3 Second Attraction Review – Another Scam?

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The most interesting phenomenon people report about their encounter with Bill Clinton is his ability to create instant affection. He would stop in front of you in a distance where he can see your full figure, would look deep into your eyes, his gaze never reverting, smiling, greeting you, and you would feel that he is someone who deeply cares about you and is interested in you.

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This is a tactic used by the most successful people to influence and manipulate people. Great leaders use such psychological techniques to captivate and allure their audience in order to push their agenda. Average people become extremely famous overnight as the whole world begins talking about them and every camera watches their moves. These and many other people use basic psychological techniques to gain influence and power over others.

The guide 3 Second Attraction teaches you a basic technique used by every magician, talk show host, celebrity, politician and powerful business figure. This easy, 3 second technique is going to change your life, helping you to overcome social barriers that made it impossible for you to get close to women, to assert your will over your others instead of them doing the same with you, and will propel you into becoming influential, intriguing, a walking legend among others who is able to seduce anyone he wants.


The Art of Seduction

The 3 Second Attraction is made especially for those young men who found themselves to be somehow unable to gain and hold the attention of women and who are having a hard time succeeding in the sexual marketplace. I used to belong into that group of guys. I remember the constant failures in approaching and talking to women as I was unable to get their attention and awaken their interest. I know how it feels to be cursed with the inability to seduce others and watch as others succeed with the girl I felt attraction towards.

For those and generally for anyone who wishes to influence others was the 3 Second Attraction guide made. It teaches you a simple yet extremely powerful psychological techniques. Using this technique you will be able to secure the interest, attention and outright adoration of any female you tried and failed or never even dared to try to seduce.

It was written by Mehow Powers who is a highly influential and very well-known figure in the pick-up artist subculture. He has given enormous, valuable knowledge for many young man around the globe who struggled with arousing the attention of women. He was featured in various media outlets, and since then he had given up with the pick-up artistry and has become a relationship expert.

The main principle of his technique is quite easy to understand. Mehow Powers teaches you to a method with which – the same way as Bill Clinton did in the example I told you in the very beginning you will be able to awaken an overwhelming sexual attraction in a female in less than 3 seconds instead of having to go through hours of conversation to build up rapport.


This is the technique on which the content of 3 Second Attraction is based. Throughout the course of the 400 pages long guide Mehow Powers is going to teach you more than 30 strategies to execute this technique with literally hundreds and hundreds of examples. You will learn charming strategies that influence the basic instincts of women and awaken a powerful psychological response within them.

The author saw this technique in practice once by a friend who unconsciously used it on women. While Powers tried to use peacock techniques of showing off your resource making capabilities to women in order to seduce them unsuccessfully, his friend was able to get women flirt with him and make out with him using mere words within minutes.

He saw as by using simple sound bites and talking for a short amount of time his friend successfully induced emotional response in women so powerful and overwhelming, they became instantly addicted to it, wanting him to give them more, rewarding him with physical connection.

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In the 3 Second Attraction you will learn the exact same technique. You will learn how to talk to women that is not an instantaneous turn-off, how to start and maintain an emotionally rewarding and exciting conversation that will fill their brains with dopamine and make them want to get more of you. Instead of having it die down within a couple minutes because you are out of topics to talk about, you will learn how to maintain the fire of the conversation until she wants nothing more than you in a bed.

It is a highly effective seducing technique that will forever purge the notion of awkward conversations out of your life and will turn you into the most interesting man in the face of the Earth.


The Complete Guide to Bed

Apart from the 3 Second Attraction guide you will receive numerous rewards.

You will get the 400 page long book in audiobook format so that you can absorb the knowledge within it while you are travelling, exercising or doing other physical activities that require only your motion.

You will get the How to Get Your Ex Back guide which extrapolates the principles and techniques of 3 Second Attraction to a relationship that has ended and teaches how to rekindle its fire.

It also includes the How to Score if Youre Older guide written for people who have already passed their most youthful and energetic age yet are still hunting in the sexual marketplace. This report teaches men over 40 to apply the method of 3 Second Attraction with younger women to successfully break through the age gap.

Furthermore it includes the How to Get the Perfect Girl. Naturally most people will want to use pick-up techniques to get one night stands with girls, but sooner or later, everyone will want to settle down and find a quality woman who not only has a great shape but also a great personality. This guide will teach you how to do just that by using the 3 Second Attraction technique.

Apart from these, you will receive in total 12 bonuses that further your knowledge in the field of pick-up artistry.



Every organism wants to survive, yet every organism is biologically doomed to death. For this reason nature has given us the chance to reproduce, by which we are able to help our million year old genepool to survive in our children. Maybe you are not lucky with women, but it doesnt mean that you have to see as your gene pool that survived eons of challenges dies off for that for $67 3 Second Attraction is going to teach you everything you need to know to score the perfect woman.

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– It is a guide that uses natural methods that will help you win the hearts of the women or the heart of the woman you love.

– Gives you the luck to attract more women to yourself without them knowing.

– The guide introduces you to the ways in which you can influence the ladies to act just in the manner that you like them to.

– The guide has been simplified for you in order that you understand exactly what you need to understand.

– You will also get a bonus guide that will help you to get any woman you desire in your bed.


– The only con is that even as you read the guide and your mentality is not changing, then you might not gain fully from it. Therefore, to make sure that you you attract women to yourself, then your mentality has to change.

Summary: If you go through the guide, you will find some awesome advice well outlined for you. The guide takes you through what you need to know in order to attract luck on yourself as far as women are concerned. The guide highlights some of the easy ways to attract, seduce and influence the women that you like and that is the simple secret of the this guide.

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