect of others.

First of all, you will find it much harder to use the techniques of 51 Handsome Guy Secrets if you have weak arms and a flat chest with no muscles attached to them. You will also find it much harder to maintain a straight pose for a long time without having strong muscles in your shoulder and in your back. Because Ryan Magin had been professionally involved in the fitness and nutrition industry in his past, he can offer valuable lessons on how to efficiently build muscles and maintain them.

Secondly, he also mentions haircuts. He explains what are the basic characteristics of a good haircut and how often should you visit the salon.

He also helps to build great outfits out of smaller budgets, helping those who cannot afford the most expensive clothing for hundreds and hundreds of dollars per piece.

You will also receive two bonuses upon purchase. One is the Going Out Cheat Sheet which is a short guide containing 10 essential items to own to get the most out of your appearance when you go out. The second is the Fight Club Body guide, teaching you how to build a body that is the most attractive to the female eye instead of aiming for the bodybuilder body type.



Men do not know how to dress. It is a simple truth that should be obvious for all who looks at the outfits of the youth. They wear things that are completely in disharmony with one another, they aim for shock effect instead of natural charm and manliness, and they are utterly lost in choosing any clothing that does not resemble the clothes their friends, their social circle and their generation wears. Sadly, apart from showing such famous figures as Roger Stone, we were told throughout the years that clothing and fashion is something women should care about, while men should either not care how they dress or should dress like the modern version of a punk with little to no actual increase in his sexual market value.

For us, men lost in the field of fashion was the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets made. It is a short yet highly comprehensive guide that teaches the basic principles of masculine fashion and shows examples of what gear to purchase. For $47 this guide is going to skyrocket your sexual market value, draw attention to your irresistible charm and turn you from an average guy who is or is not able to score a woman into a glorious titan who walks the Earth and projects to his environment untold charm and power.

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– Get help in selection of clothing and asseccories which can make you look more appealing.

– Boys who are not having muscular body can find the fashion tips to attract more girls.

– A;long with fashion, avail tips for grooming and haircut to be the most charming guy out there.

– Even if you do not want to spend enough on the purchase of dresses, the helpful tips can improve your overall attire.


The program is absolutely supportive for boys who have weak dressing sense but you can not find any formal dressing tips throughout the program.

Summary: 51 Handsome Guy Secrets program is designed Ryan exclusively for men so that they can get to learn the latest fashion trends. Whether you are going at your first date or any other party, you can make yourself look handsome and attractive by following the dressing techniques explained in the course,

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