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I have been married for almost 10 years, and as years passed by, I noticed that the spark between my wife and me is slowly fading for the reason that there is nothing new in our relationship.

Because of this, I am having doubts if I actually please my wife whenever we have our lovemaking together. Because most of the time, I am having this pre-ejaculation problem, that is why before she reached her orgasm, I am finished already.

I am really afraid that it might compromise our relationship. Because as we all know, sex is a big factor when it comes to contentment in a relationship.


I also have many questions in mind that I want to have an answer to. But I do not know where to get an opinion because I am too shy to ask those sexual questions.

Asking a sexual question is very awkward, especially when the society that you are living in is too conservative to handle those types of questions. Thus, making it harder for a liberated type of person to talk about sexuality.

Searching for Answers

I kept looking for an answer to my questions on the internet because there are several forums and communities online that are on the niche of dating and sex.

That is why I tried to ask the questions that keep bothering me, and there are a few responses. However, I was never satisfied with their answers.

Because of this, I kept searching for more online communities and also tried several paid eBooks. But the answers are very far from satisfactory and will never solve my dilemma.

Until one time I came across this eBook, which is the “500 Intimate Question for Couples”, the sales page of the website is really legit looking.

I have a good feeling that this is what I am looking for, actually.


My Big Decision

Because of that, my hopes are rejuvenated for the reason that this might solve my dilemmas regarding sex.

I did not buy the product immediately because I am already fed up with products that are only there just to scam people. Because of this, I did a little background check and verification regarding the product.

What I did is I searched for some reviews from other people who already bought the product. After several hours of searching, I finally found some reviews regarding the “500 Intimate Questions for Couples” eBook.

All of the reviews that I found are saying they are all completely satisfied with the product. It did not surprise me at all, as the product is really legit-looking.

Added the fact that it was created by Michael Webb, a well-known relationship expert who is already tested in the world of relationship counseling.

Eventually, I decided to buy the product because of the good reviews that I read. I used my Paypal to pay for the product, and I am really thankful that the price is very affordable.

Reading the eBook

After I settled my payment through the use of Paypal, I immediately got my download links, and I was completely amazed by the download speed, too, because the downloads were finished in just a few seconds.

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Added the fact that there are freebies included (which I will discuss later) did not affect the download speed. So I spent the whole day reading the eBook and its freebies.

Because I have nothing to do that day and my wife was also on a company outing that is why I also took the opportunity to study the eBooks well.

I have a plan that I have to master the techniques before my wife came back for the reason that I want to surprise her with my improved performance on lovemaking.

I Learned a Lot of Things from the eBook!

After several hours of reading, I learned a lot of things from the eBook itself, and I did not expect that sex covers a lot of topics.

And I was also surprised that there are such questions that people are asking Michael Webb. I was really thankful that I came across this eBook because you will never know the answers to those questions anywhere else.

After I finished studying the main product, I moved on to the next eBook, which is the freebies.


What are the Freebies Included?

There are three amazing freebies that are included in the package, which is composed of 2 eBooks and 1 coupon book. Here are the respective names and descriptions for each ebook:

• 101 Romantic Ideas
– All I can say is wow. In this particular eBook, I have learned a lot of ideas regarding romantic ideas that I can do to my wife. The ideas are easy to implement and, most importantly, do not cost much. The ideas that I got from this eBook will surely deepen the relationship between my wife and me.

• 53 Sexy Coupons
– In this coupon book, you will find a lot of great deals that you can use with your wife to surprise and comfort her. From coupons that you can use for massage or shopping that will surely make your wife or girlfriend happy.

• How to Give Your Partner Great Massages
– Although I do not have any experience and interest in massage because of this eBook, I gained an interest in the subject because of the way it was presented. I was enticed to try it for my wife because the eBook tells me that it can enhance and deepen the relationship with my wife.
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The Results that I Got from the eBook

Eventually, when my wife came back, I immediately implemented the techniques that I learned on the eBook on her. On the first lovemaking, after she came back from the company outing, she was very surprised about my performance.

She did not expect that I can do that because I don’t usually last that long. I just gave her a wink as she did not know that I made a big move to improve myself.

Because of this, my relationship with my wife got stronger, and the good news is right now, at the time of this writing, she is 2 weeks pregnant.

I am the happiest man on earth because I really want to impregnate her with our last child because she is getting older.


The Conclusion

I definitely recommend this to people who are having problems with their sexual life. This is definitely a must-try. Just study the guide carefully and absorb it, and the most important thing is to execute it properly.

The product also has a lot of freebies, which can be useful for you and can be a good reference for future use.

This is a one-of-a-kind product that must not be taken for granted, especially if your relationship with your partner is on the brink of destruction. The techniques that you will learn from this eBook will surely save your relationship.

I also advise you to read the eBook from start to end. Because you will learn a lot of information regarding sexuality that you have never come across before.

This is a good practice because if you came across a certain situation that you already have read in the eBook, you would know already what to do.

My Appreciation

You came this far reading my honest-to-goodness review regarding this product, and I hope that you learned a lot from me. And I know that you can also achieve the success that I reached regarding my intimacy with my wife.

I am glad that I have shared with you my experience regarding this product. I also want to thank the creator of this product which is Michael Webb, for creating a very helpful eBook that solved my sexual problems.

Thank you for reading my review, and good luck with your intimacy with your partner.


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  • A very informative guide to intimate relationships.
  • Secured payments.
  • It has a money-back guarantee.
  • It has a lot of freebies.
  • Can save up a lot of broken relationships


  • Much better if it has video instructions.
  • The guide is a little bit lengthy, that is why you have to spend a lot of time reading it.

Summary: This is a great eBook for people who want to enhance their intimacy with their partners. This eBook will answer a lot of your questions regarding sex and can give you an idea of how to make your partner fall in love again with you, especially if your partner’s love for you is diminishing already.

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