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Since I was a child, as far as I can remember I felt that I am a girl at heart at the age of 7(I will just make it clear I am a boy) that was my belief when I was a child (that’s what my parents are telling me). They would remind me of my childhood and would tell me that my movements resemble the movements of a little girl.

They accepted me for who I am that is why I am thankful that they are my parents. They do not discriminate nor judge me as a person. So simply, in other words, I am gay since I was a child and I was attracted to the same gender.

I grew up in a loving a family, I am the eldest sibling and the breadwinner. When I finished college I became a fashion designer I earned a good amount of money to support my family and to achieve the lifestyle that I want

I had a boyfriend that whom I loved the most he accepted me for who I am and we are in a relationship for several years until now.


The relationship is so smooth there are ups and downs but we settle our arguments before the day ends. I am happy that I found him.

Making a Big Decision on my Life

Because of my longtime boyfriend, I decided to transform myself completely for the reason that I want his family to accept me. To give you a hint we are on good terms with his family however they did not know that we have an intimate relationship they only knew that we are best friends.

Added the fact that I do not cross-dress at all and I am not the type of gay that is vulgar with his actions. My movements are only soft and have finessed but never obviously hundred percent girly.

That is the main reason that they did not know that I was gay the whole time. Mainly because I do not go to their place too often.

Why my boyfriend did not introduce me to his parents and relatives that we are more than friends? I knew that you are wondering because we are having a deep relationship already.

Simply because he came from a conservative family with deep religious roots that is why it is unacceptable for them that their son has a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend.

That is my determining factor that is why I came up to a decision to have a change in gender surgery or some call it a sex change.


I made my research through the use of the internet on where is the best hospital to conduct the procedure for me to avoid scams.

And according to reviews, they said that Thailand is the best place to be for change gender surgeries.

I flew solo to Thailand after a week; thankfully I have lots of savings (because of my work) to spend on this surgery and other expenses to my trip to Thailand.

The doctors did the procedure I was given a general anesthesia, I was asleep when they perform the operation. What they did is to remove my tool (male organ) and replaced it with a female organ.

The operation was successful; however, the breast enhancement surgery was rescheduled 1 week after the sex change surgery for the reason that my body can’t handle multiple operations because I was anemic.

I am now considered officially a woman (anatomically), so I was scheduled for the next surgery which is breast implants and butt enhancement to cut the story short all of the surgeries were successful.

Coming Back Home

So I came back home from Thailand after the multiple surgeries that I underwent. My boyfriend was there at the airport to fetch me he was shocked in awe that I was completely a woman now. That was one of the happiest moment in my life I came to see my boyfriend priceless grin at me.

30day crash course

Meeting his Parents

So after a few days of recovering from the surgeries, I am ready to meet his parents in my new look and new self. The day came and we arrived at their house it was not a new scene for me at all because we used to go there at their place when I am still a man.

So I greeted his parents and they noticed something, my voice is too deep and manly. I was shocked and I perspired really hard because I am afraid that they found out that I am an artificially made woman!

Luckily my boyfriend came up of a reason immediately he said that I was just having sore throat and tonsillitis during that day.

That was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, I thought that they will catch my most hidden secret.

I Need to Voice Out my Problem!

So I searched the internet again for some ways on how I can obtain a feminine voice because I was naturally born with a deep and husky voice.

Although the doctors injected some estrogen (female hormones) on me it is not enough to transform my manly voice to a feminine one.

Because it is the only thing that separates me from becoming a fully transformed woman because my voice brings a feeling of being incomplete as a woman.

Luckily I found out the “30-day Crash Course” by Kathe Perez a known speech-language pathologist and also a voice feminization specialist.


Taking a Shot at 30-day Crash Course for Voice

So I browsed their sales page it explained almost everything about the courses that I would take if I get a membership and what will I learn from her.

This convinced me to give her course a try, I paid 127 USD which is basically a small amount of money compared to the price of the surgeries that I spent which are thousands of dollars.

So I started the course and I was really excited to learn new things from her with regards to transforming my voice.

What did I learned throughout the course?

Kathe Perez did a good job in explaining the different modules that are included in the course. Here is the summary of what I have learned:

The course is divided into 5 classes each class has its different complexity. The course is divided so that we will be prepared for the different levels of learning and we can easily understand each topic very carefully.

Phase 1 is for Fundamentals

In this phase, I learned the basics to get a flawless pitch that is like of a woman. These are the following routines that I did in phase 1 of the course:

• An everyday practice session that helped me conditioned my mind to the course.
• I learned the secret to achieving the female voice that I want which is through proprioception and metacognition.
• How to conquer the obstacles that hinder my success in achieving my goal.


Phase 2 is for learning the Proper Posture, Breathing and Pitch

In this phase, I learned how to fluently utter words and at the same time genuinely sound like a female. I also learned that posture and breathing is a big factor in achieving a female pitch.

Phase 3 is for Enhancing the Quality of My Voice

This is where the enhancement of my voice takes place there are techniques which are shared by the Kathe Perez. I studied pronouncing more complex words in this phase and optimization of my normal day to day practice habit for more advanced skill learning of transforming my voice.
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Phase 4 is for putting into Practice What I have learned

In this phase I can put into practice what I have learned throughout the course it is a combination of a posture that females usually do, proper breathing, feminine pitch, and articulation. I also enhanced the quality of my voice in this phase and learned the usual mistakes in feminization of voice.

Phase 5 is for Voice Polishing

The last phase in which I built a strong foundation of my voice this where I learned to differentiate the voice of a natural woman to transgendered women. I also polish the aspects that need improvement in this phase.

My Final Recommendation

After finishing the course, I full transformed my manly voice into a feminine voice I am truly thankful that I found this 30-Day Crash Course by Kathe Perez.

Now I am not hesitant to talk to other people and now I am fully confident in speaking especially to the family of my boyfriend.


There are also a lot of reviews on the internet that I have found that came from transgendered women they also found success in Kath’s course.

I hope you found my review very useful in making your decision the price to spend is very cheap compared to the benefits that you will be getting.

Get a membership now to Kathe’s 30-Day Crash Course until it is still in the market. You will surely get the more than the value of what will you pay for because this course is legit. I am a
living proof that it works and it is not another scam on the internet.

This review will help you make a decision for the betterment of yourself. I wish you all the best and thank you for reading my review.


Click Here to Buy 30 Day Crash Course


  • Price is affordable.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Clear video and audio.
  • No risk because no surgery is needed.
  • The modules are scientifically proven because it uses some basic techniques that male singers use in order to achieve a female-sounding voice.


  • Needs hard work if you want to change your voice completely.
  • You will need to follow the instruction step-by-step and do not miss any one of it in order to have positive results.

Summary: This 30-day crash course by Kathe Perez is a great breakthrough in transforming a man’s voice to sound like a feminine. Very valuable course for the gay community who wants to transform themselves completely by removing an awkward male voice into their system with no surgery needed.

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